Louie Zumbach Just Making Stuff Up In His Reelection Campaign

Stretching the truth in political ads is pretty run of the mill in today’s campaigns, but State Representative Louie Zumbach of Coggon takes the tactic to an utterly absurd level in his latest mailer. In a direct mail piece that voters in House District 95 (rural Linn County) received recently, the one-term Republican incumbent pitches his policies as “Moving Iowa Forward.” He also warns that his Democratic opponent, Christian Andrews, would do quite the opposite and “would move Iowa backwards.” Zumbach lists three scary-sounding things next to Andrews’ photo: Over $2 billion in new spending A broken state budget Higher […]

On Day Of Rage, Cory Booker Preaches Hope, Resilience

When Senator Cory Booker took the stage at Iowa Democrats’ largest event of the year last night, emotions were running high in the room of over 1,100 party activists. Most were still seething or depressed over the Brett Kavanaugh vote that took place just hours earlier. Booker had jumped on a plane immediately after voting against the nomination and flew to Iowa for what was essentially a major debut of his potential presidential run. But rather than take the anger of the evening and whip the crowd into a frenzy, Booker delivered a sermon of hope, love and resilience, urging […]