Statehouse TV Spending Shows Where GOP Is Worried

The battle for control of the Iowa Statehouse is fully underway on the TV airwaves across the state. And who’s spending money where gives us a very good hint of what each party is seeing in their internal polls. House Democrats and Senate Republicans began running positive ads in a number of districts two weeks ago, with House Republicans joining the fray last week. It sounds like a fresh round of ads are now going negative on Senate Democrats. Some campaigns have already reserved ads through the election. Let’s take a quick look at which candidates are on TV right […]

Iowa’s Wind Power At Risk From Local Opposition

Iowa’s amazingly successful development of wind power is facing significant threats from mushrooming local opposition. While the forces opposing wind power remain relatively small, they seem to be increasing in numbers. The reasons cited by these new anti-wind opponents range from simple aesthetics to health risks. Some are opposing new wind turbine construction by complaining that they are an eyesore. They object to turbines that restrict or impair the view from their homes. Other opponents are citing health risks, damage to farmland, lower property values and bird kills. If the opposition to wind power continues to grow, it has the […]