A Democratic Iowa House Majority (Part 3): Rural Exurb Districts

In the third in our series of looks at competitive Iowa House seats that could decide the majority, we focus on three districts that wrap around metro areas in Eastern Iowa. A variety of circumstances in each could provide Democrats chances to fill the final piece in their 51-seat majority. Rural Exurb Districts: 3 Pick-Up Opportunities There are several House districts around the state that straddle both sides of rural and suburban communities. None of Iowa’s metro areas have substantial amounts of the more traditional “exurban” areas that larger cities in America have, but these districts have at least one […]

The Frightening Way I Relate To Donald Trump

For some time my spouse has attempted to convince me that the President’s crazy positions, comments, tweets and other irrational behaviors are, in large part, based upon a form of dementia. A little context is needed as to why I believe her. In 2014, a Mayo Clinic Neurologist in Rochester Minnesota, diagnosed me with Vascular Dementia. A few years later, another Neurologist mentioned  “Mild Cognitive Impairment” and finally a third confirmed Alzheimer’s. My spouse has been living with my disease as well and has followed the impact it has had on my life. Until a few years ago I was […]