Neo-Nazi Robocall Hits Iowa On Tibbetts’ Murder: “Kill Them All.”

A white supremacist group appears to be running robocalls in Iowa over the Mollie Tibbetts murder. A Starting Line reader in the Des Moines area sent in a recording of a robocall that they received Tuesday evening around 8:00 PM.

In the recording, a group called The Road To Power claims responsibility for the message that calls Tibbetts’ alleged murderer (an undocumented immigrant from Mexico) an “Aztec hybrid” that is part of a culture of “low-IQ, bottom-feeding savages.” It suggests that were Tibbetts still alive, she would support killing all Mexican immigrants. The group calls for deporting all immigrants.

The organization has been cited in news reports earlier this summer as being involved in anti-Semitic robocalls in California in two different races for the U.S. Senate and for Congress. Other news outlets have linked it back to a Neo-Nazi podcast. On a white supremacist message board for The Road To Power (which we won’t link to), the group last week blamed Iowa for hiring any “non-white” workers for their farms in the first place.

You can listen to the audio of the robocall here, which is rather disturbing even by today’s bizarre political standards. Our transcription of the call is as follows:

“The body of 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts was found in a corn field after she was stabbed to death by an invader from Mexico. A biological hybrid of white and savage Aztec ancestors, who also killed with knives during their mass human sacrifices on top of pyramids they didn’t build.

Some relatives of Mollie Tibbetts are implying that despite having been murdered by a non-white, savage intruder, she would still support the invasion of America by a brown horde currently at a staggering 58 million. But you know in your heart they are wrong.

If after her life has now been brutally stolen from her, she could be brought back to life for just one moment and asked, ‘What do you think now?’ Mollie Tibbetts would say, ‘Kill them all.’

We don’t have to kill them all, but we do have to deport them all. The Aztec hybrids, known as Mestizos, are low-IQ, bottom-feeding savages, and is why the country they infest are crime-ridden failures. That’s now America’s fate too unless we re-found America as whites-only and get rid of them now! Every last one!

This message paid for by The Road To Power dot com.”

The call came from the number 641-522-1488. The caller ID showed it coming from Brooklyn, Iowa, which is where Tibbetts was abducted from.

Tibbetts, a University of Iowa student, had been missing for five weeks this summer. Posters drawing attention to her disappearance cropped up all over the state as people in Iowa and around the country closely watched the case. Last Tuesday, investigators announced that Tibbetts’ body had been found and that a man confessed to abducting her and disposing of her body.

The man in question was an undocumented immigrant working on a nearby dairy farm, leading to President Donald Trump and some politicians blaming illegal immigration for Tibbetts’ death. Tibbetts’ family has pushed back strongly against that characterization, arguing that people shouldn’t blame immigrants at large for the tragedy.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 8/29/18

17 Comments on "Neo-Nazi Robocall Hits Iowa On Tibbetts’ Murder: “Kill Them All.”"

  • It is hard to realize that there is so much hate and racism in the US. Now that Trump and Fox News have taken over the news cycle, we are subjected to their lies and misinformation every day. The unbelievable stories that we hear are destroying the ideals and morale of our country.
    If we can find a leader like Lincoln or FDR, the attitude of Americans would change very quickly
    and we would have renewed confidence and pride. Trump and the GOP have shown that they are not to be trusted with the future of the US.

    • Lincoln was a racist who stated that having negroes live among us, harmed us, that they were definitely not the same, and he was working on deporting them all to Africa or Latin America when he was murdered.

    • Hoping for a savior will not do us any good. We as a people need to come together to confront and stop this tide of racism and those using it to benefit their lusts for power. Simply asking for someone like Lincoln or FDR to appear to save us is a waste of time and might even discourage those we need on board to fight the good fight. Because if our only hope is ‘the great man’ that never appears, then despair will rule. And even if if we do find someone who seems to fit the bill, the fact that any idol is human with flaws and faults, they will eventually let us down. Casting doubt on the accomplishment they progress or preventing them from doing what is needed. We the people must take control of this situation and fight for our better future, one action, one election, one march at a time. No singular person should be the driving force of our efforts to save our country.

    • You would not like Lincoln, nor FDR. Don’t worry, the US will still turn in to a 3rd world dump. Trump isn’t going to stop it.

  • Somewhat ironically, the company known as “Campaign Headquarters”, billing themselves as “the best conservative call center in America” on their website, is located in Brooklyn.

    Without having resources to determine whether the number in the robocall was spoofed, a Google Voice number or actually came from these folks, it’s hard to truly guess the origins of these calls. However, I would not be surprised if someone ponied up for automated calling from them in this instance.

  • A politician of the stature of an FDR or Lincoln is rare. And often not fully appreciated until they are gone.

    • Lincoln and FDR were shitty presidents…FDR had three terms and still didn’t get us out of the Great Depression.

  • Prosicute
    The Court held that government cannot punish inflammatory speech unless that speech is “directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.”

  • That is the most unhinged phone-call transcript I have ever read, which is saying something. I wonder how the unhinged callers are deciding who the lucky Iowa recipients will be.

  • Don’t give them any publicity ! Answer them not and they will shut up . They need a sounding board with replies that justifies their bull crap . To hell with them, as we have way more important things to deal with !

  • There is an older book (or political pamphlet) called the Road to Power. Here is a brief description:

    About The Road to Power

    The Road to Power was a highly controversial political pamphlet published in 1909—an important document for the understanding of the Wilhelmine Empire and especially of the German Social Democratic Party and Kautsky’s role in it—and it was Kautsky’s last major attack on the revisionists’ hope for a gradual “growth in socialism” without any drastic changes in the political order. To this, Kautsky opposed his view of the political revolution that he hoped for and predicted as the achievement of parliamentary democracy and of working-class power through parliamentary majority. He believed that the initial democratization of the autocratic empire could be realized peacefully by electoral victories and trade-union political action.

    The present edition contains an excellent new translation of Kautsky’s text; a scholarly introduction by John H. Kautsky; the author’s prefaces to three German editions; and the correspondence concerning Kautsky’s conflict with the Social Democratic Party’s Executive Committee regarding publication of his work.

    See More

    This could be a copy cat.

  • The only way to help people with problems is telling them the truth about the problem so they can work on solving it.

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