Ep47: Flipping The Statehouse With Flip It Iowa

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard sits down with Flip It Iowa co-founders Jim Lewers and Temple Hiatt to discuss their grassroots organization that’s connecting swing district legislative Democratic candidates with blue city donors. Plus, an update on our fundraisers.

Rising Progressive Star Rep. Ro Khanna Stumps In Iowa For Democrats

Congressman Ro Khanna stumped for local Democrats in Iowa this weekend while pitching his unique brand of progressive vision mixed with Silicon Valley innovation. It’s his second trip out to the state after visiting for a Pete D’Alessandro congressional event back in May during the primary. Khanna drew a large crowd of over 100 people to the Asian & Latino Coalition’s Saturday afternoon reception for him and congressional candidate Cindy Axne. Khanna, the first-term congressman who represents the Silicon Valley area around San Francisco, has emerged as a leading voice on the party’s left in recent years. He’s gotten involved in […]

Gov. Steve Bullock Meets Iowa Cousin, Raises Funds For Democrats

Montana Governor Steve Bullock joked that he wouldn’t talk about his Iowa ties at his meet-and-greet in Coralville this weekend, but those local connections showed up all the same. Barbara Smith, Bullock’s second cousin that lives in Iowa City, heard through the family grapevine that the governor would be in town and came out to meet him for the first time. Bullock was on a two-day swing through Iowa to help out down-ballot Democrats. He headlined a fundraiser for House Democrats in Dubuque, for Rob Sand in Decorah and held local meetings with Democratic activists in Davenport, Coralville and Cedar […]

Ep46: Trump’s Visit & Heather Matson Interview

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard talks with producer Chance Dorland about Donald Trump’s visit to Iowa on Thursday. And we interview Heather Matson about her house race and whether Democrats can pick up a seat in Ankeny. 

The Wing Ding Dinner Is Gonna Be Lit

Best get your tickets now for the annual Iowa Democratic Wing Ding Dinner on August 10 because it’s going to be a wild night. With the unexpected news that Story Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti will attend – and that he’s thinking of running for president – the speaker line-up got quite interesting. Expect an extra contingent of national news reporters to be hanging out in the booths at the Surf Ballroom to take in the curious move from the high-profile thorn in President Donald Trump’s side. The evening itself may serve as the perfect preview of the competitive free-for-all that […]

Even Grassley Thinks GOP’s Attacks On Hubbell Are Dumb

The Republican Party’s efforts to define Fred Hubbell early on have not had much success in the past month and a half. Now even Senator Chuck Grassley is critical of his party’s line of attack. “I always stick to policy when I’m campaigning, and I would advise other people to stick to policy,” Grassley told reporters yesterday when responding to questions about the “Sir Frederick” nickname that the Republican Party of Iowa has given Hubbell. It was the largest indication yet that Republicans are growing concerned about their own strategy to frame Hubbell as an out-of-touch rich guy. The goal […]

Trump Forgets Rod Blum’s Name In Problematic Iowa Trip

If you missed any of President Donald Trump’s visit to Iowa today, don’t worry. You’ll likely see video clips of the roundtable he held just outside Dubuque for months to come in Democratic campaign commercials. Trump brought several of his cabinet secretaries and his daughter Ivanka with him to a visit at Northeast Iowa Community College in Peosta for a workforce development event. Governor Kim Reynolds sat right next to him. Trump himself came off as much more coherent than he is at some of his campaign rallies, but there were many things said that could come back to haunt […]

Will Farmers Accept Trump’s $12 Billion Bribe To Stay Quiet?

Isn’t it fascinating that Republicans have had a sudden epiphany on the benefits of welfare? Apparently, when it improves their election chances, welfare has a previously unknown value. Where is the GOP’s protest about giving “free stuff” to win elections? Recall they accused President Obama of winning by giving free stuff. Where is their anger over the government picking winners and losers? Where is their outrage over makers and takers now that they’ve transformed farmers from makers to takers. Why are they only concerned with poor people’s dignity degraded by accepting handouts? Aren’t Republicans concerned about damaging farmers’ self-esteem by […]

Fred Hubbell Puts Education Funding As Top Priority

On Monday, Democratic candidate Fred Hubbell met with 10 area educators in Des Moines as part of his “Priorities for Iowa” statewide tour from Sioux City to Davenport. The educators consisted of K-12 teachers, a school board member and a school counselor. He and running mate Rita Hart are holding roundtable discussions for three days this week across the state. The topics mirror the priorities he set for “Putting People First” and “Getting Iowa Growing.” The individual meetings focus on education, women’s reproductive health, mental health, economic development and elder care. Hubbell’s education meeting in Des Moines was more about […]

EMILY’s Lists Endorses Slate Of Iowa Statehouse Candidates

EMILY’s List is out with a new round of endorsements of Iowa candidate in important Statehouse races as they focus more attention in on the state. They’re throwing their support behind five senate candidates and eight house candidates: Vicky Brenner (SD-13) Claire Celsi (SD-21) Amber Gustafson (SD-19) Patti Robinson (SD-49) Jackie Smith (SD-07) Karin Derry (HD-39) Tracy Ehlert (HD-70) Jennifer Konfrst (HD-43) Laura Liegois (HD-91) Joan Marttila (HD-94) Heather Matson (HD-38) Megan Srinivas (HD-09) Kristin Sunde (HD-42) Many of these female Democratic candidates’ success will determine whether the party is able to win back the Iowa House or Iowa Senate […]