Theresa Greenfield Ends 3rd District Campaign

Congressional candidate Theresa Greenfield has ended her campaign. Attorney General Tom Miller put out a judgement late this afternoon that his office does not believe that Greenfield could use Chapter 43 of the Iowa Code to justify remaining on the ballot. Secretary of State Paul Pate needed to decide by 5:00 P.M. today whether or not to certify Greenfield’s candidacy – following Miller’s opinion, he did not. Earlier this week, the 3rd District Democratic committee voted to move Greenfield forward in the process, using an obscure part of the law to place an additional candidate on the ballot after one […]

Iowa Democratic Party FOIAs Dave Jamison Sexual Harassment Info

The Iowa Democratic Party filed a Freedom Of Information Act with Governor Kim Reynolds’ office today to acquire more information in the case of Dave Jamison’s firing over sexual harassment allegations. Jamison was fired by Reynolds from his job as the director of the Iowa Finance Authority on Saturday after she was informed of “credible allegations of sexual harassment” against him. The victims came straight to the governor’s office rather than working through reporting channels within the department. Reynolds has not disclosed much additional information about the matter, including how many people Jamison was alleged to have harassed or even […]

Pelosi Visit A Big Win For Polk County Democrats Fundraiser

The Polk County Democrats featured speaker for their spring fundraiser is a legend in the Democratic Party. Democratic Congressional Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s amazing record speaks for itself. She is the longest serving political leader of either party in the past 40 years. Pelosi is the first and only female Speaker of the U.S. House in American history. She has been described as one of the two most effective House Speakers in history. The other is former Speaker Tip O’Neil. While House Minority Leader Pelosi has her critics, the benefits of bringing her to Iowa outweigh any downside. It appears […]