Iowa Candidate Filing Begins – Who’s First And What They Need

The three-week filing period for Iowa candidates to appear on the ballot for the June 5 primary date began today. It runs through March 16, and you can check online each day which new candidates running for the state legislature, Congress and statewide offices filed their paperwork at this link: Primary Candidate List. Of note: everyone files for and appears on the primary ballot even if they don’t face a competitive primary. Most candidates wait until the final week to turn in their papers, but the first day always sees a group of people eager to be the first ones […]

Climate Crisis: One Third Of Bering Sea Ice Vanishes In 8 Days

Unprecedented record breaking high temperatures and rapidly disappearing sea ice have the climate science community concerned. In February, Arctic temperatures soared more than 45 degrees above normal. Temperature stations closest to the North Pole measured temperatures at the highest on record for the month of February. February also saw the greatest loss of Arctic sea ice in the past 1,500 years. Record low levels of sea ice in the Bering Sea and the Arctic is shattering all known records. A shocking one-third of the ice covering the Bering Sea off Alaska’s West Coast vanished in just eight days during the […]