America Has A Simple Choice On Gun Violence

The solution to gun violence in America should be a simple choice, according to high school students. They have eloquently simplified the public debate about guns into just two choices. Students are demanding that the public choose between a society with unlimited guns with few restrictions or a society dedicated to saving the lives of innocent children. It’s obvious we can’t have both. Gun violence is epidemic and it is our high school students calling BS on politicians for failing to choose the lives of children over the spread of guns. Emma Gonzalez, one of the Parkland, Florida student survivors […]

Report Sees Multiple “Risks” For Steve King’s Reelection

Is Congressman Steve King at risk of losing reelection? Every single cycle, Democrats hope and pray that this will finally be the year that the reviled Republican will go down in electoral defeat. And every cycle, the conservative lean of Iowa’s 4th Congressional District dashes those hopes. But this year at least one major political ranking site is starting to see some danger signs for King. The Cook Political Report saw four risk factors for King, which showed he may not be fully prepared in his reelection campaign “to withstand a hostile political environment.” Cook laid out seven potential risk […]

What’s She Hiding?

Governor Kim Reynolds acted swiftly and decisively in firing Dave Jamison upon being informed of “credible” allegations of sexual harassment. Except, wait, we can’t tell you about what any of those allegations were. Oh, and also, there was no written documentation of the complaint or our decision. No… no, hang on, there actually was documentation, but you can’t see it or FOIA it despite a law saying you can. Huh? The latest twists and turns of the Jamison firing have been confusing, to say the least. Yesterday’s bizarre announcement by the governor’s office that they indeed did have documented complaint […]

Ep28: Thomas Heckroth Interview & China Trade Wars

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard speaks with Tim Gannon, Democrats’ Secretary of Agriculture candidate, about Iowa’s agriculture economy & how it is/will be affected by China. We also do a little bit of Agriculture 101. And then we interview Thomas Heckroth about his campaign for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District.

Protecting The Environment Used To Be Bipartisan

This past Sunday, April 22, the nation celebrated a day dedicated to the environment. However, the support for this recent Earth Day event has changed dramatically since that first celebration in 1970. The original Earth Day was truly a bipartisan celebration and a commitment by both Democrats and Republicans to protect the environment. Today, the environment and the agency that was established in 1970 to protect the environment are under assault by the Trump Administration. Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator, Scott Pruitt is quickly dismantling much of the work that has been accomplished by the EPA over the last […]

Time Ticking For Boulton And Glasson As Session Goes Late

Just about everyone up at the Statehouse is ready for the session to be over for the year. The Legislature passed the 100-day mark last Tuesday, the day per diems end for lawmakers and the clerks head out. And two people with a particular vested interest in its end date are Nate Boulton and Cathy Glasson. That’s because state campaign finance rules bar donations from PACs and lobbyists to state campaigns until 30 days after the legislative session ends. And both Boulton and Glasson have benefited significantly from major union PACs supplying their campaigns with funds. The vast majority of […]

What Messages Candidates Are Poll Testing In Iowa’s 3rd District Primary

Two separate polls have been going around the 3rd District in the past few weeks. Both appear to be your standard message-testing polls, in which campaigns gauge various messages for their candidate and others to see which might be the most convincing. They usually test the various stances and biography notes that they’re already talking about on the campaign trail to find out which one or two points would be best for a TV ad. These polls typically initially ask the poll-taker who they support in the election, go through several bios and messages for each candidate and then ask […]

Steve King Posts Photo Of A Nazi On Hitler’s Birthday

Congressman Steve King’s social media team is at it again. The official Facebook page of Iowa’s 4th District member of Congress has long been a pit of childish and bizarre right-wing memes and petty insults against liberals. But today King had a particularly foolish Facebook post up with what looks to be a photo of a Nazi soldier. And, of course, it just happens to be Adolf Hitler’s birthday. King’s staff shared a version of a popular meme that makes fun of young people, as seen below: Former 4th District candidate Kim Weaver and her PAC for POWER organization noticed […]

Scenes From Iowa’s Student-Led Anti-Gun Violence Rally

Several hundred middle and high school students from around Central Iowa gathered in front of the Capitol today to rally for stricter gun control measures. It was part of a nationwide walkout effort building upon the increased anti-gun violence activism since the Parkland school shooting. The event was organized by local students and assisted by organizations like Progress Iowa. Young people spoke to the crowd, a short forum was held with Democratic candidates and students who were old enough got registered to vote. “I think this is a problem that is going to define our generation,” said Raj Ojberoi, an […]

Iowa AFL-CIO Endorses Nate Boulton

State Senator Nate Boulton added to his labor coalition in a big way on Thursday with the Iowa AFL-CIO’s endorsement of his gubernatorial campaign. About 150 union members and supporters gathered at the Statehouse on Thursday afternoon for a rally with Boulton and to sign up for volunteer shifts for the final six and a half weeks of the campaign. “Working people are tired of the same old ideas that have led our state to the brink of financial disaster, led us to the underfunding of schools and disregard for our children’s education, led us to low wages and poor […]