After McGuire Launch, Prichard Unveils Endorsements From McGuire’s County

It didn’t take long today for two of the major Democratic gubernatorial candidates to engage in a bit of fun shadow-boxing on endorsements. This morning in Andy McGuire’s announcement, she laid out ten big-name endorsers, including some past candidates and major donors. This afternoon – certainly be mere coincidence – Todd Prichard rolled out a list of 14 backers he has in Polk County, McGuire’s home. Rather than a list of well-known former elected officials, however, Prichard’s endorsements focused on local activists in the Des Moines metro area (including at least one that used to support McGuire). Many of the folks listed […]

Democrats’ Gubernatorial Hopefuls Make Their Pitch In Rural Iowa

The Democrats’ quest to retake Terrace Hill kicked off in Quasqueton this weekend, a tiny, picturesque town in Buchanan County. Local Democrats held a county party fundraiser that five gubernatorial hopefuls attended. The contenders chatted with Northeast Iowa activists over a barbeque dinner before delivering their pitches in front of the room. With a loaded speaker lineup – 13 in all – the event stretched on for nearly four hours, but the 100 attendees – angered by recent Republican-passed legislation – stayed and listened intently long after the sun had set. The five gubernatorial candidates (or potential candidates) on hand […]

Insurance And Government Are Like Pickled Beets

The Republican health care plan was unraveling in front of our eyes when an Illinois congressman opened his mouth without first putting his brain in gear. Rep. John Shimkus objected to men having to pay for prenatal care in their health insurance policies. The reaction rained down like a spring thunderstorm. Shimkus was criticized for his insensitivity and for neglecting to see the role of men in the need for women’s prenatal care. Some women asked why they should have to pay higher premiums in their policies for coverage that includes men’s prostate cancer screenings or treatment of erectile dysfunction. […]

Andy McGuire Kicks Off Gubernatorial Bid – Here’s Who Backs Her

Andy McGuire made official today what most Iowa Democrats have known for three years: she’s running for governor. Launching her candidacy with a well-produced announcement video and a slate of early endorsers, McGuire enters the Democrats’ primary race by highlighting her large family, her medical profession and a promise to “fix it.” Her video begins with her waking up early, getting her children up and heading to the breakfast table while her voiceover emphasizes Iowa values of hard work. “Believe me, when you have seven kids, that’s the only way anything gets done,” McGuire says to the camera. “But for too […]