Voting for All We Can Be

Guest post from Miyoko Hikiji, Iowa State Senate Candidate in District 20, Author of All I Could Be: My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq, Army & Iowa National Guard Veteran 1995-2004. Ninety-six years ago today, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was certified as law, guaranteeing women the right to vote for the first time in our nation’s history. Nearly a century later, we are on the brink of electing a woman President of the United States. Hillary Clinton’s example is inspiring to women across our country. Right here in Iowa we have the chance to elect more women to […]

Right-Wing Lies Adding Up In 2016

By Tim DeLong For quite some time it has been apparent to most that Republicans lie a lot more than Democrats. So I decided to put together my own list of what I consider to be lies told by Republicans, as well as significant policy positions – most of which involved outright lies – that turned out to be very wrong. Some are worse than others. Some are more important than others. Almost all are simply out-and-out lies that are told again and again by not just these candidates but also Fox News (which each year heads the list of […]

Martin O’Malley, EMILY’s List Stephanie Schriock In Iowa Sunday

Former Maryland Governor and Iowa Caucus competitor Martin O’Malley will return to Iowa this Sunday to headline the Progress Iowa Corn Feed in Des Moines. It’s O’Malley’s second trip back to the state since the February 1 caucus – he was here in June to campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton at several events and meet with former volunteers. Also at the Corn Feed this year is the president of EMILY’s List, Stephanie Schriock. Her organization has a particular stake in Iowa this year with both Monica Vernon and Patty Judge as endorsed candidates for them. EMILY’s List has successfully fought to […]

Iowa Republicans Have Gone Trump

A guest post from House Leader Mark Smith As a lifetime resident of Iowa, I am proud of our state’s progressive history. We were vehemently opposed to slavery from our beginning days and we were one of the first states to call for public education for all children.  We were one of the first states to allow people of color to purchase land and Arabella Manfield’s admission to the Iowa Bar in 1869 made her the first female attorney in the United States. That’s why our motto – “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain” – has […]

Republicans Own The Zika Virus Epidemic

Since February Republicans have repeatly been warned by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that it was inevitable that the Zika virus would invade America unless Congress provided the CDC the critical funds needed to battle the invasion. Now, six months later, pregnant women and women hoping to get pregnant in South Florida are terrified over the growing Zika epidemic. In the past three weeks, the number of confirmed Zika infections in the greater Miami area has increased to 36 and have pregnant women in the area panicked with fear. Some are literally hiding in their homes, afraid […]

A Look At Iowa Candidates’ Messages Before Post-Labor Day Sprint

The Iowa State Fair has come and gone, with another year of political candidate visits in the books. Starting Line attended nearly all the of the Soapbox speeches hosted by the Des Moines Register, but got a little distracted with fair food afterward and I didn’t write them up right away. Instead, let’s do a review of the Iowa candidates’ speeches, which are still quite relevant as each perfectly encapsulated where the candidate is at in their race. It will be interesting to watch how their pitch changes post-Labor Day as we move ever closer to early voting. None of the […]

Inside The Early Race To Be The Next Iowa Democrats Chair

As soon as the election on November 8 concludes, the next big campaign for the future of the Iowa Democratic Party begins. Andy McGuire does not plan on running for a second term as party chair, likely to launch a run for governor soon after the election instead. That will leave open the state party’s top spot, with another free-for-all competition to ensue. The state party tentatively plans to hold that election at a state central committee meeting on December 17. In most years’ past, the top elected Democrat in the state, whether it be Tom Vilsack, Chet Culver or […]

Just How Well Does Everyone Know Patty Judge?

Patty Judge has been involved in statewide politics since 1992 when she was first elected to the State Senate, serving two terms. She was elected as Iowa Secretary of Agriculture in 1998 and served 8 years. She was elected as Lieutenant Governor in 2006.  But do Iowans really know her and her progressive positions? One must ask that question when you see the Quinnipiac Poll showing 17% of Grassley supporters plan to vote for Clinton.  Why are they splitting their tickets to vote for Clinton and Grassley? The Des Moines Register’s articles on Sunday and Monday point to both Democrats […]

Big News: Starting Line Expands With Daily Democrat Merger

I’m excited to announce today that the Iowa Daily Democrat will be merging with Iowa Starting Line to create the largest progressive/Democratic-leaning news site in the state. This is a big step forward for everyone involved and will help us further the cause of spreading the progressive message in Iowa, along with providing unique insight and analysis of Iowa politics. Here’s the details: Iowa Daily Democrat’s new content will be moved to Starting Line’s website. Right now when you view the website on desktop there’s a section on the right that will fill with Daily Democrat stories. We’re still working […]

Meet Iowa Democrats’ All-Female Tickets

When voters go to the polls in the Northeast Iowa counties of Allamakee and Clayton this year, this is what they’ll see in the Democratic column of their ballot: President: Hillary Clinton U.S. Senate: Patty Judge Congress: Monica Vernon State Senate: Jan Heikes State House: Patti Ruff Voters in Marion and Dubuque will see similar all-female tickets from the Democrats. In Marion, Senator Liz Mathis and State House candidate Molly Donahue are on the ballot. In Dubuque, Senate President Pam Jochum and Representative Abby Finkenauer fill out the down-ballot slots. Those three districts make up a particularly historic ballot for […]