Police Officers: “We Didn’t Vote Republican To Get Stabbed In The Back”

February 13th, 2017
Police Officers: “We Didn’t Vote Republican To Get Stabbed In The Back”

In the highly contentious battle to extinguish public worker rights, Iowa Republicans have attempted a divide-and-conquer approach to pit unions against each other. Their legislation splits public workers into two groups, one that’s “public safety workers,” and one that isn’t. The idea was to strip away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most public employees, but keep most of it for police and firefighters, who are politically more difficult to go after.

It didn’t work.

Hundreds of helmeted firefighters have flooded the Statehouse in the last week and police officers and sheriffs have lined up at committee hearings to speak against it. They don’t trust that this carve-out for their jobs will last long, nor do many of them feel it’s appropriate to deny the bargaining rights they have to fellow workers who have also had them for over 40 years.

And several police officers and firefighters warned that Republicans’ plan to create a special “public safety” class for negotiations wouldn’t work in many cases. John Thomas, a police officer from Mitchellville, explained last week that some sheriff’s deputies wouldn’t get classified as “public safety” workers because there’s more jailers and clerks in the bargaining unit. The Republican bill only classifies workers as “public safety” employees if a majority of workers in a bargaining unit is made up of police or firefighters.

That has many police officer, who voted for Republicans in large numbers this year, particularly upset.

“It’s collective begging, that’s what it is,” Thomas labeled the bill at a subcommittee hearing. “Half of law enforcement folks I work with are Republicans. And we voted for Republicans because of conservative values. But we didn’t vote for Republicans to get stabbed in the back while we’re trying to dodge cars and bullets.”

Even for those who do get covered as “public safety” workers, the other changes in the bill would still have damaging consequences. Removing the provisions for “just cause” firings means public workers could get the ax at whatever whim of their boss, with no potential recourse of action. Firefighters cautioned that could lead to a chilling effect on discussions over best safety practices.

“After a fire … we sit down as a group, around a table and we talk about the fire,” explained Doug Neis, head of the Iowa Professional Fire Fighters union. “We talk about what went good, what went bad, and about how to improve. In those meetings we need to be able to be critical sometimes of our administration and the decisions they make. This bill removes just cause. Our members across the state will be fearful of speaking up and being critical when they need to … People are going to be in danger, our members and citizens.”

Firefighters pack the Statehouse

Even some sheriffs are concerned over what impact it will have on their departments and community. Dave Drew, the Republican sheriff from Woodbury County in conservative Northwest Iowa, told Republican legislators that he’s worried they’d target them next.

“We stand as one,” Drew said of public workers. “It’s important to stand together. Because what you may give us or let us stay in, the firefighters and public safety, two years from now we may be out. We stand as one for the right reason: collective bargaining and Chapter 20 works.”

Woodbury County Sheriff Drew address a committee

Drew also questioned the rationale behind the “public safety” designation, pointing out that plenty of public workers beyond just police and firefighters contribute to keeping Iowans safe.

“When we’re out cleaning up a scene, the troopers and the deputies and the firefighters, here comes the state plow to help to clear it off,” Drew continued. “They’re alongside us in the snow storms. I just can’t think of how this can be shredded apart.”

The Iowa House will hold what is likely the last full public hearing on the collective bargaining bill tonight. Republicans are likely to vote it through both chambers quickly this week, just six or seven days after it was officially introduced.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 2/13/17

316 thoughts on “Police Officers: “We Didn’t Vote Republican To Get Stabbed In The Back”

  1. Virginia Meyer says:

    Many thanks to police, sheriffs and firefighters or so called “public safety” workers who stand strong with ALL public workers. Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, no matter: this is about WORKERS’ rights. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book to chip away at the rights, livelihood, and dignity of workers. Public workers stand together as the essential glue to hold our society together. Thanks, brothers and sisters in Iowa unions.

    1. Liz says:

      Unfortunately, for the Iowa PD, they voted to screw everyone else. You can blame unions across the country for killing everyone in the working class.

      1. David says:

        What a crock of garbage. That’s what we call an alternative fact in the real world.

      2. griffith davies says:

        Bullshit.You can blame the working class because instead of joining unions They whine about others making more than They do and stab their fellow workers in the back.

        1. mae pace says:

          Unions don’t care about the workers just like everybody else.union leaders are taking pay offs for letting companies do as they please while union members are paying union dues with no real help from the union.

          1. Michael Stannard says:

            it’s called making love to the company.

      3. ralph says:

        you couldn’t be more wrong, unions have ALWAYS protected the working clasd

      4. Nola Elson says:

        That’s a stupid comment, Liz. I’m hoping it is a typo. Cause it is the Republican’s across this country who want to make themselves richer at the expense of the working class. The Unions are just barely hanging on… as you can tell cause aint no one getting any pensions, decent healthcare, nor raises anymore.

      5. Kirk says:

        Let us break the false narrative that people in Unions are not also Working Class. To break collective bargaining is to break the power of the employees to seek to protect or improve their work environment. If you want to see wages drop, overtime pay or limits on hours worked in a day, or week, disappear. Let collective bargaining be destroyed. Little over a century ago, police, private forces, national guard, and even the Army was called out to quell groups seeking better treatment in a workplace or even the busting of a union. Consider this last piece, wages have been stagnant, and in some cases, lost purchase power since the early 80’s when the value if the dollar is compared between then and now. When people blame unions for having unsustainable wages, consider that collective bargaining as helped to limit the devaluation of the wage over the course of time.

        1. Nate says:

          Well stayed. Retired (APWU) Forever.

      6. Kirk says:

        Let us break the false narrative that people in Unions are not also Working Class. To break collective bargaining is to break the power of the employees to seek to protect or improve their work environment. If you want to see wages drop, overtime pay or limits on hours worked in a day, or week, disappear. Let collective bargaining be destroyed. Little over a century ago, police, private forces, national guard, and even the Army was called out to quell groups seeking better treatment in a workplace or even the busting of a union. Consider this last piece, wages have been stagnant, and in some cases, lost purchase power since the early 80’s when the value if the dollar is compared between then and now. When people blame unions for having unsustainable wages, consider that collective bargaining as helped to limit the devaluation of the wage over the course of time.

        Apologies for the wall of text, sent from phone.

      7. Shawn says:

        Please enlighten us all on how you form your misguided opinion.

      8. James says:

        Fuck you!
        You are a true Republican moron

      9. oy says:

        Low inflation favors folks with money, i.e. the rich. SO holding down inflation has been the mantra of the Republicans and their economist lackeys. To them, that is best achieved by depressing wages, and the first step in that process is breaking unions. You see, Liz, they don’t care; it’s a numbers game to them, not survival like it is to you and me. Unions are all we’ve got to protect us from the man.

      10. Lynne says:

        I couldn’t of said it better!

      11. Ron says:

        Like benefits? Thank a union. Management never gives anything unless it has to.

      12. Bill says:

        Huh? The very existence of unions enables a middle class by raising wages for everyone.

        1. John says:

          I was in a union once and the union threw me under the bus. You are 100% right Bill. The unions are the only thing keeping us all out of complete poverty. I wish they would fight more!

      13. Bruce says:

        You are completely wrong. Unions have not “killed the working class.” Unions and the rules they forced employers to comply with CREATED the middle class- the 5-day work week, due process for ALL employees, a break time after several hours of working non-stop, safety measures, decent wages, no wage reductions on the whim of management, etc. You are another of the brainwashed who believed the nonsense that unions are to blame. No union made jobs go overseas, no union privatized government or education jobs forcing people to work for lower wages and no job protection, unions didn’t hire goons to beat and kill people protesting workplaces. Read the true history of unions, not the lies of Fox News and Koch Bros.-backed fake news sources. Haters are always the misinformed, the mislead, and turn personal pain into hatred of others.

        1. Nate says:

          True,so very true.

      14. Norah Runningwolf says:

        Unfortunately,Trump told people exactly what he was going to do. People only heard what they wanted to hear. Selective hearing. Whether it’s public service or the coal miners. People just didn’t pay attention.

      15. L P Algreen says:

        I don’t believe that unions killed anyone! Not perfect, but the best chance working people have for receiving. A fair deal from employers.

      16. James Gillies says:

        Have you ever read a book or ever listened to anyone who worked in the pre-union age? Unions have saved millions of workers lives, not killed them. Please get some education before your next post.

      17. Dan_in_PA says:

        Actually, you can blame Republican fealty to the fraudulent theory called Trickle Down economics for ensuring working class people have enjoyed stagnant, even shrinking wages, for the past 40 years while theose Investor donor class folks enjpoyed a solid 3% growth in wages, year over year over year over year over year….

        1. Susan McConnell says:

          That is the real problem. The theory of “trickle down” economic is not good. A Nobel Prize
          Was given to an economist who researched the money theories, and concluded that the trickle theory was not effective.
          That was what the Nobel Prize was for.

      18. Chandler says:

        Unions have always protected the working class. Right to work legislation is what killed you. Stop attacking us just because we fought for our rights to better wages, days off, and benefits. Instead of that, fight for your own rights.

      19. Bonnie says:

        Us ut the unions so much as the ” right to work” laws that the Republican party is so fond of but really “guts” employee rights and unions; while providing more rights to employers.

      20. Kevin Good says:

        Asshole unions are what created the middle class with decent wages, pensions, medical insurance. Are you that ignorant to think that companies would just give these benefits to the working class without collective bargaining ?

      21. Chuck says:

        Blame unions? It’s the unions that stand up for workers rights, not the Republicans. When Americans wake up and start voting against Republicans and their anti-worker legislation, we’ll all be better off.

      22. Leontyne says:

        When you vote selfishly this is what happens you pay your self specially when dealing with Republicans it shouldn’t have had anything to do with a party you vote for what’s best for the country not what party you get what you asked for deal with it

      23. Trell says:

        You do under stand that if it wasn’t UNIONS there would be no so called working class (i.e. middle class America) The unions at GM gave rise to the middle class in Flint MI. After that they took off, thanks to unions workers get a decent wage, decent healthcare, a pension, and other benefits that wouldn’t be afforded to them. Unless you are rich I’m willing to bet you someone in your family benefited from being in a union.

      24. John says:

        No you can blame Republicans who wants you to work for nothing.
        They say working for the Government isn’t a job or career.
        When they came for the poor they said nothing Now they are coming for public workers, Next it’s going to be you, then what.

      25. Kevin says:

        Don’t blame me, “Liz”!!! I am a Republican Union member who has worked HARD all my life to acquire the American Dream!! This ilk, namely the Koch brothers, are hell bent on destroying our freedom to collectively bargain!! You best wake up, “Liz”… Unions haven’t killed the working class… People like the Koch brothers and corporate America has killed us… NO ONE ELSE!!!!

        1. Christina says:

          How can you be both a Republican and a Union member if you honestly know the history of the Labor Movement & Unions?

        2. Christina says:

          You enjoy the Union benefits correct? Was it Republicans who fought and died for those benefits you &/or you & your family enjoy?

      26. don says:

        You just don’t get it, do You? Your processing problem, and hallucinatory thought processes have condemned the USA to Russian puppetry

      27. Nathan says:

        There’s only such a thing as middle class because unions were brace enough to fight for it.

      28. Alan says:

        You are so ill informed or an Idiot. Which is it?

    2. Jamie says:


    3. Stephanie Thorpe says:

      But they arrested a Farmer in Iowa?? Because of Eminent Domain! Eminent domain, was never intended for private gain……. So be careful in the narrative. We are either a law abiding moral society, or not! NODAPL NOW !!

    4. Orlando says:

      Well, when you lay down with dogs you get flees so, anyone that supported the party that want to take away your benifits deserve to lose their benifits. You supported this group against your own best interest now, live with the results

    5. Ken says:

      Divide and conquer. Right out of Walker’s playbook here in WI. Now the GOP will go after national right to work to kill off all unions. Wake up people.

    6. jeanne brown says:

      Where have you been? The Republican platform calls for the elimination of organized labor. Hello, wake up, the Republicans of today are not on your side.

    7. Carolyn Weartz says:

      You should have checked with the Ohio Public Workers Union or the Teachers Union or any Union in Ohio. Kasich started raping everyone the day he arrived and hasn’t stopped since. His Ohio miracle is directly off their backs. It’s no miracle, it’s a Goldman-Sachs rape job!

    8. Gail Hoover says:

      So they are against it, but will put it through? Does not make sense.

    9. Andrew Bugbee says:

      The cops and firefighters did squat for the other unions in Wisconsin when Walker did the same exact thing. He took away collective bargaining from all public workers except firemen and cops.

  2. Joe Stutler says:

    You voted Republican? Screw you….You deserve what you get.

    1. jc freedline says:

      you are so right, if you were stupid enough to vote republican you cannot be suprised by this. But it was okay for them to strip away the rights of other union workers right?

      1. L. Foster says:

        Well said Stutler & Freedline!! You Vote Republican you vote against workers rights!!! And Unions!!

      2. Don says:

        Reread, they were fighting for the other workers.

        1. Vicki says:

          Now. But many of them voted for the Republicans. Hopefully, they will not make the same mistake again.

      3. Richard Andrade says:

        Well said, what did you expect.

    2. Debbie says:

      Republicans voted for this ass. Now things are going so well. We tole them. Trump was a liar. He uses his job to take over the united states and a huge land grab. He is trashing every human here.

    3. Davi Mondt Lowman says:

      HONESTLY! That’s how I feel about these jerks that voted GOP and are now complaining about how awful the GOP is!!!

    4. kappaman says:

      The Chicken have come home to roost…
      You voted for trump, now deal with it…Screw you Republicans…Laughing in your face.

    5. Frank A Augustine says:

      Joe Stutler what you say is absolutely right.

    6. Theresa Stroud says:

      No other choice. Even the dems and independents, had to vote Republican. What are you going to do, dive into the sewer with HRC?

      1. Kash Monet says:

        Well, what in the hell do you call this? Welcome to Trumpsylvania.

    7. Trump Sucks says:

      AMEN!!!! They voted for it and this is what they got!!!

    8. Jack says:

      Republicans have been lying to people for years about conservative values. It’s almost always covering up their motivations for carving out tax cuts for wealthy folks. Unfortunately American’s never learn.

    9. Punjab bufunda says:

      Let um reap what they sow!

    10. Jose says:

      Well said!well said

    11. Derek G. says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    12. ken says:

      Dont’ BOO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. ken says:

        You voted republican because like them you are selfish and stupid. Note it is going to bite you where the good lord split you. No sympathy from me. You trumpettes are getting what you deserve.

    13. Kos Lee says:

      I agree with you. They vote for the big elephants now they can not shoot them. They will get run over now. Just stay out of the way.

    14. John steiner says:

      If we wanted to be stabed in the back we would have voted democrat. Thats common over there

    15. Mary jimison says:

      Better to be a republican than to be whiny babies that need their pasafiers, crayons and shrinks to help them cope with the outcome of the election. Sit in the back seat and enjoy the ride. Snowflakes will disappear soon when they aren’t getting paid to destroy businesses and do their stupid rioting. Grow up

  3. Ed Miller says:

    You voted Republican. You should of expected that. since when have republicans been concerned with workers rights and union? Never is a good answer.

    1. Robert Suggs says:

      The frog said to the snake you said you would not eat me if I got you loose but the snake replied you know I am a snake!!!

    2. Mac says:

      Since when in the last 8 years have Democrats given a damn about law enforcement. They have twisted facts every imaginable way to appease their voter base.

    3. Michael Rohr says:

      Under Theodore Roosevelt
      Not in the last century

    4. Tim says:

      Should’ve. Short for should have. Not ‘should OF’.

  4. Jack Willis says:

    Republicans could not care less as long as these people don’t vote Democrat. Complain about the legislature actively fighting against your interests all you want, as long as half of your workforce ‘voted for Republicans because of conservative values’, they do not care about your suffering in the slightest. You do, however, get to enjoy some empty rhetoric from Reynolds and Branstad, so that should be fun.

  5. Robbie Moreland says:

    Weren’t you guys paying attention when the Republicans in Wisconsin did the exact same thing? Your own party is not on your side! Duh!

    1. ScrwdWisconsinite says:

      SO right, Robbie Moreland!

    2. Lesley says:

      Kasich also tried to do it in Ohio.

  6. Kevin M O'Connor says:

    That is exactly what you voted for.
    Next time,vote them out.

  7. aja says:

    Police and Firefighters have always had large numbers of republicans. They also have high union memberships. We need those republicans from conservative districts pressuring their legislators. Lets also not forget that Lots of Dems had to vote for Grassley and Ernst. We need to rally around issues we agree upon, not continue to criticize each other. Also, in Wisconsin, the first year police and firefighters were exempted but the following year their collective bargaining rights were stripped. I applaud the firefighters and Police for backing their fellow public employees.

    1. Liz says:

      Consequences for your actions, including your vote. They’re a thing.

    2. Mary Dawson says:

      WHY did Democrats “have to” vote for Grassley an Ernst??????

      1. Spookiewon says:

        He’s saying they must have voted for them, or they couldn’t have won. Not “had to” as in “were required to.”

      2. Amy says:

        For Grassley and Ernst to be elected, Democrats “had to” vote for them. Otherwise they would have lost.

      3. kim says:

        The Democratics always smarter now Republicans voters crying

    3. Lauri Waldbillig says:

      Amen! A person in a union is not necessarily republican or democrat. Many people vote based on their values and should not be criticized for it.

    4. Christopher Brown says:

      Rally around things we agree on. Dems asked for that during President Obama’s terms and all we got was obstructing. How does your medicine tast?

  8. kwmjr says:

    AS it looks now waiting to vote them out the next time will be the only resort! Now hopefully the democrats learned something from their being voted out, before we vote them back in again, or we’ll all be back at this day and night crap all over again !

    1. Liz says:

      I guess the working class likes to get screwed. You haven’t learned your lesson. Keep it up.

      1. JCT says:

        Haha, well, Susan, it works like this: I vote republican; the republicans keep screwing me over and telling me it’s the democrats’ fault. So I will keep voting republican to keep them skeezy demmycrats from… well, I don’t know, doing something nebulous.

      2. Christina says:

        Laughing my butt off! You sound just like my daddy, who’s a hard working union man. He talks in sarcasm as well because he says if he can’t make it humorous, he’ll just sit down and cry.

    2. Theresa Stroud says:

      The dems learned nothing. The are trying to cheat Hillary in for the 3rd time. The most corrupt and greediest puppet for the Soros'”One World Government”.

      1. Not Today Satan! says:

        You should see a psychiatrist.

      2. Christina says:

        Your local library should have a conservative survivalist section on gardening, raising live-stock, purifying water, etc…

    3. Donna Crane says:

      And which of your benefits did Dems take away, or was it the healthcare, other help they gave to those you didn’t personally think we’re worthy? You are learning a hard lesson here, when you allow anyone’s rights or help to be cut, you’ve got a good chance of being next in line.

  9. Susan says:

    Your “conservative values” of cutting programs for underprivileged and poor are now what you might need to survive. Well deserved Karma.

    1. Theresa Stroud says:

      The dems learned nothing. The are trying to cheat Hillary in for the 3rd time. The most corrupt and greediest puppet for the Soros'”One World Government”.

      1. Not Today Satan! says:

        Hush, crazy person.

        1. Christina says:

          Just saying, you have me cracking up over here! LMBO!

    2. Donna Crane says:

      Karma indeed. When they came for the poor, I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t poor…and so on.

    3. HERMAN PETTIS says:

      U R Right on the target

    4. Vincent says:

      Well said Susan

  10. J.C. says:

    At what point is anyone surprised the GOP is anti-union. That goes for ANY UNION.

    Fully support our first responders but know who actually supports you and who only gives lip service at election time.

  11. mick says:

    What did you think was gonna happen? What made you think you could sell off just a little piece of your soul to the devil and come out ok? This is exactly what the saying “the Devil’s in the details” means.
    In for a penny, in for a pound.

  12. RICK says:

    Iowa people overwhelming vote for Republicans… REPUBLICAN ‘DO NOT’ GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU..PERIOD! They have never cared about the American people… It is asinine for ANY ONE to think that Republicans give a crap. Now…your hateful vote comes back and bites you in the ass…GOOD!

    1. Cassie says:

      Do farmers in Iowa use migrant workers because I am guessing these ICE raids will be hitting their pocketbooks soon. Then they somehow won’t care about illegals when all those poor middle class out of work American workers won’t lower themselves to do those jobs they are too good for.

      1. Steven Young says:

        Here’s an idea, if the fucking farmers would pay a living wage you would be surprised at the number of people that would do the work. Maybe not in the suburbs. Also it seems to me that not many illegals stay on those farms. They use the harvest season to make their way up the state but as soon as they find a construction site they’re off the farm, dragging skilled labor wages down. Stop repeating the lie that Americans ate lazy to keep your cheap food.

      2. DONALD says:

        Why don’t you lead the way?

      3. Mike says:

        Great. That’ll provide seasonal low-paying jobs for the workers who are fired. (SARCASM)

    2. Woody says:

      Exactly, Rick. To the union members; Wait, you thought Trump cared about you? Please.

    3. Sherry Smith says:

      I totally agree.

    4. Austin Akalanze says:

      Serves them well.”How stupid can you be Iowa?”

  13. susanne moore says:

    SO, what did you think everyone was going to it screwed but not you? This is way a little knowledge before you vote, Every Republican state run has done this or had tried… I in no way agree with this, but we tried to give you the red flag and you liked the red hat more..

    1. Cassie says:

      I think the time has come to acknowledge that no one who voted for republicans voted for any type of values. they voted for a person who spoke hatefully against all groups other than white men. Women are playthings to be sexually abused because the president says so, so it’s a-ok now.

      1. Linda says:

        I agree it’s very sad but true that people treated it like a game and we all lost!!

      2. Sue says:

        And Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, JFK and who knows how many others were as pure as the driven snow? How soon you forget.

      3. Martin Solano says:

        Boom goes the dynamite!!!

      4. Johnson says:

        Exactly! Southern strategy slaps the middle class in the face again.

    2. Mary says:

      Love this
      “We tried to give you the red flag but you liked the red hat more” you should make a meme of it! May I use it?

  14. Chuck Hirsch says:

    I did not think I could hate politics and politicians any more than I did up ’til last week. I was wrong, most politicians are scumbags.

    1. Margaret says:

      No they aren’t… Many are fighting for their constituents. Instead if writing them all off, take the time to identify those doing good & support them. Just throwing up your hands in defeat & thinking someone else should fix it is what the GOP leverages to undermine protections for average Americans. We don’t need term limits, we need an engaged populous that gets off their ass & votes on issues not blindly on party lines. That IS term limits for bad or ineffective leaders, but WE have to hold them to their responsibility to represent THE PEOPLE.

      1. AE says:

        So true. Bear in mind that nearly half of eligible voters didn’t bother to vote at all!

    2. Oma Roams says:

      We need people to represent us instead of corporate money. There are ways to get around the way it is —

  15. Rita Reynolds says:

    If the voting has not taken place show up at your elected Republican leaders’ offices, call them, make sure they are aware of your feelings and let them know it will affect your vote. Hold them accountable! PERSONALLY.

  16. Mark Gruben says:

    It just amazes me that people can see how the Republicans slap working people in the face – yet they continue to vote Republican!

    1. David says:

      Yep, republicans have never been known for their intelligence and reasoning skills.

    2. Donella Pauli says:

      I so agree with your comment!

    3. KDBond says:

      It’s about the Conservative Values…at least until their money becomes the issue. Laughable…

  17. Joey Jojo Junior says:

    Cops who voted Republican, I have no sypathy for you. None. Not my fault if you couldn’t be bothered to find out who it was you were getting into bed with beforehand.

    Same goes for military types too. You broke it, you bought it. Don’t come crying to me about how unfair it all is now because you couldn’t see what was blindingly obvious to anyone with half a functioning brain, even before the conventions happened. You are why we can’t have nice things.

    1. Sue says:

      The military will be called upon soon to take on the vets at Standing Rock, it will put them in a terrible position to gun down their brother’s and peaceful protesters. So bloody sad.

    2. Sherry Smith says:

      This is the result of voting out of hate. Republicans appeal to that inner hatred and they’re okay with it as long as it doesn’t affect them.

  18. Jennifer Mazza says:

    And is public safety not a part of safe nursing care in the hospital? Do you want your nurse to have safe ratio of patients to care for? is a nurse not entitled to a fair wage? Iowa is lowest paying state in US for RN’s! Do you want experienced nurses to care for you or should we all move to more progressive states? Patient safety is public safety.

    1. Diane says:

      911 dispatchers aren’t considered public safety

    2. Bernadette Golas says:

      you go,girl !yay ,nursing rocks ! RN,C for50 + years

  19. Donald says:

    Boo hoo.
    You voted republican because like them you are selfish and stupid. Add long add you’re ok screw everyone else.
    Note it is going to bite you where the good lord split you. No sympathy from me. You trumpettes are getting what you deserve.

  20. Cassie says:

    The people honestly believe the republicans are their friends? And what are these great values they espouse that the horrible “coastal elites”(I’m a democrat in Michigan) espouse. THe GOP did this exact same thing in Wisconsin. And yet another election of those same people voting away their own rights. I don’t even know what to say to people who’s views are so myopic.

    1. Lis says:

      And now Scot wants to help in DC to spread his goodwill to the federal workers. Thanks Repugs

    2. Robin says:

      Trump stated in a news paper in 1998 that he could run for president and tell the republican people anything and that they were so dumb they would believe him. Well, I guess he proved his point

      1. Christina says:

        It was in People Magazine in 1998 and verbatim it said, “If I were to run, I’d run as a Republican. They’re the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they’d still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.”

  21. Val Gomez says:

    What did you people think was going to happen to you. You have all those republicans screwing because they take care of their own and you are not one of those. Then you have braindead as your governor who is also republican who has been doing the same thing ever since he was governor back in the old days. You people need to wake up.Get all those republicansout of there. GIVE them term limits. Then they would take care of you hopefully.

  22. Mike says:

    Years ago, sitting at the kitchen table at the firehouse. I told a fellow firefighter if you vote for Kasich the first thing he will do is go after Unions, our pensions, and collective bargaining- Thats exactly what he did and we had the fight of our lives. (Minus the police in Ohio, their union made a backdoor deal). Now we were sitting at the same kitchen table and I said the same thing to the same guys about the same people with the same political ideas. Now we again have the same result only no one can stop it this time. I am sure the police unions will again make a back door deal to protect themselves.

    1. Linda says:

      I am sorry for all of us. I wish we could be The United States and fight, not blame, not give up till time to vote. Fight right now! Our White House has people colluding with Russia still, before and after the election fight that’s how we win we fight! Find leaders we can trust and fight

    2. Barbara says:

      Until all unions stand together, this will be the result. President Eisenhower and President Nixon respected unions and understood that unions made working conditions better for everyone. Every republican president afterward (except short-term President Ford) has been for big business and for breaking unions to create right-to-work states (also known as low wages, poor benefits, and high government dependency,) it is time that police, firefighters, teachers, public employees, et al, stand up together! President Reagan, the union buster, did not break unions because he believed that their bargaining (air-traffic controllers, for example) was extreme; he broke them for the benefit of big business. If the pilots and other airport unions stood up to that tyranny, perhaps the union busting movement would have been busted with Reagan!

    3. Barbara Cecere says:

      Until all unions stand together, this will be the result. President Eisenhower and President Nixon respected unions and understood that unions made working conditions better for everyone. Every republican president afterward (except short-term President Ford) has been for big business and for breaking unions to create right-to-work states (also known as low wages, poor benefits, and high government dependency,) it is time that police, firefighters, teachers, public employees, et al, stand up together! President Reagan, the union buster, did not break unions because he believed that their bargaining (air-traffic controllers, for example) was extreme; he broke them for the benefit of big business. If the pilots and other airport unions stood up to that tyranny, perhaps the union busting movement would have been busted with Reagan!

  23. Alex manu says:

    Possibly the electorate will finally wake the fuck up and realize that the repubes hate unions of any stripe. I hope their vote leaves bigly teeth marks on their collective asses

    1. Ognoc says:

      Possible? Sure. Likely? Nope. Republicans have been getting people to vote against their own interests for generations, and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

  24. Peter john says:

    The Republican Party consider all unions as a danger to their agenda so they want all unions gone. They will eventually also get rid of the public safety unions.

  25. Gee Are says:

    I have said, many times, “be careful of what you vote for because you might just get it. And, be careful of what you vote against because you might just need it. You can’t vote to take something away from the other guy without putting what you have at great risk. When you vote against yourselves, which is what voting Republican is, you have to expect a loss.

  26. Hope O'Hara says:

    So blinded by your hate of the left that you voted to let the republicans screw you right over. If you don’t know history, you are doomed to repeat it. Unfortunately, you’re taking us down with you..

  27. “Our members are conservative” LOL, you think they give 2 shifts about you. Read the Republican Playbook…you guys aren’t in it!! Get a fucking clue!!

  28. Rob says:

    “If you don’t like it, go find another job somewhere else.” -Every Republican I’ve debated with (before the election). Sorry folks, it’s hard to feel sorry for you when YOU were the ones who voted against your own interests (like most Republicans do)

  29. Karen says:

    Isn’t it good to know what some public servants REALLY think of everyone else? Police have unlimited funds but schools are struggling. Obviously you should care about education.

  30. I have little sympathy for any institutions that vote Republican and think it will help them. The current plutocrats are using a time honored technique of starving organizations by cutting their funding in order to intentionally cause them to fail. Then they can justify privatizing that organization and let their friends get rich off these contracts while continuing to degrade services. Sorry, you may not have known it (because you are unobserved to the last 40 years of GOP policies) but you did indeed vote to get stabbed in the back.

    “I can’t believe the Tigers ate MY face,” screamed the man who voted for the Tigers Eating People’s Faces party…

  31. Diane says:

    Gee were you not paying attention to your neighbors to your east? The Republicans stripped the unions in Wisconsin to the bone, screwed public employees, except at that time police and fire, and then of course went after police and fire to some extent! And guess what? They still keep voting for them! Now the Feds are looking to do to all unions what WI did to the public ones. If unions for private businesses think they are going to be immune they better wake up.

    1. Dig says:

      Wisconsin is to the North of Iowa, not east. Gee, Were you not paying attention?

      1. Christina says:

        Wisconsin is to the North East of Iowa. North and East are both directions on our map.

    2. Fred Lloyd says:

      Well, who else they gonna vote for? Not those commie demoncrats who want to turns us into the Soviet Union and loose the war!

  32. Mark Miller says:

    You reap what you sew…no sympathy here

    1. paul larkin says:

      one of your enemy is the Chamber of Co.

  33. Wisco says:

    It’s like the people who voted for Trump, thinking he was kidding about repealing their health insurance.

    1. Dinah says:

      They get what they deserve. Losing health insurance, pensions, and collective bargaining. Enjoy your ‘right to work’ wages soon. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA You reap what you sow.

  34. Mike says:

    No they are front stabbing you.

    1. Mark says:

      Disagree. They’re stabbing *themselves* in the face repeatedly. Republicans are just the rusty knife.

  35. Nancy Reagan says:

    They voted Republican because of Conservative values? Which one? The sexual predator value? The pathological liar value? The traitor value? The de-regulation to the extreme value?

    1. Kate Cassidy says:

      Your words are the absolute truth.
      Where was the common sense? Where was the consideration for the people demeaned, cheated, molested, bullied?

  36. Stacey says:

    “We Didn’t Vote Republican To Get Stabbed In The Back” Yes, yes you did. 45 was VERY clear on exactly how incompetent he is. Only people equally ignorant are shocked at how quickly he is destroying this country. He said he would do all the things he’s doing – it’s your fault for thinking he would only do the things you liked.

  37. Kevin from Florida says:

    Hey, Law Enforcement Agencies and Fire Departments in Iowa: There is no easy way to tell you this, but that is NOT a knife you’re feeling, NOR is it your back the GOP/TP are poking EITHER!!!!!

  38. Adrian says:

    My first thought on reading the article title went something like this:

    Police Officers: “We Didn’t Vote Republican To Get Stabbed In The Back”

    Me: “Isn’t that what you have said every time you voted Republican in the entire history of… well, ever?”

    * Ronald Reagan and PATCO
    * The NLRB under both Bush’s dropping to all-time lows of labor law enforcement
    * Private sector union membership dropping from 30% to 8%?
    * Illegal firings in union elections from going from 5% to 20-25%?
    * The Republican bill last October that would make all federal employees at-will?
    * Trump’s union-busting record within his hotel chain?
    * Pence’s massive efforts to keep the union-busting laws of his predecessor on the books?

    You really didn’t see this coming from, like, a mile away?

  39. tom says:

    Every time someone does something that adversely effects wages you should call it a wage tax. You could call it wage theft but Republicans hate being call a taxer more than a thief. Use terms like wage taxaholic and so on. Right to work for less laws are the equivelant of a 7% sales tax

  40. Adam B. says:

    “But we didn’t vote for Republicans to get stabbed in the back while we’re trying to dodge cars and bullets.” Ha, ha, ha. I have one thing to say… #callyopresident. You deserve the government you voted for!

  41. David says:

    You get what you paid for..metaphorically speaking. Live with it.

  42. Bart says:

    we voted for Republicans because of conservative values. But we didn’t vote for Republicans to get stabbed in the back while we’re trying to dodge cars and bullets.”


  43. Simon George says:

    Oh you didn’t? Really? Well let’s get right around to leaving you in the mess you created for yourselves. What was it the right is always spouting? Don’t like it, go be a cop somewhere else.

  44. Joe says:

    Of course you hurt, you’re getting screwed by an Elephant. Think about it next time. Stupid is as stupid does.

  45. San says:

    Oh so now that this affects you, now you are worried!

  46. Axel Cardona says:

    Well, I guess you learned your lesson. Vote from knowledge not from emotion. Republicans have always been against organized labor. Why you did not understand that just baffles me. Anyone who is not a millionaire many times over is a fool to vote Republican as they’be voting against themselves.
    The only conservative values the republicans defend is to conserve their money at labor, the middle class and the poor,s expense.
    19 months from now let them know your angry. And for now, take the example of many others. Protest. Protest, protest. And I mean go out and get in their face. Let them know they work for you.

  47. M says:

    One-issue voting with “conservative values” reasoning will get you nowhere. Try reading and understanding your candidates specifically before voting. Republicans have been for the top 2 percent for a long time now. If you’re not in that top 2 %, I’d advise not voting Republican.

  48. Jack Meoff says:

    Hey there’s a bright spot though, you still have your guns.

  49. Chapps says:

    Seriously, how dense are you, if you don’t realize that Republicans want to destroy all unions? They’ve been promising to do this for the last three or more decades, and suddenly these guys are like ‘wha?’ and crying like babies. Here’s a tip: vote for the people who support your right to collective bargaining, aka the Democrats!

  50. Timothy Sagges says:

    WTF did you Republican ass hats think was gonna happen?

  51. Liz Lemmon says:

    The decimation of unions has been a methodical encroachment by Republican lead states since Reagan. Walker in Wisconsin, Brownback in Kansas, Snyder in Michigan, Pence’s predecessor in Indiana. When you coalesce you have power, and you having power is not on the Republican agenda.

  52. John says:

    All i see are alot of comments from a very bitter left that are a bunch of poor losers. You promote taxing the butt off of everyone who work hard for a living to pay for endowments to the poor to keep them in their place and voting democratic every year.

  53. John IOWAN FOR LIFE!! says:

    All i see are alot of comments from a very bitter left that are a bunch of poor losers. You promote taxing the butt off of everyone who work hard for a living to pay for endowments to the poor to keep them in their place and voting democratic every year.

  54. The Bleepin Liberal says:

    Why bless your hearts, what did you expect? That it was just gonna be those “libtards” gonna get screwed? CORPORATE/Republicans don’t give a rat’s butt about anything, but their big $$$$$$ CORPORATE donors. They are NOT your Granny’s Eisenhower Republican. They are owned by CORPORATIONS. Corporations have no political party. All they care about is profit. And they use the weakest political party to do their bidding. And how they get more money, is by deregulating themselves, and regulating you. Even if it means killing you, your family and your planet. If Republicans don’t start realizing it is the CORPORATIONS that own their party, then they are doomed … like the rest of us.

  55. Mark Rosen says:

    Anyone that voted for Donald Trump deserves to get screwed. Trump voters were okay with him screwing Muslims, Mexicans, Immigrants, Women, the Poor, and the LGBT movement. It’s called Karma Baby.

  56. Steve says:

    A little late to play the surprised virgin role.

  57. Zoki says:

    If you voted republican hope you get evrithing you deserve

  58. Donna says:

    The GOP has one goal to privatize everything and slowly break the unions so they can accomplish it. They are slowly working to have no govt jobs except theirs. They will replace these jobs with near minimum wage hired by private companies who will pay near minimum wage so there will be enormous turn over and the result will be less govt and the elderly, poor, and children will fall by the wayside. Check out private jails and big business has to search for inmates to keep them full. Private companies doing govt work and paying minimum wage and often nothing for court appearances. Of course it is illegal but there is no one to protect the workers without unions. Next to be made private,public schools, post offices, prisons, colleges, universities, and anything govt except their jobs. This is the GOP govt so small it will fit in the bathtub and they can pull the plug. Notice the GOP attack on minimum wage set for next week. Johnson, and three other counties in IA set their own minimum wage. Johnson county went up to $10.10 Jan 1, 2017. The GOP does not like local control and will pass a law saying the counties are to lose this authority and watch what the new minimum wage is they set-nothing or from $7.25 to $7.75. The GOP is now ruled by the big corporations who they just gave huge tax breaks and rebates to in 2014. Some one has to pay for it.

    1. Kate Cassidy says:

      Agree 100% with your comment. My father and grandfather fought to establish and charter a Nevada union. I was carried in picket lines before I could walk.
      Reagan set the fuse to destroy unions when he fired the Air Traffic Controllers who struck and locked them out. When the AFLCIO did not call a national strike, unions were gelded.
      When N.A.P.O. declared their 250,000 strong membership for this Nazi, it sent a chilling message to common, ordinary, peacekeeping people that this nation has swung to an ultra-right, extremist position and there was no one left to protect us, to stand for justice for all the people, to keep us safe against the oligarchy that is destroying our democracy.
      Thank you for your courage to try and explain it.

    2. WeAreAllDoomed says:

      We shouldn’t need ANY unions… we are supposed to have LABOR LAWS and CORPORATE REGULATIONS… and the police are supposed to uphold those laws and protect the worker’s rights when employers take advantage of workers!!!! But nowadays the police are all ‘on the take’ with their illegal highway robbery tactics of ‘civil forfeiture’… and murdering blacks and the homeless in cold blood with no consequences. They deserve to loose the protection of their corrupt unions and their union lawyers who get these thieves and murderers off with a slap on the wrist.

  59. Brian says:

    No sympathy whatsoever. You vote for Republicans, this is what you get. We liberals have tried over and over and over again to pound this into your heads, and you refuse to listen. So fuck you. You got what you voted for.

    Maybe you’ll listen to us dirty hippies next time. But I’m not holding my breath.

  60. Pragmatic One says:

    If you are Republican and voted for them well then you broke it you bought it you own it

  61. Paul says:

    What did you think would happen? Ed McMahon showing up on your door step? Think beyond the edge of your nose. Dough head.

  62. rosesmama says:

    Police and Fire need to let the GOP know that, not only are the mistrustful of, but also they will no longer vote for a party that strips unions of their protections.

  63. Keith says:

    “we voted for Republicans because of conservative values”

    So you vote for conservative values then are taken aback when they start to enact them. Flawless logic!

  64. Leckey says:

    I guess you get what you voted for. Pay attention to what they’ve been doing for the last, oh, 30 years? It’s your turn now.

  65. Keith Augusto says:

    YES YOU DID—Answer to the title of the article. REPUBLICANS ALWAYS LIE CHEAT AND STEAL. Where do you think all the Wars came from….GREED SELFISHNESS N HATE!!! Refer to first sentence. LIE CHEAT N STEAL—For the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!!!

  66. John Forman says:

    “Conservative values” literally include union-busting.

    ‘Cause it’s all fun and games and bashing fa**ots/n*gg*rs/w*tbacks/g**ks until they start messing with your paychecks. Well, guess what? Karma time.

  67. Johann Kaspar says:

    “And we voted for Republicans because of conservative values. But we didn’t vote for Republicans to get stabbed in the back while we’re trying to dodge cars and bullets”

    Yes, you did. Yes you did. You didn’t vote on Reps because of their “values”. You voted on them because you’re a class of morons that see a flag, apple pie and guns and feels just about ready to pop. You voted for them because you bought into the narrative of “the family and tradition” line. Well, at least half of that is true. Destruction of worker’s right, with the exception of their lackeys, is one of the longest held traditions of the Republicans. You got what you voted for. I hope you’re happy. I, for one, sure am to see the fucks that consistently voted because of their deeply held stupid beliefs finally get bite them in the ass.

  68. AC Mason says:

    During Trumps entire campaign, he was caught time after time lying to the American people. Why would you vote for someone who lies, thinking that he is not lying to you?

  69. MARTIN says:


  70. Ethel says:

    What is starting to happen in the USA does it not remind you of another time, in another part of the world???

  71. Lorn says:

    I can only wish the worst for all these. They voted republican looking forward to expanded powers and funding, the rest of the working class be damned. They are class traitors who don’t give a damn about anyone other than themselves. They are, in this respect, ideal republican voters. Greedy, self-centered, authoritarians. Who knew that unions would vote so strongly for the party that hates unions. Make no mistake: these cops think they are better than you and that they deserve more than you. They are happy to see you all fall into poverty – it’s good for their business (fee collection and loading prisons).

  72. Darcy says:

    You all really screwed the pooch on that one, didn’t you? What was that? You thought you were getting a blank check to act with impunity under the color of law? Sorry, no. Union reps won’t be there, anymore, to bail you out of criminal charges every time you’re afraid and accidentally kill unarmed people. I guess you’ll have to pay for voting for the Trump team, hmm? You get EXACTLY what you deserve.

  73. Don says:

    You didn’t get stabbed in the back. You got stabbed in the front, but somehow you were looking the other way. The term “conservative values” seems to be an appealing label, but it covers a lot of mean (and dangerous) things.

  74. Pam Smithline says:

    After 30 years, When will American workers figure out they are being used by Republicans? Those “conservative values” are just dog whistles to get you to vote for them. They don’t care about you, your health, your environment, your rights… or even basic American democratic values. It is a farce and you are the fools.

  75. Tacos says:

    I don’t know about this whole thing with workers rights and paying civil service folks. Sounds pretty socialist. Can’t have that nonsense.m

  76. Richard says:

    IF you don’t know that republicans absolutely hate unions, will abolish them where they can, or hamstring them where they can’t…I gotta wonder if you should even be in the “safety” ‘bidness’

  77. Pap says:

    Iowa farmers are next. Mexico working to buy their corn from South America. Trump has messed that situation up so badly, crops will rot in the field in Ca and Arz. too.

  78. Kieran Gregory says:

    anyone who voted for trump deserves what they get. wait until the bubble burst and the economy collapses. it will get really interesting then! By the way, ANOTHER trump cabinet member resigned due to his ties to Russia… trump sold us out, and you helped him.

  79. Rusty McRusty says:

    Republicons make the common slug seem intelligent.

  80. thomastidewater says:

    You coppers got conned into voting for a billionaire who appoints other billionaires to “fix the system” that made them all billionaires. You’re supposed to be able to recognize a con man when you see one. Enjoy your non-union, minimum wage, forced overtime with no overtime pay, no benefits, no retirement, no pension, no insurance, no 401k futures. You’ve certainly earned them!

  81. Susan says:

    To quote Noam Chomsky: “With all its flaws, the government is, to some extent, under popular influence and control, unlike the corporate sector. It is highly advantageous for the business world to foster hatred for pointy-headed government bureaucrats and to drive out of people’s minds the subversive idea that the government might become an instrument of popular will, a government of, by and for the people.”

    Instead of using government as a tool to help all Americans, too many buy into the rhetoric that government is ‘out to get them’ when in fact, just the opposite would be true if people were more invested in seeing it work. It was government that gave us the CCC and the WPA to lift people out of the effects of the Great Depression. It was government that gave us the right to have collective bargaining, for the benefit of the working man (and woman). Voting Republican these days is definitely voting against your own interests and for corporations. The only interest they have is increasing their wealth and destroying all of the good things we have because of government.
    Time to examine your conscience before the next elections.

  82. Thrown says:

    Kansas went for cut taxes on the rich BS and their economy is in the toilet, Wisconsin screwed the pooch. In California we have a super majority of dems in both state houses and a dem governor. Taxes are a little higher but we get a lot for it. Live better, don’t vote for republicans especially you make under 250K a year which is probably 98% of us.

  83. Mel says:

    You voted to stab SOMEONE in the back. You just didn’t think it would be you.

  84. Jay V says:

    This is too funny! Trump DID call Iowa people stupid.

  85. Angela Bodangela says:

    I was annoyed by, “…there’s more jailers and clerks…” haha!
    There is more, or there are more? Hmmm…

  86. Ruben Montanez says:

    Policemen, firefighters, trumponians, republicans in general, KARMA is a bitch, then you die!

  87. Apollinair says:

    Must agree with most of the comments. You were warned that Trump was a con artist and those that supported him amoral. Now you are shocked?

  88. Starr says:

    When will Iowans wake up!!! Branstad sold us out to big oil, so now our major source of commerce is threatened, why did you think the other Republicans wouldn’t follow suit and strip everything away little by little?! They have been working towards this all along.

  89. Craig Chadwick says:

    What did you expect from Republicans? They are all for their right to screw workers.

  90. Lyn Judd says:

    45 wants to privatize everything and get rid of regulations. Union contracts are “regulating”, why are you surprised? Imagine what your new boss is going to do with your contracts when you’re privatized. Look at how he treated the people he did business with… he renegotiated their contracts and told him he’d pay a fraction of the original contract, even after the work was completed. He has shown us who he is many times, so believe him. He’s a liar and only out for himself.

  91. nodummy says:

    45 wants to privatize everything and get rid of regulations. Union contracts are “regulating”, why are you surprised? Imagine what your new boss is going to do with your contracts when you’re privatized. Look at how he treated the people he did business with… he renegotiated their contracts and told him he’d pay a fraction of the original contract, even after the work was completed. He has shown us who he is many times, so believe him. He’s a liar and only out for himself.

  92. A. E. Moss-Fritch says:

    Unions keep ALL workers safe because they accept and work as a UNIT. The moment you let management “divide” you…it is step one in stripping ALL of you of your rights. Please remember that the “values” you just voted in…did NOT value you. In the next election perhaps you can make a choice to actually support the party which HAS ALWAYS supported ALL the UNIONS and their members.

  93. Dan says:

    Seriously??? You couldn’t see this coming? Quoting Gomer Pyle: “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

  94. Lori Galardi says:

    So, you voted Republican so you could screw OTHERS in the back. But you, like other conservatives only care about something when it directly affects you. Congrats. You deserve this mountain of shit you’ve created.

  95. Terry Moore says:

    Doing the right thing always hurts. You Dem’s,have no conscience or concern for others, just your crappy locked in workers and pensions to drain tax payers. Government entities shouls not be unionized.

  96. Joan says:

    This blows my mind. Exactly which conservative value? A balanced budget? An economy that is creating jobs? Health care? Hello? What happened the last time with w? Dems got you out of the mess and you still blame us. You want 2nd amendment rights? How the hell does letting crazy people have guns keep you safe? WTF?

  97. Ivette Sanabria says:

    Nope. You were stabbed in the front and with your eyes open. Like no one knew this was going to happen. Too late to cry now.

  98. Lt. Whitwash says:

    No. Never is a cop out answer.

  99. Brian says:

    I’m sorry but if you didn’t see this coming that’s sad. Vote for your check. It was well known this is what the Republicans wanted to do. GOOD LUCK, Keep fighting the fight and remember this come election time.

  100. Karla Golay says:

    LoL…your getting what you voted for, what’s your complaint ?….your getting the political intent of the one you voted for. You want this candidate to do this against collective bargaining and that’s what you voted for. Your getting what you got coming because you thought the laws apply to those people you hate and not yourselves too…because most of you are white men, business insiders, privilege characters…well, your elected official is trying to nail you and screw you ALL like they do everybody else. You have to smart enough to see it…or you’ll keep getting what your getting…I don’t feel sorry for any of you in NW Iowa (sure glad I don’t live there, another area where I will do no $ business with)…best wishes dodging all them cars and bullets…keep voting your values and keep getting this crap and I will be pleased to learn your getting what you voted for….congratulations !

  101. Karla Golay says:

    you got what you voted for….you have no complaint.

  102. flexdoc says:

    No, actually, you totally did.

  103. Lee Anne Leland says:

    Anyone who votes Republican and expects them to respect any union, esp a public one, has not been paying attention ton what has been happening all across this nation. Unions out and at will, aka right to work, in. Only the worker has no rights and can be fired for no reason at all.

  104. Conrruption says:

    Thanks for your service.
    These people should be following trends in politics more than anything else. Their jobs depend on it. Historically voting Republican is certainly not on their side. You screwed everyone over and yourselves. It will be cuts, cuts and more cuts. Meaning that what you need will fall by the wayside. Also meaning that what people need to stay protected is screwed.
    Thanks again!

  105. Jamie says:

    Sounds like a bunch of snowflakes and cry babies. You voted republican, now deal with the consequences.

    Oh and next time, don’t be so stupid at the polls.

  106. Bryan says:

    This Anti-Collective bargaining agenda began with Ronald Reagan. It has been part of the national party platform cloaked in fancy economist terms. If you are still voted GOP for this long since RR, you haven’t paid attention to their plans for your family while they scratched you behind the ears saying “party of family values”.

  107. Scott Carlyle says:

    You didn’t get stabbed in the back. You got stabbed in the front. They showed you the knife & described how they would stab you.

  108. Ken says:

    How can cops and firefighters be conservatives?? Haven’t they realized before now, that conservatives screw THEM over every chance they get?? If you wanna vote for a philosophy that screws you over, ya get no sympathy from me. Idiots. YOU voted FOR this. You knew what they wanted to do before ya voted for them.

  109. bme says:

    You voted republican so you could continue break the law like common thugs and not be held accountable. You voted republican so you could continue to murder unarmed citizens, so you could steal people’s money and property and so you could continue your military war fantasies with the federal government’s support.
    Republicans allow you to be criminal murderous cowards with a wink and a smile.
    SO this is what you get. stop crying.

  110. Mark P. Kessinger says:

    “We didn’t vote Republican to get stabbed in the back.”

    Maybe not, but you sure were happy enough to vote Republican when you thought it was just other unions that would get “stabbed in the back.” Are we now supposed to feel sorry for these cops?

  111. Jim says:

    Someone explain why cops need a union? If the government doesn’t pay you a fair wage, then who will?

  112. Roger Lorenzen says:

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  113. Desertphile says:

    Yeah, you voted Republican to stab everyone else but you in the back. Hint: fascists turn on their supporters once they get political power. Did you *REALLY* believe only your victims would be persecuted and oppressed once you put fascists in control?

  114. Patrick says:

    The republican party has long had the desire to gut unions and eliminate any protections that they provide. If you, as a unionized employee, were dumb enough to think that voting republican would somehow provide you some protection you are deluded. You sold your vote for what? Because you think HRC was the “greater of two evils” of because the republican party somehow had “your” interests at heart? Sorry about your luck. You made your bed, lie in it. At this point you deserve what you get. Sound harsh? Tell that to the person who was brought here 35 years ago as an infant and is now facing deportation. If you can’t comprehend the “law of unintended consequences” then too bad. You should have done your homework before you sold yourself out.

  115. E. Dupree says:

    Anytime you vote Red,
    Or Republican, you’re
    Screwing You self.
    Start Changing it back in 2018, 2020, and 2022
    By voting all BLUE.

  116. Mavis says:

    You were given a heads up when Trump said Iowans were stupid and Bransted didn’t defend you. Now he has his dream job and you are screwed! I am afraid collective bargaining is the least of our worries.

  117. susan says:

    I really could not understand why the republicans could not see what they were voting for. My mom always said “tell me who you hang with, Ill tell you what you are. It was very clear, what was going to happen. I am sorry we all have to be punished for your mistake. you can start a protest!

  118. Well they’re not known for being the smartest bunch.

  119. Fred says:

    The never ending stupidity of the Republican voter is a never ending source of wonder and pity.

  120. Karl Johanson says:

    In other news, people who stuck their hand in a fire are angry that the fire burned them.

  121. Jeff says:

    “We didn’t vote Republican to get stabbed in the back.”
    Then you’re all idiots who deserve EXACTLY what you get. Let’s all point at them and laugh. I hope you nimrods lose every last benefit you have and you and your families starve in the streets, because you’ll get no sympathy from us. You didn’t just make your bed, you took a big steaming dump in it. Now lie there and enjoy it.

  122. Nura Bušnaq says:

    I am getting sick of Republican ‘buyer’s remorse’.
    You all picked yerrible candidates and believed almost 40 years of propaganda and NOW you are crying about being screwed? The WHOLE country got screwed.
    I don’t feel sorry for anyone who voted stupid.
    We may all wind up living in tents because of this election and you caused it.

  123. Jason Turner says:

    You guys need a cue card to remember to breathe. Freaking RAINMAN could have seen this coming from a mile away.

  124. Steve D says:

    This is the tactic Walker pulled in Wisconsin. The sad irony is that if any unions are corrupt and need to be broken, it’s police unions.

  125. Steve D says:

    This is the tactic Walker pulled in Wisconsin. The sad irony is that if any unions are corrupt and need to be broken, it’s police unions.

  126. jeremy says:

    “I never thought the leapords would eat MY face,” sobbed local man who voted for the leapords-eating-faces party.

  127. Fred Lloyd says:

    The GOP is about makinggood business better and earning a decent profit. It doesn’t make sense to let unions ruin everything by being selfish and always asking for more expensive pay and stupid rules that get in the way of running things good. Good conservatives know that being patriotic is sitting down, shutting up, and doing what the gov’t says, as long as they’re not GD democrats!

  128. Patsy says:

    You should have been paying attention. It’s been going on all around you. What made you think you’d be treated differently?

  129. Alan Cook says:

    When I was in 8th grade in Southern California, my home room teacher was freshly from Iowa. She was great. Th school used “the Iowa test” because it was the best available. I am a native Californian, and in my lifetime so many Iowans came to California, that there were more of them here than in Iowa. Apparently, they were also the smartest Iowans because they value education.

  130. If you are a Union Member and voted for Trump you really deserve what you get.

  131. Kurt Lipschutz says:

    Didn’t they understand that union-busting *is* a core conservative value in the current political environment?

  132. Rick says:

    You are union members and you vote for Republicans? You are voting against your own self interests! Don’t you get it? Wise up!

  133. David Zielinski says:

    Well, that’s exactly what you did, by definition. All you had to do was LOOK at their record! Forget what they say….look at what they do! They give it a name like “right to work” and you people think its a good thing. Pay god damn attention! Got another one for you…. “access to health care”. We have ALWAYS had access. Just like we have access to yachts, mansions and privet airplanes. We screamed and yelled at you to pay attention. Too damn busy blaming poor people and immigrants when they scream “look over there” . NO, look right here!

  134. DW says:

    Who’s the “tards” now?

  135. Jim says:

    What did you REALLY expect to happen, when you voted Republican?? The GOP loathes unions. People, stop voting against your own interests! Geez!!

  136. Dane says:

    Elections have consequences. Stop voting against yourselves. Pay attention. Wisconsin, Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri,… Same playbook.

  137. Jesse says:

    Yeah, actually, you totally did vote to get stabbed in the back. If you’re just realizing that now, it’s not our problem.

  138. vonnie says:

    You just hang tight,together. Solidarity is the only way to beat “the man”. The 1% are out for the 1%….against the rest of us.

  139. johnhenry says:

    Well, I thought I was going to find lots of comments backing the Republicans, Donald the Clown and all his little butt nuggets. Refreshing to see NOT ONE comment sticking with the Right, er wrong…

  140. Jake says:

    Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I will see you down here

  141. Terri says:

    Sow the wind,reap the whirlwind.

  142. Joe says:

    If the labor unions are the bet thing since sliced bread, why are our Teachers, Firemen and Poluve officers some of the lowest paid professions? What are the unions actually doing to help you? Obviously, i am a non union worker and dont understand the inner workings of the Union and its benefit for the average worker

  143. Lena says:

    You voted for hate against everyone except white men. But you failed to realize you weren’t part if the one percent so you get the same hate the rest of us get. No empathy here.

  144. michael demeule says:

    After they come after me they will always come after you.

  145. mike coleman says:

    Screw all of the cops that voted GOP. I hope they starve because that is exactly what they wanted for everyone else with their vote.

  146. Nancy says:

    What a shock: you vote against your own interests and you don’t like how it turns out. Maybe try listening to what the R’s are saying ALL THE TIME and realize they want to take away everything you have and give it to their rich friends – and you are never going to be one of their rich friends. Their whole platform is about screwing the little guy in favor of the big one. Tax breaks to the rich – where do you think that comes from? It is paid for by lowering YOUR salary and taking away your right to object.

  147. Hillary says:

    The Republican party is basically 3 agenda’s rolled in one, stop abortions, give guns to all and give money to cooperations by lowering their taxes.
    The Democratic party is for the people, for the unions for having insurance for all.
    IF by now you have not realized the 2 goals are different and where they are different, you just got your wake up call

  148. Centrist American says:

    “we didn’t vote republican to get stabbed in the back”

    Yes you did, you were just too stupid to notice beforehand.

  149. Kate Cassidy says:

    Did you think that a man who CHEATS his employees and the contractors he does business with is going to treat YOU differently?
    Did you think a man who doesn’t pay his taxes is going to help you with yours?
    Did you think that only non-whites were going to “be held accountable” ?
    Did you think that his tough talk about calling in the militia was to support you?
    Did you think that yours would be the only protected religion?
    Did you think that uniting behind his disrespect and sexual predation of women was going to make you one of his fellas?
    Did you think that that Thin Blue Line and Solidarity mean ANYthing to him?
    Tell me. Did you think a wall or more guns were going to solve all your problems?
    You betrayed yourselves — and took down all the rest of us right along with you.

  150. Timothy says:

    Waaaa waaaa… Filthy bad guy didn’t play fair!

  151. susan says:

    hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! you stupid idiots, voting for trump you are going to get what you deserve!!! MORONS

  152. Sjw says:

    This happened in WI a few years ago, it was all over the news when Scott Walker started this. At that time, it was known this is what the republicans and the Koch brothers wanted. You didn’t think it would happen to you? Guess you should have paid attention. It’s bad, but you get what you vote for. Unfortunately, you did this to people that don’t deserve it, the people that paid attention and have real values. Congrats!

  153. Meg says:

    how many of you are in,political groups?

    Democrats fight for the underserved and the under nourished, and the undereducated, as well as the bullied. You are going to say they deserved it? Look at the educational breadth of the Dems and GOP. Put the intelligence to use for all Americans as A COLLECTIVE. The movement is to realign and get rid of, let me choke this out, 45, not berate. Get to work.

  154. Brandon says:

    o m g
    It’s gonna be a looooong learning curve ….

  155. David says:

    You know how you tell a criminal “break the law and you will do time”? This is like that. We told you who Trump and his friends were. We showed you. We highlighted the terrible traits of instability that you all found entertaining. We begged you to do the same vetting into Trump that you are are demanding from the most desperate among humanity. We showed you his frauds, even introduced you to the victims. You all claimed that a man who bragged about humiliating women would be your Law and Order president. Well. You got what you voted for and now you have to do the time.

  156. D Goddard says:

    “We didn’t vote for Republicans to get stabbed in the back.” Yes you did. You most certainly did. That’s what Republucans do to working people, no matter what they tell you

  157. Dinah says:

    BWHAHAAHAHAHA Republicans are union busters you dumb _____. The MAN is telling YOU how it’s going to be………..Kiss your pensions and safety out the door. You voted for Republican, you get what you deserve. Soon, enjoy your “right to work” wages.

  158. Wilk says:

    Have a couple of millions in the bank for next election republican party donation and you are going to see miracles coming your way.

  159. Minnesota Mike says:


  160. Rob Mis says:

    Oh they were stabbed, allright, but not in the back. Republicans have been wielding that knife right in front of their eyes. When have Republicans shown anything other than hostility to unions?

  161. Ben Martinez says:

    So people who voted for the “Leopards-Will-Eat-Your-Face Party” are now crying “I never dreamed a leopard would eat MY face!”

  162. Ben Martinez says:

    So the people who voted for the “Leopards-Will-Eat-Your-Face” party are now crying “I never dreamed a leopard would eat MY face!”

  163. Bobbi says:

    hmm! Oh well screwed yourself and everyone else by voting republican!

  164. Lee says:

    When you keep voting for a party that has demonstrated, over and over and over again, that it doesn’t give a rat’s behind about you, what do you expect?? What is it that you love about them? I suspect that LBJ was right, at the heart of it: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” Everything the GOP stands for is meant to break the middle and working classes, so this is all that’s left to explain their loyalty.

  165. Jonathan Ellis says:

    Many voted Republican because they bought the big con. All those who now see this are welcome to join those of us who have been in the streets demonstrating on your behalf. Don’t stop us. Don’t fight us. Join us.

  166. Rich says:

    When are people going to understand that “conservative values” are not compatible with the the rights of workers? Conservatives represent businesses interests, first and foremost so they will always be opposed to anything that benefits workers. That’s the way its always been. That’s why people who vote conservative because of some wedge issue like abortion miss the large point. On the larger bread and butter issues, the ones that matter (education, environment, employment), unless you earn a six figure income or greater, you are voting against your own interests.

  167. Anne Albrecht says:

    You all have the investigative resources to know what was done in Wisconsin, the just nailed cops and firefighters later. This Alec led Republican party is out to get the middle class and the poor. Ems personnel are the working middle class. Vote these jerks out.

  168. C. Felix Reardon says:


  169. Marilyn Kinnier says:

    It will only be a matter of time before many citizens who voted GOP will feel betrayed. With the cabinet full of Billionaires, some of whom have questionable histories of elitism with little regard for “the little guy” (not a disparaging title) and no understanding or grasp on issues of the common man, I am stealing myself for the tragedy that is to come. I think that our country is in for a rude awakening given the anticipaed Conservative agenda that gives Middle America “short shrift”.

  170. Terri says:

    Unfortunately this is what happens when you vote Republican instead of Democratics they have stand up for unions! I really hope all will remember that the next election! Just take a look at what the Republicans are doing with the rotten bills they are

  171. Eric says:

    You voted Republican for “Family Values?” What does that even mean? You either have values or don’t, it’s not up to a political party. Get real, people. Republicans are NEVER for the worker or unions, since the industrial revolution. AAARGH! DUMB!! Read a damn History book.

    1. kevin carter says:

      Yep. My deceased father-in-law raised 13 kids with a stay at home mom on an Ironworker’s union salary. The kids all went to Catholic schools. Isn’t THAT what those “family values” hypocrites want?

      Now? It’s “screw you – I got mine”. Sad.

  172. George laz says:

    Get out your ticket book. Every time you see one of the politicians or their family member driving start writing

  173. MsJLG says:

    “It’s important to stand together. Because what you may give us or let us stay in…two years from now we may be out.”
    Is what we warned you about regarding religion, race, gender,…
    You only thought it was about ‘them’, now you’re beginning to realize it’s about ALL of the 99%

  174. Diane says:

    You can’t pick up a dangerous animal, and still claim you didn’t expect to get bitten…..

  175. kevin carter says:

    Native Hawkeye here who shakes his head in shame at what has become of my home state. Thought we were smarter than this, but I see not. ANY union worker who votes Republican should be kicked OUT of that union, so those who understand the benefits of union employment can replace them. But it’s not just Iowa, sadly, it’s here in IL, too.

    These “surprised” union workers should have been paying attention to Walker in WI with his “divide and conquer” strategy – hell, he got caught on tape ADMITTING it.

  176. Sid Tindle says:

    Let’s face it folks the truth of it is if your a worker for some one or by the hour you had better vote for Democrats. If your well off or a corporation you should vote for republicans they only want more profit and don’t care how they get it…..

  177. Linda Abraham says:

    Well, yes, that’s exactly what you voted for; thanks for nothing, morons. If you were dumb enough to believe the horseshit that you have been feeding on ever since Fox and Rush got started, you deserve what you get. Right now we could be sleeping safe in our beds, except for the likes of you numbskulls.

  178. Mac says:

    Have to be careful what you VOTE for you might just get it.

  179. Tiredof Crybabies says:

    Democrats have ALWAYS voted to protect employee safety, civil rights & unions. YOU voted Republican just as the farmers who are afraid that they can’t sell overseas & worried that immigrants won’t pick their fields. YOU turned your backs on Democrats and got stabbed in the front by Republicans. You reap what you sow. Or, are you just “alternative facts and Fake News?”

  180. craig ross says:

    Morons always vote against their own interests. Time to live with consequences

  181. Rik Elswit says:

    He said he was going to do this. His disdain for unions was right up front. Remind again me why you voted for him.

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