Iowa’s Message On Immigrants Is Literally At Kim Reynolds’ Feet

There’s probably no better proof of Iowa’s long historical commitment to Iowa’s immigrant population than the welcoming pamphlet buried in the cornerstone of the Iowa State Capitol. On November 23, 1871, the cornerstone of the present Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines was dedicated. There were 40 sacred items placed in that cornerstone as a reminder to future generations of their significance to the founding of the nation and the state of Iowa. Here are some of the items deposited in the Capitol time capsule: The United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, President Washington’s farewell address, President Lincoln’s Emancipation proclamation, […]

Senator Brad Zaun Is Bringing The Trump Tax Scam To Iowa

Governor Kim Reynolds and the Republican-controlled Legislature already face a major state budget crisis with declining revenue forecasts. Their current budget drastically fails to meet the essential funding for Iowans’ education needs, mental health demands, water cleanup and much more. Reynolds must first repay the money she borrowed from this year’s budget to balance last year’s budget. In addition, the current forecasts predict more cuts will be inevitable for this year as well. Proposing cuts to state tax revenue at this time would be committing fiscal suicide. Yet that’s the proposal Senator Brad Zaun (R-Urbandale) proposed for the new year. […]

While Dems Push Public Option, Kim Reynolds Paralyzed On Privatized Medicaid

Governor Kim Reynolds stubbornly refuses to act as her Medicaid privatization is spiraling into a total meltdown. She seems paralyzed, unwilling or unable to take action to solve this looming healthcare emergency. Even the Republicans in the Legislature are now admitting that privatization is in crisis. The legislative oversight committee met recently and Republicans joined Democrats in raising questions about the mismanagement of privatization. The Des Moines Register in an editorial yesterday was extremely blunt in warning both Republican legislators and Governor Reynolds that they will likely be held accountable in 2018 for their health care disaster. “Since Reynolds is […]

A Holiday Test For Your Trump-Loving Uncle Bob

In his first year as President, Trump has come under criticism for his outrageous tweets, insults, serial lying and flip flopping on issues. While Trump’s popularity numbers have declined, he has maintained a solid minority that are unwavering in their support. What would it take to convince these hardcore Trump loyalists that he is a “broken promise” failed President ? Suppose Trump’s supporters were forced to evaluate President Trump’s presidential performance based on the criticisms he used to belittle Obama’s performance. Using those same measures, how might his followers react if Trump’s performance was considerably worse than Obamas? How could […]

It’s Not Just King: Anti-Immigrant Feelings Run Deep In Iowa GOP

Many wonder how Iowa Republicans can tolerate Congressman Steve King’s racist anti-immigrant rants. While most of the GOP doesn’t mimic King and many meekly claim they don’t agree with him, they fail to condemn or distance themselves. Iowa Republicans understand that appearing unyielding on immigration plays well to many in their party. Both Governor Reynolds’ appointment of King as her campaign co-chair and the Iowa Senate Republicans’ sanctuary bill are implicit acceptance of anti-immigrant policies. While they may not join King in his embrace of the nationalist alt-right, they will willingly play the anti-immigrant card as electoral insurance when necessary. […]

David Young, Rod Blum And Steve King Cave To Gun Lobby

How can these men sleep at night? Iowa’s Republican congressmen voted last week to expand the ability of unfit and unqualified people to legally carry guns freely across state lines. The gun bill they voted to be the national law of the land will legally force the opening of state borders to untrained, untested and unknown gun-toting travelers. Thursday, December 14th marked the 5th anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre. The 20 first graders, six and seven-year-old angels, were savagely mowed down by a young man that was mentally disturbed. That killer should never have had access to […]

Iowa GOP Water Bill Is Just A Drop In The Bucket

The good news is that Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa Republican legislators are finally waking up to Iowa’s contaminated water emergency. The bad news is their solution is too little and too late. The environmental alarm has been ringing for years but they plugged their ears and refused to act. While they loitered, Iowa’s number of impaired water bodies grew to over 750. While they stalled, Iowa’s beaches were closed due to dangerous bacterial levels. While they made excuses, Iowa has seen the number of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) multiply and spread like the plague across Iowa without adequate […]

“Trial Of The Century” – Children’s Climate Change Lawsuit Vs. Trump

The Trump Administration is desperately trying to prevent a climate change trial scheduled for February 2018. His administration is getting sued by Our Children’s Trust and the group Earth Guardians. This climate change lawsuit has the potential to expose Trump and his EPA Director, Scott Pruitt as climate change denying frauds. It will pit Trump, Pruitt and their climate change denying hucksters vs. the world’s scientific community. This climate change trial could rival the infamous 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial. Just as the Scopes trial was a battle over the science of evolution, the climate change trial will be the battle […]

The GOP Tax Plan Is Coming To Iowa Next

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist set the tax goal for Republicans, when he made this memorable quote. “I just want to shrink government down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.” The Iowa Republican Party is lining up their allies, including the Koch Brothers, to push an Iowa tax scam that potentially can do just that. Koch Brothers have spent $10 million promoting the federal Republican tax cut bill. The House and Senate both passed separate versions and now it must go to conference for completion. Following the successful passage of the two versions […]

Reynolds Using An Auto Rating Company To Sell Iowans A Medicaid Lemon

In a desperate search for any good news about her Medicaid privatization debacle, Governor Kim Reynolds is depending on a flawed Medicaid survey done by J. D. Power. Best known as a car rating company, Reynolds is holding up the J. D. Power survey to justify the mismanagement of her health care crisis. She claimed in an August press release that Iowa Medicaid patients’ satisfaction level ranks second highest in the nation based on the J. D. Power survey. It’s very clear J.D. Power’s online survey of a few Iowa Medicaid enrollees wouldn’t pass any credible test of reliability. The […]