Open Letter To County Chairs: Stay Neutral In The Caucus

A guest post from Jeremy Dumkrieger, chair of the Woodbury County Democrats Dear Democratic Party Chairs of Iowa, A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate to attend a round table meeting with Beto O’Rourke. Afterward, my inner caucus nerd came out and asked if he would sign my “Beto for Senate” button; he did so graciously. I put it on my lapel to keep it safe and headed upstairs to join the rally. On the way, I bumped into a good Democrat who saw the button and expressed shock saying, “You’re sure as hell not endorsing…?”  I explained my […]

Dear Senators Ersnt And Grassley: My Family’s Cancer Story

Dear Senator Ernst and Grassley, I’ve never had cancer, but I have deeply loved someone with cancer and it is terror.  The ability to work, to play, to function – all stops.  There are brief moments of me pretending she isn’t sick and that everything will be fine, but cancer is never more than an arm’s length away.  There are attempts to make her smile, although I know it probably won’t work because cancer is more than terror to her; it is her life.  Sleep becomes a drug, a way to forget as often as possible, but there is never […]