Jeff Shipley Laments That Student Charged With Murdering Fairfield Teacher Didn’t Get A Voucher

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Rep. Jeff Shipley connected the murder of a Fairfield teacher to a student charged in her killing being denied a voucher to leave the public school over his family’s disagreement over masking policy.

During floor remarks, Shipley cited an April 21, 2021, Fairfield School Board meeting in which a parent of one of the two students accused of killing high school Spanish teacher Nohema Graber asked the school board to provide his family a voucher.

According to the district’s archives, the only April meetings the school board held in 2021 were on April 12, 19, and 26. However, Dean Goodale is listed in the minutes of the April 12 meeting as speaking out on the district’s mask mandate. His son, Jeremy Goodale, is one of the student’s on trial for murder.

“This parent offered public comment—telling the board in no uncertain terms—the life of his 10th-grade son was, in his words, ‘seriously negatively impacted by a particular school board policy,’” Shipley said, referring to masking.

“If you go back and watch the comments, it’s basically a desperate plea for help.”

Shipley goes on to say that Dean Goodale asked the school board for a voucher or school choice to help his son.

Graber’s body was found in a Fairfield park Nov. 3, 2021, hidden under a tarp, wheelbarrow, and railroad ties, according to the Des Moines Register. She had been beaten to death with a baseball bat. Jeremy Goodale and his classmate, Willard Miller are accused of committing the crime.

“This student should be getting ready for graduation, unfortunately, he’s on trial for first-degree murder,” he said.


by Ty Rushing

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4 Comments on "Jeff Shipley Laments That Student Charged With Murdering Fairfield Teacher Didn’t Get A Voucher"

  • REALLY? How offensive.

    Shipley fails to point out that (1) there is only one private school in Jefferson County (2) that school also had a mask policy and (3) Jeremy Goodale had been a student there and was asked to leave.

    This is such an opportunistic, twisted, and frankly cruel statement by Shipley. Utter absurdity.

  • As an Iowan I would like to extend an apology to the Graber family for the depraved indifference of Rep. Jeff Shipley with his nonsensical claims on the floor yesterday. Unless wearing a mask is now going to be used as a cause for murder , there was no reason for such rhetoric. Everyone knew full well the bill would pass you are the majority. Following up all the other outlandish and nonfactual statements made by you and other representatives only leaves one question. This is the best Iowa has to offer?

  • Sickening. I won’t bother with Rep. Shipley. His constituents are tr@sh for having elected him. Maybe we should cut off Iowa all together.

  • Rep. Shipley’s comments do not reflect the views of most Iowans. They almost sound as serious grounds for his dismissal from office. One thing has absolutely nothing to do with another. The parents need to look at themselves, there are too many in the community with entitled behaviors, narcissism and cult-ties that are to be taken to task here. Rise up and make your voices heard against people whom do not represent the Laws of the Land and the welfare of all citizens to live out their natural lives. The focus isn’t Goodale – it’s NOHEMA GRABER. Say her name.

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