Miller-Meeks contorts herself on Trump and Hunter Biden convictions

Miller-Meeks contorts herself on Trump and Hunter Biden convictions

Photos, L-R: US Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (official headshot), Former President Donald Trump (Mark Peterson/Pool Photo via AP), Hunter Biden(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

By Ty Rushing

June 13, 2024

Republican Iowa congresswoman agrees with Hunter Biden’s conviction, but minutes later, she said she has “great concerns” about Donald Trump’s conviction. 

According to US Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa), the justice system works when the son of the sitting US president is found guilty of a crime, but doesn’t work when Donald Trump is convicted of crimes.

During a media scrum on Tuesday, shortly after it was announced that President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was convicted of three felony crimes for lying about his drug use when purchasing a gun in 2018, Miller-Meeks initially showed sympathy toward the Biden family.

“Anybody who has a child, I have children of my own, anybody who has children, this is devastating to them,” Miller-Meeks, who represents Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, told the Associated Press.

But that’s not all she said.

The two-term congresswoman—who will take on Democrat Christina Bohannan in this fall’s general election—went on to say she thought Hunter Biden’s initial plea bargain agreement was a “sweetheart deal” and said she supports the conviction and the criminal justice system.

“Average, ordinary people would already be in jail for these types of charges, so I think it’s reassuring to see the criminal justice system work,” Miller-Meeks said.

Her comments on Hunter Biden’s conviction varied drastically from her comments on Trump, who was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records tied to a payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about their alleged affair out of fears that it would hurt his chances of winning the 2016 election.

Literally minutes after saying, “It’s reassuring to see the criminal justice system work,” in regard to Hunter Biden, Miller-Meeks gave a rambling answer on why she thought Trump received a raw deal with his trial and even found a way to name-drop Hillary Clinton. 

“If you look at President Trump’s trial in New York and the machinations that were done to take what would be a misdemeanor, what would be a business dealing, what Hillary Clinton had done in paying for the Steele dossier under legal proceedings, that it was a trial that I think you had to bend yourself into [a] pretzel to find out that judge’s instructions to the jury that they didn’t have to have a connected, a connected charge, but that they would find the president guilty on any of the charges and that would suffice,” Miller-Meeks said.

 “I think you when you look at that, there are great concerns over the criminal justice system in that case and I think, ultimately, it will be decided at the Supreme Court,” she continued.

Hunter Biden and Trump committed crimes and were each found guilty of crimes by juries of their peers. 

Somehow, Miller-Meeks easily came to terms with the Biden verdict, but, with Trump, she twisted and contorted her words to make it sound like a grand conspiracy that a wealthy man and former president could be punished and found guilty of illegally paying off his alleged mistress.

  • Ty Rushing

    Ty Rushing is the Chief Political Correspondent for Iowa Starting Line. He is a trail-blazing veteran Iowa journalist, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, and co-founder and president of the Iowa Association of Black Journalists. Send tips or story ideas to [email protected] and find him on social media @Rushthewriter.

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