Iowa Leaders Want Congress To Support Infrastructure, Jobs Act

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A joint guest column from Iowa leaders on the looming infrastructure vote.

To the Iowa Congressional Delegation:

We write in support of the historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act under consideration in Congress. As leading voices for Iowa’s employers, economic developers, and entrepreneurs, we urge the Iowa Congressional Delegation to back this important legislation that stands to set the course for securing an economically sustainable future for generations to come through long-overdue investment in our nation’s critical infrastructure.

A key element of this legislation is its investment in updating the US energy grid and clearing the way for the renewable energy production that Iowa is already leading on and leveraging to grow our economy.

Iowa has long been a national example of how states can pursue economic growth and a responsible future through renewable energy developments regardless of political leanings. As a state, we have found common ground on renewable energy projects as they create a better future for Iowa communities through additional tax revenue, direct job creation, and continued attraction of business investment driven by our affordable and widely available locally produced clean energy. By embracing renewable energy, we have found a boost for our economies and have secured long-term investments.

This infrastructure bill is the next logical step that will not only help Iowa update its energy grid and meet its growing renewable energy needs, but it will also help bring the rest of the nation on board with renewable energy and keeping good jobs here in the U.S.

The success we’ve experienced in Iowa can be expanded to the rest of the country and boost the nation’s economy. We’ve claimed the top spot in the nation for our total share of electricity produced from renewable sources at almost 60%.

Turning to renewable energy is not just about reducing our environmental impact but also ensuring that the US stays a forward-thinking, growth-oriented nation. Investments in renewable energy projects bring job growth and diversified revenue streams straight to our local economies and reduce local government demand for property taxes from business and industry.

The infrastructure bill will accelerate clean energy development to begin sooner rather than later, coming at a time when our nation needs every economic boost it can get. The renewable energy sector investments across Iowa delivered an astonishing $21 billion into our local economies, and there is more to come.

We recognize the monumental turning point renewable energy presents as our nation builds a more promising and reliable future. We are ready to embrace the renewable energy future and continue its contributions to prosperity to Iowa.

Thank you for giving every consideration to supporting the infrastructure bill and moving Iowa’s economy and our sustainability forward.


Chaz Allen
Executive Director
Iowa Utilities Association

Robin Anderson
President & CEO
Mason City Chamber of Commerce

Rob Denson
Des Moines Area Community College

James Hoelscher
Professional Developers of Iowa

Doug Hundt
Vermeer Corporation

Drew Kamp
President & CEO
Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce

Deb Malek
United Equipment Accessories

Joe Murphy
Executive Director
Iowa Business Council

Doug Neumann
Executive Director
Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance

Valerie Newhouse
Iowa Lakes Community College

Dr. Lori Sunberg
Kirkwood Community College

Dusky Terry
ITC Midwest

Amy Van Beek
Ideal Energy



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