Miller-Meeks Votes Against Local Projects She Requested Funds For

A bill to provide billions for infrastructure projects across the country passed the House of Representatives this past week. Iowa Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks voted no.

Nonetheless, the projects Miller-Meeks requested money for will still get it.

Some of those projects include road work, bridge replacement and trail work in Iowa’s 2nd District. The cost for all of the work comes to $15 million.

Miller-Meeks submitted requests for six projects to the House Transportation Committee earlier this year. Four were approved.

Those were replacing a bridge in Clinton County, work on the Red Rock Prairie Trail, work on a road in Marion County and work on Dodge Street in Iowa City.

Similarly, Miller-Meeks voted against the American Rescue Plan, which provided direct relief funds for her district.

The only Iowan to vote for the legislation was Democratic Rep. Cindy Axne. She got six projects approved for the 3rd District.

Reps. Ashley Hinson and Randy Feenstra didn’t submit requests.

The INVEST in America Act will provide money for the nation’s water, transit, rail, roads and bridges infrastructure. It’s a five-year reauthorization for surface infrastructure projects and investment in other infrastructure.


by Nikoel Hytrek
Posted 7/4/21

1 Comment on "Miller-Meeks Votes Against Local Projects She Requested Funds For"

  • What a hypocrite this woman has been all along. Fellow Iowans, please wake up! Only the DEMOCRATIC PARTY cares about your health, increasing wealth and happiness. Enough of this false culture war business, too. We need good roads, good jobs, and good will. That defines the democrats and by the by, the man at the top, Joe Biden.

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