Josh Mandelbaum Seeks 2nd DSM City Council Term, Releases Steering Committee

Des Moines City Councilman Josh Mandelbaum will be running for reelection this fall. The environmental attorney announced this morning he’ll seek another term on the council for his Ward 3 seat, which covers the southwest quadrant of Des Moines.

In kicking off his reelection bid, Mandelbaum highlighted efforts he’s fought for on the council over the past four years on climate change, affordable housing and expanded transportation options. He also noted his work on a racial profiling bill, deescalation training for police and improvements to the city’s walkability and bikeability.

“I have focused on solving problems that will make a significant difference in people’s lives,” Mandelbaum said.​ “I’ve led on big issues such as implementing bold local solutions to climate change, but I haven’t lost sight of the small ways government can make a difference in people’s daily lives ​like providing a safe walking route to school for every student in our community.”

His campaign also released a list of 27 local endorsers, among them state legislators and community activists. Sally Pederson and Bonnie Campbell will co-chair his campaign.

Mandelbaum won his first campaign in 2017 in a high-spending contest with two other candidates. Among Mandelbaum’s steering committee today is one of those former opponents: Michael Kiernan.

The councilman has also brought on Jackson Boaz, who worked on campaigns for Cindy Axne and Jon Ossoff, to serve as his campaign manager.

Here is Mandelbaum’s list of steering committee members:

Sally Pederson (co-chair)
Bonnie Campbell (co-chair)
State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad
Johnny Alcivar
Kristyn Arnold
Lanon Baccam
Jamie Barry
Nathan Blake
John Cacciatore
State Senator Claire Celsi
Mary Chapman
Mark Cooper
Reverend Frederick Gaddy
Molly Hanson
Ryan Howell
Michael Kiernan
Polk County Supervisor Matt McCoy
Judy McCoy-Davis
Jason Norris
State Representative Jo Oldson
Kevin Patrick
Connie Ryan
Brianne Sanchez
Claudia Schabel
Richie Schmidt
Justin Schoen
Emily Shields
John Stender-Custer
Carolyn Uhlehake-Walker


by Pat Rynard
Posted 3/4/21

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