Keep The U.S. In The U.S. Postal Service

Guest post by Mark Sarcone, editor and legislative director for Des Moines’ American Postal Workers Union

I am a proud postal worker. During this coronavirus pandemic, my fellow frontline coworkers and I continue to go to work every day, even in these dangerous times, to serve the people who rely on us.

The public Postal Service receives no tax dollars, running its operations solely on postal revenue.

The coronavirus pandemic’s economic impact has resulted in a massive drop in mail volume and a 50% reduction in revenue. Without urgent funding, the Postal Service will run out of money this summer, ending our ability to deliver for you with life-saving medications, Social Security checks, packages, vital health information and other important communication, including absentee voting ballots.

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So far, Congress has provided $3 trillion in combined “stimulus” money, including $1 trillion in bailouts for private companies. Yet, bipartisan congressional efforts to provide real financial relief to your public Postal Service were shamefully stopped by this administration and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

I know the public greatly appreciates and supports the Postal Service, but don’t take my word for it. Ninety-two percent of voters, according to North Star/Hart Opinion Research believe the Postal Service should be funded through the end of this pandemic.

Please contact your congressional representatives and urge them to fight for the relief the public Postal Service needs to survive. Postal workers want to continue our mission of binding the country together and providing universal service at reasonable rates to every home and business.


By Mark Sarcone, editor and legislative director for Des Moines’ American Postal Workers Union
Posted 5/6/20

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  • And then #notmypresident dismissed the competent head of the Postal Service (she’ll be missed!) and installed one of his political hacks. I’d really like to know what he has against the USPS? (other than his vendetta against Bezos?)

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