Poll: ACA Provisions Remain Popular Among Iowans

A poll out today on the tenth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act shows the landmark health care law’s main provisions still very popular among Iowans. It’s a useful reminder to political leaders as the ACA continues to face an uncertain future with the ongoing Trump Administration-backed lawsuit to throw out the law as unconstitutional.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 1,030 Iowa voters from March 16 to 17 in a poll commissioned by the progressive organization Iowa Voices (read up on other findings in our previous story).

The ACA itself is overall seen as more favorable by Iowans than not by a ten-point margin. 48% of Iowans have a favorable impression of the act, compared to 38% with an unfavorable one.

However, like in many other national polls over the years, when you actually talk about the individual protections that the ACA provides people, the responses are even more positive.

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Here’s how many “strongly support” and “somewhat support” various aspects of the law:

Health insurance plans required to provide coverage for things like dental care, mammograms, prescription drugs: 56% strongly support, 22% somewhat support

Insurance companies can no longer deny preexisting conditions coverage: 73% strongly support, 14% somewhat support

No lifetime limits on coverage for sick patients: 65% strongly support, 15% somewhat support

Can’t charge women more for coverage for childbirth, birth control or prenatal care: 66% strongly support, 16% somewhat support

Young adults can stay on parents’ insurance until they’re 26: 62% strongly support, 19% somewhat support

Expanded Medicaid in Iowa: 42% strongly support, 21% somewhat support

Insurance companies must spend 80% of premiums on improving health care for consumers: 74% strongly support, 13% somewhat support.

About 1.3 million people in Iowa have preexisting conditions, and despite Republicans’ many efforts to repeal the bill outright, the law has survived over these ten years. This Fall, likely just before the presidential election, the Supreme Court will take up the latest court case backed by the Trump Administration that is aimed at invalidating the entire law.

Democrats are likely to make the ACA repeal a major issue for Joni Ernst, who repeatedly voted to repeal the law, in her reelection race for the U.S. Senate. Today, People for the American Way released a video that highlighted Ernst’s votes in favor of conservative judges who have worked to undermine the ACA as well:


by Pat Rynard
Posted 3/23/20

1 Comment on "Poll: ACA Provisions Remain Popular Among Iowans"

  • And still Ernst continues to vote against either the ACA or its provisions. Now, though we’ll have to see what an increasingly reight-leaning and partisan-seeming Supreme Court decides. I sincerely hope that CJ Roberts remembers his legacy and comes down on the side of most Iowans (and hint, Joni; that’s NOT the side you seem to be on).

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