Iowa Democrats Screw Up Latest Batch Of Caucus Results

After telling the public for two days that the delay in results were in part due to extensive “quality control” checks, this afternoon the Iowa Democratic Party put out a new update in the caucus results that showed Deval Patrick at 1.1% of the state delegate equivalent total. There were no reports on caucus night of Patrick, who visited Iowa exactly once, reaching viability. This new report placed him in front of Andrew Yang.

The IDP tweeted out a few minutes after the latest batch was released, saying, “There will be a minor correction to the last batch of results and we will be pushing an update momentarily.”

Many people on Twitter pointed to the new results in Black Hawk County that put Patrick at 7.9%. Some speculated that because Patrick came alphabetically on the list of candidates that precinct chairs read their results in on, that Sanders votes may have been accidentally listed as him.

When the IDP updated the results about 15 minutes later, Patrick was back at zero.

How the “quality control” checks did not notice that a candidate who did not campaign in Iowa was suddenly at 1.1% is unclear.

With the IDP already facing intense criticism for the botched reporting process, this certainly won’t help build anyone’s confidence in them.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 2/5/20

3 Comments on "Iowa Democrats Screw Up Latest Batch Of Caucus Results"

  • IDP is a national disgrace and needs to clean house from top to bottom. After the fiasco known as the “Iowa Caucus” you can count on the fist in the nation status goodbye …

  • Are the DNC and IDP purposefully delaying the release of final Iowa results to benefit both Buttigieg and Biden in New Hampshire, both of whom financed Shadow, Inc.?

  • The DNC better get this right ASAP. It’s my understanding that Blackhawk County got their numbers correct, but the IDP changed them in the official report.

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