Klobuchar Campaign Micro-Targets Digital Ads In Iowa

Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s presidential campaign is running micro-targeted digital ads in Iowa in the days leading up to the caucuses.

Sticking true to the campaign’s grassroots strategy, the digital ads feature local state representatives.

According to the campaign, they’ve mapped out the number of expected caucus goers in each individual representative’s district and they’ve tiered out priority precincts within them in order to decide who sees the ads.

For example, Rep. Karin Derry’s ad will run in the Des Moines suburbs, Rep. Sharon Steckman’s ad will run in Mason City, Rep. Cindy Winckler’s ad will run in Davenport and Rep. Chris Hall’s ad will run in Sioux City.

Other ads, featuring Ruth Ann Gaines, of Des Moines, and Liz Mathis, of Hiawatha (a suburb of Cedar Rapids), will also be hitting the digital airwaves soon. A second ad, featuring Chris Hall, will run in the Sioux City area before caucus day as well. In all, Klobuchar has the support of 17 state representatives and senators.

The friendly faces in the ads will be out at their designated precinct locations to help point people in the right direction on an otherwise hectic caucus night.

Here are four of the digital ads:

Karin Derry

“I’m State Representative Karin Derry and I’m caucusing for Amy Klobuchar on February 3rd. My decision to support Amy was easy. She has a proven track record of uniting the country. She’s passed over 100 bills with bipartisan support focusing on issues like job training, health care and education, issues that impact Iowans every day lives. Caucusing for Amy Klobuchar is how we win back the White House, so please join me in supporting Amy on February 3rd.”

Sharon Steckman

“I am State Representative Sharon Steckman and I am caucusing for Amy Klobuchar on February 3rd. Amy is the candidate that has a proven record to bring people together of all backgrounds. Whether you’re from rural communities, or the city center, Amy will work for you. She is the candidate for All of America. Please caucus with me for Amy Klobuchar February 3rd.”

Cindy Winckler

“I’m State Representative Cindy Winckler and on February 3rd I am caucusing for Amy Klobuchar. Amy Klobuchrar has proven time and time again, passing over 100 bills with bipartisan support as the lead democratic senator, that she can build relationships and find common ground. We need a president that respects congress and can flip this country around. Come with me on February 3rd to caucus for Amy Klobuchar.”

Chris Hall

“I’m State Representative Chris Hall and I’m Caucusing for Amy Klobuchar on February 3rd. As an Iowa State Representative, I know the issues that are important to people in this great state. And Amy Klobuchar is the candidate that understands the challenges and opportunities that Iowans have to offer this country. Iowans, and this entire country, deserve a president that will stand up for our farmers, workers and students. Amy Kloubchar will continue to do so as our next president. Please join me in supporting Amy Kloubchar on February 3rd.”


by Paige Godden
Posted 1/31/20

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