She Delivers: Four Mayors For Amy Klobuchar

Guest op-ed from Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson, Moorhead Mayor Johnathan Judd and Mankato Mayor Najwa Massad.

This week, Senator Amy Klobuchar will take part in the Local America Presidential Forum hosted by the United States Conference of Mayors in Waterloo (you can still get free tickets here). As four mayors from very different cities in this nation of shared dreams, we’re proud to support Senator Klobuchar for President.

When people are looking for the best place to start a business or where to start a family, they look to us. When our constituents need the roads plowed in the winter, they look to us. When they are concerned about affordable housing or good schools, they look to us. We represent students and seniors, we represent families that have called Minnesota home for generations and we represent immigrants that arrived yesterday.

Our four cities are different, located in the varying corners of the state and in different political terrains. Minneapolis is an international city, a national business center, the largest city in our state. Moorhead in western Minnesota is part of one of the fastest growing regions of the state, part of the Red River Valley that has long been an agricultural region and has seen an energy boom this century. Mankato is one of the largest cities in southern Minnesota, a university town with thousands of workers employed by the Mayo Clinic. Duluth is one of the most populous cities on Lake Superior, the home of the largest port on the Great Lakes, and the major hub for a three-state region.

Our backgrounds are diverse as well. Mayor Judd is Moorhead’s first African-American mayor, Mayor Massad is Mankato’s first female mayor and a Lebanese-American immigrant, Mayor Larson is also the first female mayor Duluth and Mayor Frey is the youngest mayor of Minneapolis in decades and the city’s second Jewish mayor. We represent cities that are always evolving, cities that have their own unique strengths and challenges and cities that we’re proud to fight for.

As Mayors, we support Senator Klobuchar because she has always understood that governing is about getting things done. That’s why she has a track record as one of the most effective members of the United States Senate. Yes, she knows how to give a great speech and she certainly knows how to tell a good joke, but she also knows how to pass legislation and deliver for her constituents all across Minnesota. She’s been the lead Democrat on over 100 bills that have been signed into law, ranging on everything from securing funding to rebuild a collapsed bridge to investing in critical election security improvements.

You can’t succeed as a mayor unless you know how to listen, know how to be responsive and know what’s going on in every neighborhood in your city. That’s the approach Senator Klobuchar has taken in representing our state. She doesn’t just go where it’s comfortable either — she meets with people on the other side of the partisan divide. She goes to rural, suburban and urban areas, with a dedication to all. She hears what people have to say, she tells the truth and she finds common ground.

With that guiding spirit as a Senator, she’s won big in all corners of our state. She’s won statewide. Three times. In her three Senate campaigns, she’s won every congressional district in our state. She’s won every race, every place, every time. We can’t afford to lose this election. Let’s nominate a candidate who has won and delivered statewide.

As more and more of the country has gotten to know Amy, they’ve seen a Senator who is honest, who doesn’t back down, a Senator with real plans to lower drug prices, rebuild our infrastructure, support veterans, make college affordable and more. She’s running to bridge the river of our divides. She’s running to be President for all of America.

As four mayors who care about delivering results for our constituents, we believe Amy Klobuchar will deliver for working people across this nation, that’s why she has our vote.


by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, Moorhead Mayor Johnathan Judd, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson and Mankato Mayor Najwa Massad
Posted 12/6/19

7 Comments on "She Delivers: Four Mayors For Amy Klobuchar"

  • No thanks!
    I choose Andrew Yang because using GDP to measure our progress says more about how corporations are doing than it does about the American people. Human Centered Capitalism adds to that our health, crime rates, how our kids are doing…

    America currently ranks 13th in the world for quality of life and as the richest most advanced nation, there is no reason we should not be leading in EVERY indicator for success! I am not for solving such issues through more government agencies that waste our taxpayer dollars on paying more bureaucrats.

    The most globally recognized macroeconomics expert with the best selling book in that field and Harvard professor along with a Nobel laureate economist and more, endorse Yang and agree that putting the power into the peoples hands is the way to grow and stimulate the economy.

    Currently corporate welfare is costing us almost twice what we spend on social programs for the people and that money just gets funneled out of the country into offshore accounts and cheap overseas labor. In our hands, it stays in our communities to trickle up and study after study has shown that the best way to alleviate poverty and other issues we face is by putting money straight into the hands of the people!

    Andrew Yang may be currently polling in the single digits, but so was Jimmy Carter before winning the Iowa caucuses as well as Bill Clinton until he swept the Super Tuesday Primaries.

    The power is in your hands Iowa to lead this country in the direction of choosing to empower yourselves over corporations or bureaucracy. Andrew Yang wants to grow the country though we the people! It’s more of the same with every other candidate!
    #AndrewYangForPresident #HumanCenteredCapitalism #HumanityFirst #Yang2020

  • An encouragement and warning:

    Klobuchar seems to most centrist out of everyone remaining in the field. If she wins the nomination, she’ll fare better than a far-left socialist democrat (Bernie, Warren) in the general election.

    Kamala Harris’ end to her campaign was solidified by an ex-staffer’s criticisms of the culture of the campaign staff. Senator Klobuchar seems to have similar criticisms regarding her treatment of her DC staff. I hope the in-staff criticisms do not derail her campaign–how can you run bridge a divide in our country when she can’t inside her office?

    Best of Luck! However, I’ll be voting for Andrew Yang, for his policies have practical solutions and the greatest impact for *every* American, especially through his flagship platform of the Freedom Dividend. I understand that Klobuchar is copying Mr Yang’s “data/technology” talking point, as well as other candidates who have been copying different parts of his unique policies (Warren, Tulsi, and the biggest plagiarizer–Buttigieg). This only goes to confirm that Andrew Yang is on the right course; their copying him is a great flattery.

    With respect,
    CJ C.

  • I think Andrew Yang is the man for me!! He would help not just rural or urban areas, but ALL of America!! We need someone who supports EVERY American!! Andrew Yang for President!! #YANGGANG

  • Everyone please go to Yang’s website and see his great policies. He has a lot to offer and has detailed plans for MANY MANY things! Thank You everyone and please go #VOTEYANG and join the Yang Gang TODAY!!

  • It is time for Democrats to get real! Bernie and Warren cannot win in a general election. They are too far left. Biden is too old (I’m the same age and know how easily I tire.) and the Republicans will use Hunter against him. Pete has little experience, although he is very smart, and minorities will say he has not been proactive for them in South Bend.
    Amy is our best choice! She is smart, calm under fire, and has realistic ideas about what can and needs to be done. Amy can beat Trump! Let’s get behind her.

  • I am. Republican that switch party affiliation for Yang. His policy are necessary for our country to not only survive but to become a amazing. He brings hope and the pride back into being an American.

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