Gabbard Skips Iowa Forum, Appears On Fox News Instead

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s bizarre week in American politics continued Thursday night, when she skipped an appearance at LULAC’s Latino town hall in Des Moines, appearing that evening instead on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. There, she criticized House Democrats’ impeachment process, a reversal of her recent stance on the matter.

Hours later, Gabbard would announce that she would not run for reelection to her Hawaii House seat, where she faces a serious primary challenge from a state senator.

[Update: Her campaign says she stayed in D.C. to attend Congressman Cumming’s funeral, which is today. The timing of the Fox News hit so soon to the town hall seemed odd to some who attended, but was not directly related.]

Gabbard was one of four Democrats scheduled to participate in LULAC’s nationally-televised town hall, oddly co-hosted by Newsmax, a conservative news outlet. Instead, she conducted a prerecorded interview that was played on the video monitors in the hall. That also kept her away from the press corp, which interviewed candidates afterward.

It was all a fitting nightcap to a peculiar week for the outsider candidate.

LULAC’s was the last of several Iowa events on her itinerary that got cancelled this past week as she dealt with significant national attention following Hillary Clinton’s comments that Gabbard was being groomed for a third-party run (initial reporting that Clinton meant Russians were doing it were incorrect; Clinton meant Republicans).

Gabbard scrapped several open-press events in Iowa this week, avoiding reporters to instead send out a series of incendiary social media posts and videos in which she blasted Clinton, who she called the “queen of warmongers.”

Though she has previously sworn off a third party run, there’s been some reporting and speculation that Gabbard may be reconsidering that. The decision to not run for reelection to Congress will only fuel that concern among Democrats. Even with this week’s newfound attention, Gabbard faces extremely long odds in winning the Democratic primary.

Shortly after her video played at the LULAC town hall, Gabbard appeared on Fox News. She reiterated that she supported an impeachment inquiry (she was one of the last Democrats to back it, only after additional information on Ukraine came out), but emphasized her caveats on it.

“I think that inquiry needs to be done in a very narrowly-focused way and it must be done transparently,” she said. “I don’t know what’s going on in those closed-doors. We, as members of Congress, don’t have access to the information that is being shared. And I think the American people deserve to know exactly what the facts are.”

Gabbard also used the interview with Hannity to raise money for her campaign by criticizing Clinton to his viewers.

“I want to say that you and I, I’m sure, disagree on a lot of things, but I think that you and I agree on one very important point: and that is that the American people have had enough of Hillary Clinton and her war-mongering policies,” Gabbard said. “And so I want to send a message straight to your viewers here today: join me, support me, help me, vote for me, contribute to my campaign to finally bring about an end to Hillary Clinton’s war-mongering foreign policy and the influence she’s had for so long over the Democratic Party.”

Interestingly, Gabbard didn’t bring this situation up much on the campaign trail in Iowa this week. Her speech at the Linn County Democrats’ dinner on Sunday was her usual stump speech, one that focused on Hawaii values, peace and defeating Donald Trump’s division.

And during most of her events and in-person interviews, Gabbard rarely comes off in the same manner as she does on her social media feeds or in Fox News appearances. But that’s where most of the national debate is focused on the congresswoman, who is unlikely to disappear from the presidential race anytime soon regardless of her polling.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 10/25/19

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  • Tulsi is a rising star who is running somewhat of an unorthodox campaign . Clinton’s crackpot claim that she’s a “Russian asset” makes Hillary look foolish at the very least. I’d take Gabbard for president over Hillary anyday!!!

  • Is Tulsi Gabbard for real? Since when does Congress investigate problems that involve sensitive national security and/or diplomatic information in an open hearing? That’s like asking the police department to share it’s case with the public as the crime is being investigated. Dems have a good point: they don’t want witnesses to hear others’ testimony before they are before the committee. This process is good investigative work on the part of the committee. Tulsi Gabbard sounds like a loose cannon who doesn’t know how to operate effectively in the political realm. She is not a rising star as much as a shooting star that will probably burn out quickly. And, let’s hope she is not being manipulated by outsiders.

  • Tulsi, I see and heard throughout this presidential process. She is the most trustworthy person in this time of discourse, she knows as well as the freedom caucus that its, inquiry first then open sessions of questions, this is what the Republican through Trey Gowdy insistence. So time will reveal all. Shes is my RFK

  • In my opinion, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is playing as a spoiler for Trump. Why does she spend almost all of her TV time on the Fox network? Fox spin doctors are playing her as a foil, and she is going along with, and even encouraging their right-wing attention. Why would a Democrat do that?

    Her experience is too narrow for the Executive Office and her deference to our adversaries is detrimental to US interests.

    Rep. Gabbard’s actions post-Hillary dustup seem to confirm that Tulsi would likely run for president in 2020 on a third-party ticket. But her independent campaign, if launched, will not be run for a positive goal, but only to take votes away from other candidates. Her harsh assessment of the party “elites” is a dog whistle to the disaffected, and to anti-American interests worldwide.

  • This will be my first time participating in Iowa Caucus and I will proudly be supporting Rep Gabbard. I don’t like the mean spirited and hurtful things other Democrats say about her – they should be ashamed.

  • Representative Tulsi Gabbard is one of the best Democrat in the race. She has the right temperament to be president. She seeks to unite Americans – left, right, and anywhere in between. Tulsi and I want the Democratic party to stop serving corporate interests and get back to serving the American people. Our vision includes implementing Single Payer Plus, legalizing marijuana, protecting our freedom of speech and privacy, investing in renewable energy, regenerative agriculture and requiring paper ballots or paper backup to protect our elections from foreign interference. We also want to promote peace throughout the world. The Vietnam War may have ended about four decades ago and I was not born there or during that time, but that conflict affected my family and I hope that we can learn from our history. Every sovereign nation should let its people decide how they want their society to function without outside influence. I see toxicity regarding this Democratic primary online and offline. This is deeply disturbing. Inspired by Tulsi, we need more love and Aloha in this country. Let’s unite to continue embracing science and media literacy. Let’s also unite for a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

  • i talked with her at the federation of labor picnic in fort dodge on labor day. she loves this country and she is the type of person that could answer the telephone call at 3 am that hillary talked about. she is bright and she would make a great president. however i am going to caucus for elizabeth warren. you folks take yourselves way to seriously. fox news has greater viewership than the iowa starting line or the asian/latino caucus in des moines. i worked my butt off for hillary in 2015-16. she is off her rocker accusing tulsi of being a russian agent. have a good day.

  • I do not know Tulsi Gabbard’s intentions. She hasn’t done quite enough to make me completely care. However, I do want to make a few points though.

    1) Hillary should NEVER have been the one to bring this point out in the open. She lost to Trump. To put it mildly, she did a terrible job at uniting the party after winning the nomination. I have had people tell me that there was nobody to vote for. (I tried) Her approval rating has been in the dumps even after all the Russia/Ukraine stuff has come out making Trump not exactly popular himself. The party never completely dealt with everything. Hillary needs to stay out of the limelight for now.

    2) I respect that Tulsi goes to the beat of her own drum but, I think her methods are far from effective in trying to peel off primary/caucus voters from Bernie/Warren/Biden or any of the top candidates other than some select odd pockets of the party. Going on Fox is not going to attract caucus voters. Going to LULAC could. Whining about the fundraising and polling standards that the DNC set also does not help. The democrats still have way too many candidates running. I understand going outside the box but, figuring out how to do that with actual caucus/primary voters and subjects we care about moreso is a better strategy by far to get the nomination. Bernie’s outside the box issue has been medicare for all, for example, which propelled him to a near tie in the 2016 caucuses. Obama went to college campuses campaigning on increasing pell grants. I’m sure there are other examples through time but, those are the 2 in my voting life that inspired turnout.

    3) For the heck of it, I did a google search on Gabbard and clicked on the news tab. There was the typical Hillary/Tulsi articles and then one by Fox with a few RT articles. RT is Russia today. I am not saying that Tulsi is coordinating with the Russians. I do not know one way or the other for sure. However, this is one of the few times I will defend Hillary on substance, even if she is the wrong messenger for this. Tulsi really needs to call out the Russians and tell them to butt out big time!!! Its possible that Tulsi has no clue. If thats the case, then fine, call the Russians out and continue on. However attacking Hillary is not the way to do it. Hillary needs to stay yesterday’s news in so many ways. None of any of this is helping matters as is with either of those two. Hillary already lost and Tulsi Gabbard is not registering enough in the polls to make anybody care enough to go after her oddities to put it nicely. If the caucuses go even approximately the way the polls show right now, Tulsi will be a blip on the radar that nobody will hear from again.

  • I recommend people to attend Tulsi’s events or watch her previously filmed town hall meetings on her YouTube channel to understand her intentions. I have attended some of them in Iowa and her intentions are clear to me. Sadly, her message gets muddled by bitter pundits and conspiracy theorists.

    Tulsi is seeking to unite Americans regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation. She is a Democrat with several progressive positions, but she attracts libertarians/conservatives because she does not demonize them, she opposes regime change wars, and supports our civil liberties. She is calling out the corruption she sees in our party and I find that to be bold and admirable. Basically we should hold members in our own party accountable for their words and actions. She wants a government of the people, by the people, and for the people – not for the few, the rich and the powerful.

    I do not care that she visits Fox News sometimes. There are moderate or liberal Republicans who like some of the things she talks about and may change their affiliation to support her. There’s also states that have open-primaries so she may attract right-leaning independents too. I think we need to pay more attention to the candidates that have crossover appeal. Andrew Yang and Amy Klobuchar appear to have that attribute. She has also appeared on CBS News. Not a deal breaker that she missed an event in Iowa. She attended the Polk County Steak Fry and visited several cities and towns throughout this wonderful state. Thus, she is speaking to likely caucus-goers.

    Just as Tulsi does not want us to interfere in other nations, she has also voiced opposition to foreign interference in our country.

  • I will be attending my first Iowa Caucus in January and will be proud to cast my first caucus vote for Tulsi. I have had enough of the hateful and mean spirited comments by members of the media and even other Democratic candidates toward the congresswoman. For me it’s either Tulsi gets the nomination or I vote Libertarian.

  • I’m tired of typical politicians and Gabbard is cut from a different cloth. She has charisma and doesn’t pander to the fringe groups. I think she scares the DNC and the power brokers.

  • Very curious that someone polling at 0% amongst Democrats is generating this much favorable comment.
    As was true with her testimony about Benghazi and and then about her emails, I predict Hillary Clinton will be proven right, again, this time about Rep. Gabbard launching a third party effort. Whatever you think about her motives, history has shown third party movements never succeed except in damaging another party’s chances.

  • Something about Gabbard’s campaign scares Washington insiders and the Democratic National Committee. That’s a good thing as system needs to be shaken up a bit.

  • As a former member of a US Army medical battalion I can appreciate Ms. Gabbard’s strong opposition to war and desire to promote peace. I agree with her on that 100%. I have read her web page and agree with basically all of her progressive, liberal stands on major issues like health care, education funding, environmental protection, climate change, etc. I think Tulsi had a bright future and basically blew it – she spends more time on the far right propaganda outlet FOX News demeaning democrats than she does trying to improve and strengthen the democratic party, only political organization in the world that can stop the lying criminal Trump. Gabbard’s claim that she panders to the far right because she wants to “unite” the country rings hollow. If this was Germany in the 1930’s would Gabbard be appearing on Goebbel’s propaganda radio station? Germans needed to fight the Nazi’s that were destroying their country, not cozy up to them and unite with them! The same is true today. Gabbard had a lot of promise and she has blown a great opportunity. She is not going to be president and she is not even going to be in congress after the next election – my guess is she will fulfill the role the republicans have been grooming her for with an independent bid for president thus damaging the democrats chances of reining in the lying criminal Trump – or – she will get a gig on the extreme far right FOX propaganda outlet bashing democrats and praising the cult leader Trump.

  • If you read the story you’d see that Clinton misspoke or was misquoted on her comment about Russia grooming Tulsi Gabbard, she meant republicans.
    I don’t trust anyone who frequents fox “news” because they tell so many lies & pass on to us disinformation that’s meant to keep us divided. Just being around those people is bad for any ethics or morals she might have. They’ll pull her down to their level if she allows it, and it looks like she is.

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