R-To-D Rep. Andy McKean: Klobuchar Will Represent All Of America

Guest post from State Representative Andy McKean, who became a Democrat earlier this year during the legislative session. Amy Klobuchar now has the backing of both Iowa legislators who left the Republican Party during Donald Trump’s presidency (former State Senator David Johnson previously endorsed).

I am deeply concerned by the divide that exists in America today. It is damaging friendships and even disrupting families. We are truly living in troubled and troubling times.

Instead of bringing people together to develop common sense solutions to the challenges we face as a nation, too many of our leaders spend their energy making partisan points that only exacerbate the divide.

Somehow, a dispassionate examination of the facts gets lost in the shuffle. Civility has certainly been one of the casualties.

Over the last four years since he announced his candidacy for President, Donald Trump has used his bully pulpit to pit Americans against one another and further inflame our political and social divides. However, to be fair, he is only part of the problem. Inflammatory comments from some on the other side of the aisle have only succeeded in making matters worse.

At this pivotal moment in our nation’s history, we don’t need fiery rhetoric that isolates us from each other even more. We need a president who can bring us together — someone who can bring out the best in us and fully unleash our potential. That’s what true leaders do.

Over the last year, I’ve listened closely to the people I represent in Jackson, Jones, and Dubuque counties to better understand what they’re looking for in their president. I’ve also had the opportunity to visit with many of the candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. I’ve studied their policy proposals and heard them lay out their visions for our country.

I believe that Senator Amy Klobuchar has the right blend of experience, values, vision, and grit to get the job done. She has a practical, common sense Midwestern way about her that would be refreshing to see in the leader of our country.

Amy has developed expertise in both urban and rural issues, and has earned the support of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents while carrying every congressional district in Minnesota in her past races. She is a bright, articulate, accomplished woman with a big heart.

Throughout her time in the Senate, Amy has been on the forefront of the most pressing issues that impact the day-to-day lives of millions of Americans across the country. She has been the lead Senate Democrat on more than 100 bills, many with Republican co-sponsors, that have become law, making her one of the most effective members of the Senate.

She has the intelligence, compassion, and unifying approach our country so desperately needs in the White House. Even more fundamentally, Amy understands that what unites us as Americans is so much greater than what divides us.

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We have less than four months to go until Iowans will have their say. Although this will be my first time caucusing as a Democrat, I’m no stranger to the process, and know how seriously Iowans take the responsibility of having the first chance to vet the candidates for president.

As caucus-goers across our state begin to seriously consider who to support in the coming weeks, I hope they’ll take a good, hard look at Amy Klobuchar. If Iowans want someone who knows how to win and knows how to govern, the Senator from next door should be at the top of their list.


by State Rep. Andy McKean
Posted 10/18/19

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