Poll: Iowans Want Medicare Negotiation; Grassley Opposes

A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows that 86% of Iowans, including 83% of Iowa Republicans and 81% of Iowans who voted for President Trump, would support legislation that would allow Medicare to negotiate prescription prices with drug companies.

This poll is being released ahead of a Senate Finance Committee hearing, where Chairman Chuck Grassley is leading a bill to reduce pharmaceutical costs. However, Grassley has gone on the record this year to oppose Medicare negotiations, instead looking for other ways to reduce costs.

In January, Grassley told The Hill that he doesn’t want to “mess with the government negotiating prices with the private sector.” The poll shows that 75% of Iowans disagree with Grassley’s stance on the issue, the same amount that have an unfavorable view of prescription drug companies.

Additionally, only 31% of Iowans wanted to see the Affordable Care Act struck down as unconstitutional, something the Trump Administration is pursuing.

The Public Policy poll had a pretty even distribution of  voters, with 38% Republicans, 37% Democrats and 25% Independents. Age was also a fairly even spread, with 28% between 18 and 45, 35% between 46 and 65, and 37% older than 65. The poll was commissioned by Protect Our Care and surveyed 517 Iowa voters from July 18 to 19. The margin of error was +/- 4.3%.

Drug prices and prescription costs have been a huge part of the conversation during this caucus cycle, and a new CBS News poll shows it will likely remain that way. In a “Battleground Tracker” poll released recently, health care was the number one issue, with 88% of respondents saying it was ‘very important.’

Further, 36% of respondents said out-of-pocket costs for medical bills, co-pays and prescriptions are their greatest health-care concern. Access to health insurance coverage and the impact of pre-existing conditions on coverage/costs were the next biggest concerns, with 21% of respondents selecting each of those, respectively.

The CBS News poll also gave an update on candidate standing. The poll asked participants what candidates they are currently considering supporting. Respondents were allowed to select all candidates they are considering.

Elizabeth Warren leads the pack with 55%, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are close behind with 53% and 50%, respectively. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg make up the next tier at 40% and 32%, and Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro round out the upper-level with 19%, 19% and 17%.

CBS News also inquired about who respondents would vote for if the primary or caucus were held today. In this format, Biden leads with 25%, Warren is a close second at 20%, Harris at 16% and Sanders at 15%; all other candidates are at 6% or less.


by Josh Cook
Posted 7/24/19

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