Who Iowans Thought Stood Out At Democrats’ Big Hall Of Fame Event

Today’s party gathering in Cedar Rapids was the largest crowd yet for an Iowa Caucus event, and 19 presidential candidates took the opportunity to impress the key activists who showed up. For many of the Iowans there, it was their first time hearing in-person from a dozen or more of the contenders. Starting Line fanned out to ask attendees what they thought of the candidates after the event was over. The consensus seemed to be that there was no consensus. Many of the White House hopefuls had good moments, but no one ran away with the day. Here’s what they […]

Key Takeaways From Every Democrat’s Speech At Major Iowa Gathering

Nineteen presidential candidates made their case to a ballroom packed full of the very Democratic activists who will help determine the next nominee of the party. Despite the lengthy program line-up, the day actually ran decently on-time, and most attendees stuck around for the full three hours. How do you make your case to be the next President of the United States in a mere five minutes? Every candidate gave it their best shot. Many contenders simply used a shortened version of their stump speech or pulled well-tested lines straight from their announcement months ago. And for some of the […]

Bernie Sanders Marches With Striking McDonald’s Workers To Dem Event

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders marched with a crowd of hundreds to the Iowa Hall of Fame event in Cedar Rapids Sunday afternoon with striking McDonald’s workers from Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. The workers were demanding the right to unionize so they can raise their pay, end sexual harassment and workplace violence. Chants of "This is what Democracy looks like" as the @BernieSanders camp marches in front of the Hall of Fame event in Cedar Rapids. Marchers spelled out "UNION" in big blue & pink letters. pic.twitter.com/5nna1sn1BB — Paige Godden (@PaigeGodden) June 9, 2019 “We are fighting for a $15 […]

Amy Klobuchar Receives Another Iowa Legislator Endorsement

Senator Amy Klobuchar landed her second Iowa endorsement just in time for her speech at the Iowa Hall of Fame Dinner in Cedar Rapids this Sunday afternoon. State Representative Marti Anderson announced her support for Klobuchar, citing the senator’s experience in working on mental health care issues and criminal justice. Anderson represents House District 36 in Des Moines, which includes the Beaverdale neighborhood. She joins fellow State Representative Ruth Ann Gaines, who backed Klobuchar earlier this month. Gaines also represents a Des Moines-area district. Both their seats are prime, delegate-rich areas for the Iowa Caucus. “I am proud to endorse […]

Early Scenes From The Biggest Iowa Caucus Event Yet

It’s the most important weekend of the Iowa Caucus yet, with 19 candidates descending upon Cedar Rapids to speak at a major fundraiser that nearly every key Iowa Democratic activist is at. The Hall of Fame Celebration is officially about honoring party activists and elected officials, but it’s really the kick-off of a new phase of campaigning for the Iowa Caucus. Campaigns show up in force to show off to both activists and the national press gathered here. Starting Line has full team coverage of all the day’s events. Here’s what the candidates and their staff did this morning and […]