Rural County Chair: John Delaney Is Best Chance To Defeat Trump

A guest post from Mills County County Democratic Party Chair Donna Crum.

A recent fact check by The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump has told at least 10,000 falsehoods since taking the oath to uphold our nation’s highest office. As Americans, we cannot allow this to become the new normal because this election and our democracy are too important.

Political gimmicks and lip service just won’t cut it. Democrats need a candidate with a bold strategy backed by substantive policy ideas and a plan to get things done.

We need a president that is honest about our problems as a nation and is honest about the solutions available too. And telling the truth is the greatest weapon we have against Donald Trump. Honestly, we need a Democrat who has real solutions for our nation’s healthcare crisis.

We need a President who will act on climate change now with a sensible and feasible plan. But most importantly, we need a person running for office that is in it for the right reasons and who is capable of defeating Donald Trump in November 2020.

There are almost two dozen candidates now vying to be the next President of the United States. For some, that competition might make it difficult to decide who to support. For me it was an easy decision.

John Delaney is the candidate best suited to take on and ultimately defeat Donald Trump.

I see a unique quality in John Delaney that you don’t always find in politicians – genuine honesty. John Delaney doesn’t pander. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. He won’t back down from a fight, and he has vowed to always be honest with the American people.

We need a President who can unite the American people, who will work hard for our country and each of us, just as he did in the 6th Congressional District of Maryland. From the moment he announced his presidency, he has made a fervent commitment not just to campaigning in Iowa but also to spending time in red counties talking to folks who have not seen a Democrat running for President in decades. His commitment to towns that Democrats have ignored in the past is one of the reasons I chose to endorse Delaney’s candidacy back in January.

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If you’re interested in candidate who will tell you the truth – including some times when you don’t want to hear it. A candidate committed to listening to you. A candidate committed above all to winning back the White House, the truth is, John Delaney should be your candidate.

On caucus night, I urge my fellow Democrats to think about the big picture. I don’t want to wake up on a morning in November to four more years of Donald Trump. So let’s get behind a man of integrity who will unify the American people, and elect John Delaney in 2020.


by Donna Crum
Posted 5/15/19

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