Steve King Compares Himself To Jesus Christ

Congressman Steve King is going through a trying time in the U.S. House right now, but he said today it’s given him special insight into someone who he feels faced a similar trial. That person is Jesus Christ.

As the Sioux City Journal reported, while at one of his town hall forums in Cherokee County today, King referred to his fellow members of Congress as “accusers” who are putting him through a kind of test that Christ once faced. King was stripped of his committee assignments this year after making racist comments about white nationalism late in the 2018 campaign.

“For all that I’ve been through, it seems even strange for me to say it, but I’m at a certain peace. It’s because of a lot of prayers for me,” King said. “And when I step down to the floor of the House of Representatives and look up at that 400 and some accusers, and we just passed through Easter and Christ’s passion, and I have a better insight into what he went through for us partly because of that experience.”

The House nearly unanimously passed a resolution in January that targeted King’s comments, condemning white nationalism and white supremacy. King spoke in the well of the House during that debate, which might be what he was alluding to here.

King made the comments in response to a local pastor who thanked King for his service and suggested that Christians were being persecuted in America.

“I’m grateful that we are the people we are,” King continued. “That we have a strong Christian ethic here and a high percentage of people that are true believers. We have all of that going for us. But it’s also in our culture, and we don’t think about it very often, about how much our Christian faith echoes through who we are as a people.”

King went on to talk about a past controversy in the House about a resolution some years ago that honored multiple different religions.

“Near as I could tell, they honored a lot of religions that I’d never heard of. But no one honored Christianity,” King said.

He explained that he brought forth a resolution that honored Christ and Christmas, and that it sparked a national debate.

These town halls for King have been part of an effort to reconnect himself with his district and rehabilitate his image after years of controversy in the House.

You can view the full video here (the comments on Christ come around the 58:00 mark).

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by Pat Rynard
Screenshot from Steve King’s official livestream feed
Posted 4/23/19

2 Comments on "Steve King Compares Himself To Jesus Christ"

  • Steve King has got to GO and the sooner the better. He is such an idle fool that he will harm other Rs on the ballot in 2020. How can he almost LOSE in one of the most R districts in the nation? Steve – time to hit the showers. Take the sidelines. QUIT. Please do something for the R Party and your fellow conservatives for a change, instead of trying to make your malfeasance and stupid comments the issue. We need a vote generating candidate, not a guy who wants to become a martyr to his own foolishness.

  • This guy is for real?! I totally agree with what Alan said. This man is a blot, a stain, on the fabric of Iowa, its politics and its people. The quicker he can be relegated to the dustbin of history the better.

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