The Most Powerful Tech Innovation 2020 Campaigns Aren’t Yet Using

A guest post from Rose Clouston, the Director of Online Training at the National Democratic Training Committee. With a new Democrat announcing their presidential campaign every week, the primary election is shaping up to be a long, drawn-out process. To have any realistic hope of emerging as the nominee, you have to scale from a small team of senior staff to a national movement with thousands of staff and volunteers in a matter of months. Most people assume presidential campaigns operate with endless financial and staffing resources. The truth is every campaign, even the most well funded, has limited time, money, and […]

Setting The Record Straight On Iowa’s Sex Education Classes

A guest post on the state’s sex education programs. My name is Natalie Harwood, and I am a health educator at Planned Parenthood. I work under a public grant called the Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention program (CAPP). Year after year, I see anti-abortion politicians in the Iowa legislature introduce legislation that would prevent Planned Parenthood from using CAPP and other public funds for sexual health education. There seem to be a lot of false assumptions about what Planned Parenthood teaches in sex education classes. I want to set the record straight about our programs. First, here is how Planned Parenthood […]