John Delaney Can Unite Us Against Trump

A guest post from Joan Amos, recent chair of the Lucas County Democrats

According to a Monmouth University poll from February 4, 2019, most Americans want to elect a new president who will put Donald Trump’s era of scandal and division behind us. That should be nothing new to most of us. But the poll also found that among Democrats, we want candidates who can defeat Donald Trump most of all – even if we don’t agree on all the issues.

To defeat Donald Trump, we need a candidate who can unite the majority of us — Democrats, independents and disaffected Republicans — with bold ideas that we can still agree on. My husband John and I believe John Delaney is our best candidate to defeat Donald Trump.

When we heard John Delaney speak, we knew we found someone who could take on Donald Trump. John can keep his cool in a debate. He is down to earth, and won’t get distracted. He’s focused on solutions and ideas, not attacks and division.

But after hearing John Delaney’s policy ideas, we discovered that we agreed with all of his proposals, which is a fairly remarkable experience for anyone to share with a candidate. He wants to invest in communities that have been left behind with infrastructure, opportunity zones, and the Earned Income Tax Credit for working families. He supports universal healthcare, universal Pre-K and community college, and a national service program for young adults. His bipartisan climate plan would cut carbon emissions more than 90% by 2050 with a carbon tax, and he would turn around those tax funds and give them back to the public.

We especially liked Delaney’s plan for healthcare. He would make healthcare a right and guarantee it for all people, while still protecting choice and options for those who need it. He would roll out a universal healthcare plan similar to Medicaid, with additional choice options and supplemental plans, while keeping Medicare in place for people 65 and over. Delaney’s healthcare plan is something most people can agree on, and we need bipartisan plans like this that can pass Congress now, and start saving lives.

John Delaney’s infrastructure plan is badly needed in Iowa. We need rural broadband to stay competitive in the 21st century. John Delaney’s plan would create a new, national infrastructure plan that hires workers with good-paying jobs to upgrade roads, bridges and technology across the country. And it would be paid for by a capital gains tax, which means most ordinary Americans won’t be left to do the heavy lifting.

John Delaney would improve people’s lives with bipartisan plans that can get passed right away. We intend to caucus for him, and we encourage fellow Democrats to  look into his policies  and hear him speak the next time he visits hear you.


by Joan Amos, recent chair of Lucas County Democrats
Photo via Julie Fleming
Posted 3/13/19

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