Beto O’Rourke Recruits Top Iowa Consultant, Plans Trip

Beto O’Rourke is moving ever closer to an official presidential campaign launch, and he now has a top Iowa political operative to steer his efforts here. CNN reported that Norm Sterzenbach has been assisting O’Rourke’s initial Iowa outreach here, something Starting Line’s sources also confirmed.

It’s a major pickup for O’Rourke, a likely 2020 candidate who doesn’t have many Iowa connections or any previous trips to the state racked up (he was obviously busy with his senate race in 2018). Sterzenbach is a top Iowa campaign consultant and past executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party. Few others in the state know the caucus process, rules, and strategies better than him. Sterzenbach had been working with the IDP on their Iowa Caucus planning, but the IDP confirmed to Starting Line that they parted ways once he began working with O’Rourke.

As the New York Times wrote earlier today, part of Barack Obama’s original national team from his 2008 run is closely advising O’Rourke, seeing a new version of the inspiring upstart who rode an Iowa Caucus win into the White House. Sterzebach has another connection, however, to O’Rourke: a shared love of skateboarding. One of O’Rourke’s viral moments from his 2018 race was him skateboarding at a Whataburger; Sterzenbach is helping lead the effort to build a large new skatepark in Des Moines.

There’s also chatter of a potential O’Rourke visit to Iowa as soon as this weekend, perhaps to help kick off a volunteer canvass in Cedar Falls for Democrat Eric Giddens, a candidate in a state senate special election. Those plans appear to still be in the works.

O’Rourke has not visited Iowa during his political career (he was clearly busy with his own senate race last year), and has carefully danced around the state in recent months while deciding on a bid. He journeyed out to neighboring Wisconsin last month during a Midwest swing. But all signs in recent days point to a national campaign kick-off in the coming days or weeks.


by Pat Rynard
Photo via Flickr
Posted 3/11/19

4 Comments on "Beto O’Rourke Recruits Top Iowa Consultant, Plans Trip"

  • I am thrilled and excited that Beto O’Rourke is considering to get into the Presidential race. I think a great president is intelligent, ethical, authentic, and willing to listen to the people around him. Beto is all of these things. He isn’t partisan and he doesn’t care about labels. I think he is exactly what our country desperately needs right now.

  • Beto is everything we need!! I was honored to campaign for him. My 4 year old volunteered too, and loves that Beto helped save the children at Tornillo. He is amazing! Let’s go! Beto2020?

  • Iowa! Get ready to experience the excitement of a Beto visit! His message is direct and will be what you are waiting to hear. His intelligence, honesty and character all make what he has to say truthful and clearly stated. He is a welcome change. We want to hear from you after you hear what he has to say.

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