Ep87: No Fox News Debate, Statehouse Funnel, Special Election

The Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard is joined by State Representative Jennifer Konfrst to talk about the DNC’s choice to not hold any debates with Fox News, and we discuss the always exciting Funnel Week at the Statehouse. And we take your questions on the upcoming special election in Cedar Falls.

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2 Comments on "Ep87: No Fox News Debate, Statehouse Funnel, Special Election"

  • This is one Democratic activist who will miss watching the Demo prez candidates debate on FOX. During the 2016 Republican primary FOX had the best researched questions, AND the most challenging questions for the GOP candidates. Period. Avoiding FOX is so typically tone-deaf of the DNC. They choose to prevent literally millions of rural voters from seeing Democratic candidates, because 1) the candidates may have to answer tough questions — in public!; OR 2) they don’t trust the candidates and are afraid a candidate will say something embarrassing. I want a standard-bearer who can stand in the spotlight of FOX and take the heat…and give some back if necessary. I’m not necessarily a policy fan of Sen. Klobuchar, but she gained a lot of respect in my eyes when after her announcement I saw her appear on a FOX program and field their questions. And guess what? She came off as a common-sense leader. If someone can’t handle tough questions from FOX, they don’t really deserve to be president.

  • I agree with Dennis Harbaugh ! This is a mistake, a shoot yourself in the foot moment for the DNC . You don’t show your metal by running from your enemy , instead you enter his den and take him on . The DNC just made a totally bad decision that will help or opposition greatly . But obviously the DNC likes easy , and losing . More of this crap and I will register INDEPENDENT !

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