Tax Breaks For Amazon, Punishments For Struggling Iowans

Last week’s news put furrows in my brow. As I ruminated on the headlines and details in the news accounts, I came away convinced something is out of whack somewhere. One of the reports was that Amazon, the online retailing behemoth, cancelled plans to build a corporate headquarters in New York City. The company had said 25,000 employees eventually would work there. Amazon’s decision came after persistent criticism from some New York politicians and community activists about the amount of incentives the state of New York and the city government were going to give the company — $3 billion, with […]

Ep82: Sanders Gets In, Early Caucus Takeaways & Troy Price Interview

The Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard is joined by Des Moines Register chief politics reporter Brianne Pfannenstiel to talk about Bernie Sanders’ run, key takeaways from early caucus campaigning, and the Register’s new poll on virtual caucuses. And we interview Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price about the proposed caucus changes.