King Makes Anti-Gay Attacks, Then Joins Reynolds At Rally

Congressman Steve King ended his campaign in as hateful of a way as possible Monday, attacking national Republicans for funding a gay congressional candidate in California. Just a few hours after making those comments, he shared a stage with Governor Kim Reynolds for the statewide Republican ticket’s final rally of the campaign.

“They sent money over to support a candidate in a primary in California who was a, uh, had a sex-same partner that they put all over glossy mailers,” King said at an event earlier today. “I don’t know if they were holding hands or what was the deal. It’s hard to write a check to those guys when they do that.”

King added that he was “hopeful we get conservative leadership in the House,” presumably suggesting that leaders who help gay candidates is anti-conservative.

He also made a bizarre series of comments about some of the liberal Supreme Court justices, joking that conservatives could get a 7-2 majority if Elana Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor “elope to Cuba.”

After all that, King took the stage in Sioux Center at Reynolds’ final rally of the year. She has repeatedly shot down calls to drop King as one of his campaign co-chairs.

Both face uncertain futures in tomorrow’s election.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 11/5/18

2 Comments on "King Makes Anti-Gay Attacks, Then Joins Reynolds At Rally"

  • The video clip Andrew Bates tweeted was mine, from a Forest City meet and greet Friday evening. It was supposed to be at the Titonka State Bank in FC, but they canceled last minute, so it was moved to the FCPD.

  • King has once again demonstrated that he is an uneducated and hateful person who has no class. He does not understand human nature and has no empathy or compassion for anyone different than
    himself. Together with Trump and many other GOP politicians, King would like to form a cult of followers who accept his blatant racism and will believe his every word. It is really sad that some Iowans will continue to support his ideas and propaganda.

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