Far-Right Media Spreads The Real “Fake News” After Bomb Scare

After a very harried week of pipe bombs being sent to current and former high-ranking government officials, it looks like a suspect has been apprehended. Law enforcement agencies, including the Secret Service Protective Detail, the ATF, the US Postal Inspection Service, the FBI and many other state and local law enforcement departments were working full time to stop this home grown terrorism.

On Friday morning, October 26, Cesar Sayoc was arrested in south Florida as the prime suspect. At the time, he was driving a van covered in political statements supporting the President and other posters in opposition to various Democrats. The 56-year-old white male had a criminal record, which included felony theft, drug and fraud charges.

Other then the events themselves, to me, the most disturbing aspect of the last few days has been the far-right media commentators espousing the unbelievable notion that Democratic operatives set the whole chain of events up prior to the election so that Republicans would look bad. Among those fanning the flames of craziness were Ann Coulter, Michael Savage and of course, Rush Limbaugh.

Once those commentators had proposed their “alternative facts,” the “facts” spread like wild fire.

This event follows that of many others, including pizza-gate, a notion that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor in DC. It also follows one of the saddest false stories in recent memory – that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax, invented by global elitists who wanted to take “our guns away.” Think about that and think how you would feel if you lost a child in that massacre and then hear that BS.

The point being is that the President is correct by stating there is fake news. He is just pointing fingers in the wrong direction.

The second point is that fake news has consequences, people can get hurt and eventually none of us will know what truth looks like.

From time to time, fake or at least incorrect news comes from Democratic-leaning people and organizations as well, however, by my count the far-far-right has almost a monopoly on fake news. If Republicans had any since of decency they should call out all of this nonsense for what it is. At the end of the day it really weakens our Democracy. Finally, if you haven’t already-go vote!


by Dick Goodson
Posted 10/29/18

2 Comments on "Far-Right Media Spreads The Real “Fake News” After Bomb Scare"

  • Dick, you say, “…eventually none of us will know what truth looks like.” That’s exactly the point. Once the line is bluurecd beyond recognition, then the truth becomes what they say it is. Or what Der PuppeFuhrer says it is.
    The only way to fight “fake” truth is to state the REAL truth – often and loudly. And communities like Squirrel Hill saying, “You and your hate and lies are not welcome here.”

  • You are wrong to say that it is an “unbelievable notion that Democratic operatives set the whole chain of events up prior to the election so that Republicans would look bad.” The right wing propaganda machine operates on the basis that if you say something repeatedly it becomes fact from the perspective of those who have heard it all day on WHO Hate Radio and then get the same message from Faux News in the evening.

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