Ep57: IA-Gov Poll Results & Vicky Brenner Interview

 Iowa Starting Line Podcast host Pat Rynard interviews Spencer Kimball of Emerson Polling about the new poll in the governor’s race and what all the numbers might mean. We also talk with Vicky Brenner, Democratic candidate for Senate District 13.

Iowa Taxpayers Taken For Expensive Ride On Godfrey Case

Most Iowans are pretty frugal. They don’t waste their money. They especially don’t like it when they believe government officials fritter away our tax money. That’s why I think many people in Iowa are not familiar with the case of Chris Godfrey. Otherwise, if they were truly informed about what has occurred in the past six and a half years, I am convinced they would be steamed about the decision and actions of Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds when they were governor and lieutenant governor. Follow along and see if you think I am off base. See if you agree […]