Eric Swalwell Stands Out In Iowa With Role In Russian Investigation

Iowa Democrats should follow California Congressman Eric Swalwell for the special role he plays as a member of the House Intelligence Committee investigating the Trump/Russian connection. In the interview below he presents a compelling case for the relationship between Trump and Trump’s family with the Russians. As a former prosecutor, Swalwell provides an inside look at the mounting evidence linking Trump to the Russians.

Swalwell has already established himself as a leading Democratic spokesman in the investigation. He’s become a regular contributor on CNN, MSNBC and FOX news. When and if this investigation blows up on Trump, Congressman Swalwell has a unique inside perspective that may enhance his position as a leading voice for Democrats.

Last weekend was Congressman Swalwell’s tenth trip to Iowa in the last year, and he announced he’s considering a run for president. If the Mueller investigation of Trump’s Russian ties results in a political explosion for this administration, Congressman Swalwell’s knowledge, expertise and insights could fuel his presidential viability.

Another key factor that may elevate Swalwell as an expert on the Russian connection is his knowledge of Intelligence Committee leadership. Republican Congressman Devin Nunes is the Chairman of the committee and appears to have played a critical role in using the committee to protect Trump.

In a secret recording revealed last week, Nunes suggested Republicans should protect President Trump from the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference. Nunes has been accused of using the Committee for partisan advantage to assist Trump. He is suspected of delaying and distorting the facts underlying the investigation rather than searching for the truth. If Nunes is swept up in the Mueller investigation, Congressman Swalwell will have an inside look at it all.

In an interview for Iowa Starting Line last week, Congressman Swalwell explained his role in becoming a leading spokesman on the investigation. He said his seven years as a prosecutor in California prepared him for Trump. He prosecuted rapists and murderers that had never been held accountable until their day in court. Swalwell made the analogy to Trump, a bully that had never been challenged or made to answer for his actions.

Swalwell said future Democratic leaders confronting Trump must be able to punch back, but not in an inflammatory way.  He explained that he wants to be both a fighter and a uniter.

Swalwell was asked about the evidence he has seen that would implicate Trump in the Russian investigation.

“What’s most offensive and where the investigation centers on is that he and his family were willing and eager to take help from the Russians,” Swalwell said. “What that relationship added up to, I think Bob Muller’s team will ultimately tell us. But at every offer that was made, at every meeting that was suggested, at every piece of information that was passed to them, they never put up a red light. They never said we don’t do that. We don’t work with foreign adversaries. We follow the rules. They did the opposite.”

“They had green lights the whole way and welcomed it,” he continued. “As the hacking was occurring and the materials were being dumped, he (Trump) went on a stage at a press conference and said Russia if you’re listening, you’ll be rewarded if you hack the 30,000 emails that they can’t find. Then we know there was an effort within the campaign to try and find those 30,000 emails. So they wanted help from the Russians. They never turned off the faucet, the spigot, they just let it continue pouring into the campaign … At the end of the day a candidate for president wanted to work with an adversary of the United States and did everything they could to take the help … the loyalty to Russia many times over Americans, that’s the big picture.”

Swalwell is raising his stature among Iowa Democrats by becoming a frequent visitor to Iowa campaigning alongside many Democratic candidates statewide. His congressional experience is much broader than intelligence and foreign policy issues.

One of his stops in Iowa was a discussion with local leaders on climate change and renewables. With California in severe drought and plagued by wildfires Swalwell discussed the urgency of addressing global warming. Swalwell is a member of the Science, Space and Technology Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy.

“I am working to encourage innovation in the field of renewable energy. Globally, addressing climate change is imperative for our security, the ecosystems that feed us, our public health and safety, and our future economic well-being,” said Swalwell.

Democrats will likely have a number of presidential hopefuls visiting Iowa from now on. Swalwell offers some unique and powerful credentials.


by Rick Smith
Posted 8/16/18

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  • I like Swalwell; he’s articulate, confident and seems to know his stuff. His position on the House Intelligence Committee puts him in a relatively unique position to speak of security matters.
    That said…were I to support anyone from the House (or that Committee) it would be Rep. Adam Schiff (who, as far as I know has made no noises that he might run). He just impresses the heck out of me. (I’d hate to lose him as ranking member in the Connittee, but there are sacrifices we all must make.)

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