Joni Ernst Got $3.1 Million In NRA Money, Made Gun Laws More Dangerous

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is a national darling of the NRA’s effort to eliminate any and all meaningful gun safety laws that might keep children like those at Parkland, Florida from getting blown to pieces on a regular school day. Ernst received over $3.1 million in financial support from the NRA, the seventh-most of any senator, according to an analysis of campaign spending last October. Money from the gun rights organization poured into Iowa to help her get past the finish line in her race for Senate against Bruce Braley in 2014.

The NRA got what they paid for with Ernst, who then voted last February to stop a new rule that would have kept the mentally ill from obtaining guns through the background check system. Ernst voted in favor of House Joint Resolution 40, which sought to overturn a recent decision for the National Instant Criminal History Background Check System that would have kept people who considerable mental health issues from obtaining weapons. Both the House and Senate passed the resolution, and President Donald Trump signed it in February 2017.

The new rule would have added about 75,000 people to the background check list that have been otherwise deemed unfit to handle their own finances due to mental illness. Ernst preferred to guns into the hands of people who had such serious mental health issues that they couldn’t even legally handle their own personal finances.

Shortly after the massacre in Las Vegas, Ernst also expressed her concern over the legality of the kind of bump stocks that were used in the mass shooting. Nothing has been accomplished on that front.

Senator Ernst, a first-term Republican, is up for reelection in 2020.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 2/15/18

14 Comments on "Joni Ernst Got $3.1 Million In NRA Money, Made Gun Laws More Dangerous"

      • So your idea of making the “streets” safer is to remove firearms from law abiding citizens? How would that affect the people with criminal records that own firearms illegally? How does it make it safer? It doesn’t. You should really research facts and statistics before blurting fiction out of your mouth. Criminals will obtain firearms illegally no matter how many laws are set in place. There’s already enough hoops to jump through as a law abiding citizen. The the only people you’re hurting is your fellow man or women that just want to protect themselves and their families.

  • It is not surprising that Sen. Ernst has been bought and her vote sold to the NRA. She is more than ready to accept their money for supporting pro-gun legislation. She has taken their dollars since 2014 and has an A rating from the NRA. When she participates in her annual “Roast and Ride” motorcycle parade, I would bet that over half the bikers are packing.
    Ernst is a member of the Homeland Security Committee, but she has done nothing to make our schools and colleges any safer from violence. She has expressed support for citizens to
    “freely carry” guns in public. Maybe she needs to learn that she is not in the military any more
    and she should protect the lives of Iowans by standing up for gun control.

    • Why is the idea of roast and ride participants packing as you say a bad thing many people have carry permits- probably more than you want to know about -who carry every day.

  • Perhaps she could look into the unreasonable restrictions on the purchase of napalm. It’s a very effective hunting device, and could provide therapeutic recreation for mental patients.

  • I just watched an interview with Senator Ernst on CBS, and she was obfuscating about being a slave to the NRA. Thanks for sharing the fact that the NRA bought her for $3.1 million. Sadly, Margaret Brennan did not bring out this fact, while the senator was babbling about her love of the constitution.

  • She’s not qualified to cut a hog, she’s certainly not qualified to make sensible law for this nation. Send her back to the farm, Paree’ was more than she could handle. ” Trottin’ behind Trump” is not a plan. Thank you, Joni, now exit stage right.

  • Not only is Ernst in the pocket of the NRA, but she swears allegiance to the Koch Brothers and backs Trump each step of the way. She is not a senator for Iowa. She is a senator for the 1%.

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