Kim Reynolds: Democrats “Want The State To Fail”

Governor Kim Reynolds is back to her needlessly divisive ways. In a little-noticed event in Mason City this past week after her Condition of the State address, the Republican governor accused Democrats of rooting for Iowa to fail as a state.

“They want the state to fail, I don’t,” Radio Iowa contributor KRIB reported Reynolds saying on Thursday. “I’m optimistic about the future and the capacity that exists within the state. I don’t know where they are traveling, but I travel all across the state, and I talked to these job creators that really are just ready to grow and expand, and they are investing in our schools and Iowans.”

The event was part of Reynolds’ statewide tour following her speech to the Iowa Legislature. The remarks seemingly went unnoticed by most news outlets, but state auditor candidate Rob Sand drew attention to them on Sunday, arguing that it was “untrue, divisive, and makes it harder for two parties to work together to solve problems” in an email to supporters.

Reynolds’ attack on Democrats sounded very similar to the divisive comments she made last October at a fundraiser event headlined by Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, who this past week faced an explosive sexual blackmail scandal.

“The liberals are unhinged and they are out for us,” she said at that event, drawing widespread outrage and condemnation. When she tried to clarify the line a week later, she decried the lack of civility in Iowa politics, and then the next day she named Steve King as her campaign co-chair.

With this case, Reynolds apparently seems to think that Democratic criticism of aspects of the Iowa government is evidence of them rooting for the state to fail further and for more people to get hurt, assumedly in order to gain a political advantage. Of course, Democratic leaders, candidates and activists would tell you they’re concerned over the management of things like Medicaid due to heartbreaking stories of actual Iowans facing life-and-death decisions after being denied care from the new privatized system.

Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price, who was also in Mason City on the day Reynolds was there, pushed back on Reynolds’ sentiment. “No, Governor – We are tired of seeing the thousands of Iowans left behind,” he tweeted.

When Reynolds made her “unhinged” comments, it took her team several days to settle on an actual explanation of why she would slander her political opposition with such unfair words. At first, her campaign communications director provided media outlets with a defense of the statement by pointing to stories about rowdy protests at Republican events, press releases and statements that Fred Hubbell and Nate Boulton made about policy issues and stories about national Democratic speakers like Alec Baldwin. But after that didn’t seem to work, Reynolds told reporters at a press conference it was because of nasty Facebook comments people made on one of her posts about her grandchildren.

The Iowa press mostly went along with that framing, despite the earlier rationale that was clearly different. It will be interesting to see how many attempts at explaining away this comment before Reynolds brings her grandchildren into the story.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 1/14/18

9 Comments on "Kim Reynolds: Democrats “Want The State To Fail”"

  • Typical right wing behavior! Not only can they not govern, but they also can’t take responsibility for their failures.

  • Kim Reynolds, the only people who want this state and this nation to “ fail” are those who at this point in time hold the power in this state and in Washington DC. When those individules choose Party and Power over “We the People” and the constitution of the United States Of America, it is that Party, that is intent on the destruction of this state and this country! When you fail to stand for decency, fail to condemn a President who lies daily, who is intent ,as you are, in dividing this county, who is a racist and who has demeaned our standing in the world. Your party in this state and in this country have spoken through your silence! You have destroyed our standing in education, you have destroyed access to mental health care in this state. You line your pockets with money from corporations ( no corporations are not people),over the needs and future of this state and this country! So Kim Reynolds it is not the Democrats, liberals, progressives, Green Party or anyone else intent on detroying the future of this state and this country. It is the party that you belong to that yells and points fingers at all other party’s. You forget you have the majority of your fingers pointing at the real cause for the destruction and bleak future of this state and this country and that is you and your party! There is a storm coming and it is one of your making! You and your party have shown your true selves and it is not as a Patriot who chooses “ We the People” and the Constitution first! You may think you fool most but let me tell you , you fool only some! We are awake out here and we are not fooled!

  • OMG,because I care about the future & want everyone to benefit from the wealth & freedom our country and state has to offer,and not just a wealthy few,and don’t agree with your policies to attain those goals, you think I want the state to fail,sorry Kim you’re do a good enough job of failed agenda along with your republican cohorts

  • Sorry, Guv! You don’t get the claim the narrative this time! Your words and your “policies” – big FAIL. And claiming that those of us who actually wish to see all Iowans succeed to the best of their abilities and to protect those of us not so fortunate is disingenuous at best and hurtful to us all at least.
    However – if you and your cohorts in the Legilature are attempting to turn us into another Kansas, then, well; youre succeeding admirably.

  • Thank you Governor Reynolds in confirming for all your constituent’s that in your words you have verified your policies do not help the average Iowan.

  • Oh my, here we go again. I recall when Newt (Nuke-it) Gingrinch was coming to power, it was not unusual whenever it was pointed out as to what they were doing was wrong and why it was wrong, Republicans would always comment, ” See, this is what always happens when Republicans try to do something good.” Now, Branstad and Reynolds have been busy, same as Republicans have been in Washington, taking away from those that can least afford to lose it and giving it to those that never needed it in the first place and somehow, it is the fault of the Democrats for the dastardly job that the Republicans have done, leaving the shelves bare and causing very many Iowans to needlessly suffer. Trump right now is playing the same childish game, He will not accept any DACA bill that does not have his wall tied to it and it is the Democrats fault. It is a rarity that any Republican will take the blame for any of their wrongdoing to Americans. No, Democrats do not want to see Government fail, Democrats want to see Republicans admit to their wrongdoing and start working for the betterment of our Government whether it be State or Federal.

  • What a horrible thing to say about thousands of voters aligned with the Democrats. Shame on the Governor. As a Democrat I am owed an apology.

  • Any politician who has Steve King as co-chairman of her campaign has lost our trust to govern Iowa in a sensible and intelligent manner. We need to give all of our politicians an IQ and personality test to ensure that we avoid electing a loser like Trump. Our future is too important to put our lives in the hands of the wrong people.

  • You and Branstad have removed most of the social services in the state. You are not helping people. I am not sure what your agenda is but I would not be surprised if it is enriching yourself

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