Dr. John Paschen Seeks Right Prescription To Defeat Steve King In 2018

John Paschen, one of the Democratic candidates vying for the uphill fight against Congressman Steve King in 2018, already knows a good deal about overcoming skepticism. Born in the suburbs of Chicago, he moved with his family to Iowa as a teenager, settling down on a farm outside of Camanche in Clinton County. Looking to embrace life in the rural community, Paschen got involved in 4-H, but the local instructors weren’t sure what they could task a city boy with. “What could this kid from Chicago raise?” Paschen told Starting Line his 4-H instructor had wondered at the time. “Chickens […]

This Big Entitlement Flies Under The Radar

Watching events unfold in Washington, D.C., these days is much like watching Wile E. Coyote pursue the Road Runner in the cartoons from years gone by. When the Coyote and the Road Runner were on the screen, you knew what was coming next. So it is with the federal income tax overhaul bill that Republicans in Congress are determined to approve this week and send to President Trump. We know what will be coming next: Federal budget-cutting. To hear supporters tell it, the tax changes will unleash dramatic expansion of the nation’s economy like we haven’t seen in more than […]