Iowans Start Taking Empty Bottles Of Booze To Chuck Grassley’s Offices

By Pat Rynard

December 5, 2017

Non-millionaire Iowans who clearly have wasted too much of their hard-earned money on booze, women and movies descended upon Chuck Grassley’s offices today to deliver empty bottles of alcohol to their esteemed senator.

Actually, it was a protest organized by several progressive groups to express voters’ outrage over Grassley’s recent insulting comments aimed at working people. Iowa Citizen Action Network, the Main Street Alliance of Iowa and Americans for Democratic Action Iowa held rallies outside of the senator’s offices in Des Moines and Waterloo this afternoon. Attendees brought empty bottles of booze to mock Grassley’s quote on what the working class spends money on.

The senator’s comments printed in the Des Moines Register about those who weren’t affected by the estate tax waste all their “pennies” on “booze or women or movies” spread like wildfire through the state and national press. Iowa social media churned over the weekend as people became infuriated at Grassley’s implication that the working class couldn’t afford estates worth $5.5 million or more because they were wasteful with their money.

“We’re like millions of Iowans and Americans who just don’t quite have enough pennies to amass a fortune, but we work hard, we love our families, and we are proud to spend some of our pennies on booze and women and movies,” said Sue Dinsdale at the event in Des Moines.

“We are both elected officials and if I ever thought, yet alone said something so sexist, elitist, and arrogant I would immediately turn in my resignation,” said Black Hawk County Supervisor Chris Schwartz in Waterloo. “You can’t do your job as an elected official if you have such a low opinion of the people you represent.”

The activists also had a special carol prepared for the senator, sung to “God Rest ye Merry, Gentlemen”:

God bless ye wealthy Congresspersons, ye Republicans

For taking wretched lives like ours into your loving hands;

By taxing us until we have no money left to lose

On – mo – vies, and wo – men, and booze, women and booze

On – mo – vies, and wo – men, and booze, women and booze


Attendees used the hashtag #ChuckSoDrunk to spread photos from their event.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 12/5/17

  • Pat Rynard

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