Trump’s Support Of Roy Moore Crosses New Lines

I thought I had seen it all in politics, but I guess I haven’t. Also, just to let everyone know, I’m not some Yankee telling Southerners how to run their politics. Chattanooga, Tennessee, right over the Alabama line, is on my birth certificate and I have any number of relatives in that lovely state. However, this is not about where you are from.

The President came out in support of the alleged philanderer and possible pedophile Roy Moore because he quoted him as saying he “didn’t do it” as opposed to 8 – 10 women who said he did. Do men understand how much of a deep breath a woman has to take in to come out and tell the world that she was groped, manhandled and left with memories, bad memories, that lasted a lifetime because some guy felt he could get away with it?

I hate to get on a tear, but I represented a lot of federal law enforcement before I retired and I remember a woman who was a RAC (Resident Agent in Charge) for the ATF of an unnamed city. She was one tough person and if Mr. Moore had met and attempted to grope her, all I can say is that events would not have gone well for him. It is crazy that there is a core, including even a few pastors, of constituents who are still in his camp. The President of the United States, who should be setting a higher example, is letting us all down. But then again, what’s new? All my life I have believed, the world splits on only one big issue – good vs. evil. It’s not Muslim vs. Christian. It’s not black/brown vs. white. It’s not Republican vs. Democrat. It is how we deal with one another when bad events occur. You are either on the right side or the wrong side. You are either on the side of good or the side of evil.

I don’t care if you shout from the hilltop the Lord’s Prayer all day long. If you can’t see the difference on which side you need to be on with an issue like this, you will never make it to the heaven you espouse, because you are on the side of evil.

What is the difference between Al Franken and Roy Moore? In a word, it’s contrition.

Does that mean that the Senator will not lose his Senate seat? Not necessarily – it depends on, a full Senate investigative process, but contrition is the important and necessary start to keeping the seat. Roy Moore hasn’t even begun the process and it looks like he will never get there. But again for the President who is the world’s best denier to come out on Moore’s side because he is also a denier is as low as it comes.

This is in part driven by politics and the need by some who feel holding a Senate seat is more important then being on the side of “good” but it just feels like for the President something else is at stake.


by Dick Goodson
Posted 11/27/17

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  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended Rep. John Conyers as “an icon in our country” on Sunday, after noting he deserves “due process” as he faces allegations of sexual misconduct.

    Doesn’t this pertain to everyone? Democrat or Republican?

    • At least Conyers had the “grace” to resign. Bascially, there IS a process (that would have been used in Conyers’ case) for already-sitting Congresscritters. And there is no statute of limitations there (AFAIK). There is NO process (other than the ballot box) for aspiring Congresspersons. Because there IS a statute of limitations in the private sector.
      Kind of “better the perv we know – and can bring Congressional punishment to bear – than the (potential) perv we don’t want anythng to do with.”
      But your sentiments are correct, imho. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, so they say.

  • I listened to the Pelosi interview and came away that she was ambushed. Asked to appear and discuss the tax issue across from Ohio Senator Rob Portman, he gave her no chance to discuss the issue, bombarding her with gotcha questions of how she could parse her support for Conyers and Franken while attacking Moore. Simple! Moore denies everything like his mentor Trump and the others offer contrition or resignation–to Todd, moral equivalency.
    Oh how I wish for the return of Tim Russert.

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