Chuck Grassley Hated Obama’s Executive Orders. But Now…?

Grassley has often defended Trump’s potential SCOTUS choice

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has long prided himself on providing a strong check on the executive branch. At campaign events and town halls during his reelection effort last year, he often touted how he’s stood up to both Republican and Democratic presidents, noting he once particularly ran afoul of Ronald Reagan’s supporters.

And yet he’s been noticeably silent so far on Donald Trump’s far-reaching, unilateral ban on entrance to the U.S. for people from many majority-Muslim nations, which has thrown worldwide travel into chaos and has been quickly challenged by the courts.

That’s a change in demeanor from when Barack Obama was president. Back then, Grassley accused Obama of acting like Richard Nixon.

He harshly criticized Obama’s usage of executive orders, especially on matters of immigration. Back in 2014 when House and Senate Republicans refused to work with Obama, the president resorted to issuing an executive order to defer deportations of up to 5 million immigrants and expanded protection to “DREAMers,” the undocumented immigrants who came to America as children.

At the time Grassley warned the action would “poison” relationships between Congress and the President, and vowed to overturn it. A legal challenge that eventually reached the Supreme Court did halt much of its implementation.

Just earlier in the week, Grassley took to Twitter to complain about the lack of Congressional oversight he was seeing unfold so far.

However, it’s easy to make broad criticisms of the process. Opposing a specific policy like Trump’s new Muslim ban, which is backed by parts of the Republican base, has yet to draw Grassley’s ire. Despite the occasional criticisms of Trump, Grassley has largely played the part of a loyal Republican during the biggest controversies.

Although while much of the country was in an uproar yesterday over Trump’s chaotic ban on travel, Iowa’s senior senator did have time to take in a college basketball game and tweet out updates from it.


Update: Grassley released a short statement this afternoon commanding the executive order, but highlighting the implementation of it as important.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 1/29/17

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  • Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst suddenly going silent is no surprise. Hypocrites trying to slink by actually standing by what this country was founded on. Truth and facts. As head of the Judiciary Committee this is a pickle Senator Grassley is it not?

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