Martin O’Malley To Campaign With Monica Kurth In House Special

Democratic Iowa House candidate Monica Kurth will get some GOTV assistance next weekend from former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley on January 28. The past Iowa Caucus contender plans on rallying local activists for the final stretch of Kurth’s special election, and he will also host another Eastern Iowa event still being set up. This is O’Malley’s second visit to Davenport for a special election in just over a month. He flew out in December to assist now-Senator Jim Lykam in his special election to replace Joe Seng, who passed away last September. When Lykam won that seat, his House seat […]

Veterans Warn Legislators About Collective Bargaining Changes

If you weaken collective bargaining laws, you hurt Iowa veterans. That was the message from a group of labor union members who are veterans that met at the Statehouse this week to lobby legislators. Although they have yet to unveil their plans, many fear the new Republican majorities will make sweeping changes to weaken Iowa’s Chapter 20, the collective bargaining law. That would deny┬ápublic workers – many of whom are veterans – a voice in the process. “Politicians love to talk about how much they care about veterans,” said Will Fischer, the executive director of the AFL-CIO’s Union Veterans Council. […]