Jim Mowrer Is The Right Fit For Iowa

Jim Mowrer, a lifelong Iowan, has an astonishing record of military service. First as part of a unit that served the longest tour in Iraq followed by a game-changing position at the Pentagon. He thoroughly understands what is needed to keep Iowans and Americans safe in a dangerous world. As a veteran he has a unique perspective in assisting his brothers and sisters who have served. Jim worked at the Pentagon in greening the Army through the advancement of renewables and conservation while saving American taxpayers $3.5 billion. He has demonstrated his commitment to cleaning up our water, growing our renewable energy sector and creating high paying jobs here in Iowa and the nation.

Jim Mowrer is running for the United States Congress in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. The 3rd District, including Des Moines, is made up of 16 mainly rural counties running through Southwest Iowa. Winning Polk County by a large margin will likely determine the outcome of the race. However, Jim’s agricultural background, military experience and as a fierce advocate for veterans has the potential to resonate with Iowans in the rural parts of the 3rd District as well.

Predicting the issues that will determine the outcome of the election is difficult, but we can certainly identify a couple key issues that will likely be decisive.

National Security is on every voter’s mind following the terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad. Voters will likely want to be convinced that their candidates will know how to keep them safe. Jim Mowrer has a unique and exceptional military record. He served 23 months in Iraq as an Intelligence Analyst. Two years later in 2009, he went back to Iraq as a civilian analyst and adviser to the Commander of U.S. Forces. While serving his country, he was able to finish college and managed to get a Master’s Degree in Public Policy. In 2010 Jim was recruited to be the Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of the Army. At the Pentagon Jim was a leader in the new Army’s Office of Business Transformation, with a mission of making the Army more effective while saving tax dollars. The office is credited with saving $3.5 billion by improving efficiency.

Mowrer on deployment. Photo via campaign
Mowrer on deployment. Photo via campaign

Listening to Jim Mowrer talk about the national security challenges facing America, it quickly becomes evident that he is an expert on the threats to America. He not only understands them, he can describe the solutions in detail. He speaks with the credibility that can reassure an audience that he knows how to keep their families safe. His opponent, David Young, fails in the national security arena. He’s an unproven lightweight on military affairs.

Environmental concerns are on the minds of many voters as well. From Iowa’s dirty and dangerous water to addressing climate change, Iowans are demanding action. It’s obvious we have reached a turning point on addressing our impaired water because Governor Branstad has suddenly started talking about the need to act. Jim Mowrer has the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters, the gold standard on the environment. He gained that endorsement because his environmental program encompasses both overlapping state and federal issues to advance environmental protection. His vision combines investment in clean renewable energy jobs while simultaneously addressing the threats of climate change.

Take a drive west on I-80 from Des Moines through the 3rd District to Council Bluffs. You will be driving through a forest of wind turbines. Facebook, Google and Microsoft all built facilities in Iowa’s 3rd District because they demand clean renewable wind energy to power their data centers.

With Jim’s help in the Office of Business Transformation at the Pentagon, the Army was the first government agency to reduce energy use by 10%. He helped turn the Army green with energy savings for both the military and taxpayers. Jim Mowrer has the knowledge and experience to be a powerful advocate for environmental programs that will create good paying jobs, rejuvenate rural Iowa, clean up our water and slow global warming.

Jim’s opponent simply follows in lock-step with the GOP party line by opposing any meaningful environmental clean-up. Environmental groups have had numerous meetings with Young and have failed to get Young to provide any leadership. The conclusion of Iowa’s’ environmental groups is that Young isn’t likely to challenge the Republican commitment to fossil fuels and voluntary measures rather than any real environmental improvement.

A vote for Jim Mowrer is a vote to keep our families safe. It’s a vote to move our state and nation to a future powered by clean and renewable energy. It’s a vote to guarantee our children safe drinking water. It’s a vote to begin the restoration of our rivers and lakes to the pristine condition that welcomed the first pioneers to Iowa. It’s a vote for a better future for our children and grandchildren.


by Rick Smith
Posted 9/1/16

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  • I am wondering why you are following the clinton democrats using fear tactics about terrorists. This country has far more worries such as our vets, bakken pipeline, schools, jobs, making sure families are allowed medicinal pot, so much needs done and I’m supposed to worry that terrorists are coming? Please, stop the fear tactics and let’s get on with solar power, wind, etc. Please!

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