Is That… Yep, Steve King Has A Confederate Flag On His Desk

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King appeared on a story on Sioux City’s KCAU TV this Friday, talking about the bill he introduced named “Sarah’s Law.” King explains how his law would change ICE deportation policies in honor of Sarah Root, a young woman killed by an undocumented immigrant while at…

Wait, wait a second…

What’s that on Steve King’s desk in that shot?

Is that a Confederate flag? Yep, that’s what is, alright.

Because of course it is. Of course it is.

Yes, it appears King has a whole little collection of flags on the desk where he works on crafting the nation’s policy. It includes a United States of America flag, a State of Iowa one, the “Don’t Tread on Me” Gadsden flag, a Papal State flag and the Confederate flag. That’s the one used by those folks who seceded from the country and is typically regarded as racist imagery, in case you had forgotten. Also, as an important point of clarification you may also need, the state of Iowa, where King is from, fought on the Union’s side.

Steve King Confederate Flag 3

Of course, nothing with Steve King really comes as a surprise these days. And King has defended the displaying of the Confederate flag multiple times in the past.

“I regret deeply that we’re watching this country be divided again over a symbol,” King said in 2015 on the House floor after the Charleston shootings, during a speech defending the Confederate flag. “When I go to Germany, they’ve outlawed the Swastika, I look at them and think, ‘We have a 1st Amendment, that can’t happen here in the United States because we’re open enough’ … They’re saying we should outlaw that so the American people don’t have a chance to see our heritage. Everything about America’s history is not glorious. Everything in our history is not right in our judgement looking back in hindsight … We can accept our history, we can be proud of our history. We can unify our country.”

Notably in previous instances King defended the flag on a free speech basis and on what he feels it symbolizes for those in the South. But defending someone’s right to do something and actively displaying that particular symbol on your work desk is two different things. Perhaps he simply sees his office as a museum, displaying American heritage icons. Though the Gadsden and Papal State flags seem to represent who King is on a personal level, being a Tea Party supporter and Catholic.

It doesn’t appear that KCAU has the piece on their website (TV stations don’t write up an online story for every story they do), but King helpfully posted the video on his own YouTube page. Watch the whole clip here:

Also of note: during that time in 2015 over the discussion of the South Carolina Confederate Flag issue, Republican Party of Iowa chairman Jeff Kaufmann blasted a local GOP county party for using that flag in one of their parade floats. He threatened to outright kick the county party out of the state organization.

Sometimes local activists go astray and do something foolish. But this is one of Iowa Republican’s most prominent members, a seven-term member of the United States House of Representatives, proudly displaying the Confederate flag on his desk in his official office. That should lead to some interesting discussions within the state party, not to mention among voters in the 4th Congressional District.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 7/10/16

38 Comments on "Is That… Yep, Steve King Has A Confederate Flag On His Desk"

  • In the past I was put off as he looks too much like my father. The two have been disgusting racists and worse! But as much as I hated what my father stood for, King is worse with his defense of the Confederate flag that even most states in the South have openly repudiated. That King defends it as “heritage” in a tone of accepting, is worse than anything my father defended while he lived: the subjection of women, alleged racial inferiority of “colored people” and the superiority of his religion over others, etc., as King ignores the universal suffering of Blacks in the USA, the selling of Blacks and their children separating families, the rape of Blacks, the burning of crosses and even Black churches, and the disenfranchisement of Blacks through today. The mere image of King with a Confederate flag on his desk makes me more keen to vote against him and all Republicans than I have been in over 50 years that I have voted. I could, and did, ignore my father, but I cannot ignore King and the evil he stands for and the bitter orations he utters. Vote BLUE!

  • That’s not the Confederate Flag – that’s General Lee’s battle flag. The Confederate Flag is known as the Stars and Bars and looks much different. Of course, I doubt this guy even knows the difference.

    • So if you’re splitting hairs over history- tell me this: how many of the 76,000 US troops from Iowa, 13,000 of which dies defeating either of those treasonous loser flags would be happy their senator has that flag on his desk?

    • Actually, sir, that is the Army of Northern Virginia battle flag, with the exception that is has been modified into a resemblance of the common 3×5 flag most people fly from their homes. General Lee’s flag is entirely different, and does not resemble what is on King’s desk in any way shape or form.

      Here’s the important fact, though: the Army of Northern Virginia battle flag was used as a symbol of treason for those attempting to sunder the Union and kill American soldiers, the descendants of whom King is supposed to represent. The version that King has on his desk came into popularity and common usage during the fight over desegregation and civil rights, used by racist whites to terrorize African-Americans and their allies, as well as voice their opinion that equal rights did not exist for African-Americans.

    • He does realize that Iowa fought for the Union ?? Why even have a rebel flag on the desk…..that is so insulting to the heritage of Iowa soldiers in Blue !!!

  • For crying out loud, the flag of Vatican City is right behind the Stars and Bars. Looks like a collection to me, not a conspiracy. Does everything have to be a “thing??!?!”

    • That he displays two seditious symbols, as well as that of the papastry, on the same level as the Stars and Stripes should tell you where his loyalties lie.

  • I can not help but to notice that it took him a long time to finally put an Iowa flag in that flag holder. Please refer to previous pictures in his Facebook. Please also note also that I don’t think that I’ve seen any other Iowa flag in his office according to his Facebook pictures as of July 12th, 2016. I find that most troubling. The fire marshall needs to be called to his office as well, that Iowa State University pendant should not be laying on top of the lamp in the right side of room.

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