Progressive Group’s Provocative Ad Targets Grassley On SCOTUS

The progressive group Agenda Project Action Fund released a new ad this week targeting Senator Chuck Grassley over his refusal to hold a hearing for Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. The group says they’re running it in Iowa, though didn’t mention specifics of the size of the ad buy. The ad is, uh… interesting (see video below).

In addition to hitting Grassley on the Supreme Court issue, they also bring up Republicans’ failure to pass a budget and not sending aid to help lead poisoning victims in Flint, Michigan.

The head of the organization that produced the video notes that the video is meant to be incendiary.

“In this new Grassley ad, the Agenda Project Action Fund has decided to be exactly as dignified and respectful to Republicans as Republicans have been to America,” said Agenda Project Action Fund President Erik Altieri.

“Republicans’ outright refusal to do their job has actual, real consequences for actual, real people,” Altieri continues. “Leaving the Supreme Court tied in this volatile election season when one candidate has already questioned another candidate’s constitutional right to the Presidency is the definition of irresponsible.  At some point, our fellow citizens are going to clue into the fact that people who hate the government should not be allowed to run it.”

The ad is likely to get some attention. Although the actor playing Grassley seems a few decades younger than the actual senior Senator from Iowa.


by Pat Rynard
Posted 4/14/16

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