Is The Sanders Campaign Prepping A “Blame Iowa” Strategy In Case Of A Loss?

It happens every caucus cycle. A campaign worried about a disappointing showing near the end of the race starts to raise questions about the legitimacy of the caucus process. In 2008 Hillary Clinton backers famously spun bizarre theories about how Barack Obama’s campaign bused in thousands of supporters from Chicago to swamp eastern Iowa precincts. That, of course, was untrue, and would have required the greatest secretive operation in political history, in which none of thousands of caucus interlopers told anyone of their trick. The Clinton folks were rightly pilloried for pushing such nonsense. This time it appears Bernie Sanders’ […]

Once More Unto The Breach Goes Hillary Clinton

In many ways, it feels like 2008 all over again. Despite a seemingly-insurmountable early lead, Hillary Clinton finds herself in a neck-and-neck race. An exciting, upstart Senator campaigning upon optimism and change challenges her from her left. And the choice has boiled down once again for Democrats as hope versus pragmatism. But Clinton is not simply repeating the core elements of her 2008 message, she’s embracing it. For better or for worse, she is the personification of the kind of hard-fought, deal-making legislating method that her supporters hail as the only way to make meaningful progress, and that her opponents […]

With Last Call Here, Martin O’Malley Reflects On Iowa Campaign

Standing up on a chair for one of the last times in his Iowa Caucus campaign, Martin O’Malley implored his volunteers on Saturday night to see their tough fight through on Monday. It was the end of another long day of non-stop campaigning for the former governor, who kept his personal energy high in the face of daunting prospects in the caucus. “To those of you who have been working so hard on this campaign, I want to say thank you,” O’Malley told his packed office, full of his cadre of core volunteers who have taken on a Biden-esque level […]