Democrats’ Nightmare Scenario Coming As Rubio Finishes Strong In Iowa

Democrats comforting themselves with the thought that 2016 will be a cakewalk with Donald Trump or Ted Cruz as the most-likely Republican nominee may want to think again. Take a look at what’s happening on the other side in Iowa and there’s some disturbing trends at work. Marco Rubio is about to finish a strong third in the caucus that could put him on the path to the nomination. It’s been a good week for Rubio. He received the Des Moines Register’s endorsement, which should help him pull away some of the business conservatives from Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, […]

AFSCME President: Members Organizing For Clinton To Lift Wages For All

Union members have a lot at stake in the 2016 elections, public employee workers top among them. To fight back against Republicans’ efforts to roll back workers’ rights, many of the nation’s largest unions have endorsed Hillary Clinton to lead the ticket this fall. One of the biggest efforts has been spearheaded by AFSCME, the public employees union. Organizing for the caucus with paid staff and local volunteers in multiple offices across the state, the AFSCME green shows up often at Clinton events, but even more on members’ doorsteps. AFSCME President Lee Saunders has been traveling across the state this […]

Ben And Jerry Visit Iowa, Explain “Bernie’s Yearning” Ice Cream Flavor

It’s that time in the Iowa Caucus campaign where you can easily run into a celebrity, business leader or famous political figure pretty much anywhere you go in Iowa. This Tuesday afternoon Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s dropped in to meet customers at Smokey Row Coffee shop in Des Moines on behalf of their endorsed candidate, Bernie Sanders. Sadly, they did not bring ice cream. What they did bring, however, was a message about why Iowans should get on board with Sanders’ campaign in the Iowa Caucus. “Our country needs a real political revolution,” said Ben […]

Iowa Republicans Wave White Flag Of Surrender To Trump

A sense of fatalism has crept into the leadership of Iowa Republicans. Faced with the very real possibility that Donald Trump could be Republicans’ standard bearer in the fall, many leading Republicans in Iowa are cozying up to the bombastic front-runner. Now they’re sharing stages with the man whose policies they’ve distanced themselves from several times last year. Chuck Grassley raised some eyebrows when he introduced Trump in Pella on Saturday, even using Trump’s signature line of “make America great again.” Pressed on whether this was a show of support for Trump, Grassley’s staff told reporters he would introduce Marco […]

Bernie Sanders Just Passed His 50,000 Iowa Crowd Turnout Mark

Bernie Sanders has talked to a whole lot of people in Iowa. On Sunday he passed the big milestone of combined Iowa turnouts of 50,000. It happened at a notably smaller and more subdued conference room at Upper Iowa University, filled with about 300 people. But, true to form, the event was still very good for the town of Fayette, population only 1,300. The rally Sanders held right before that in Decorah may go down as one of his most impressive of the presidential campaign. In the gymnasium at Luther College stood over 2,200 people, all crammed in to see […]

Cecile Richards: With Hillary Clinton, No Better Chance Than Now For Women’s Health

Planned Parenthood President and CEO Cecile Richards is traveling around Iowa this weekend in support of Hillary Clinton, who the Planned Parenthood Action Fund has endorsed. She’s hitting up a number of house parties and Clinton field offices to meet volunteers, supporters and undecided Iowans to persuade them on Clinton’s record of women’s healthcare access and rights. Starting Line sat down with Richards Saturday morning for an interview about her message on Clinton. The following has been edited slightly for clarity and brevity.   Describe what America looks like in 10 years for women’s healthcare if Ted Cruz or Donald […]

Regret Over 2008 Fuels Hillary Volunteers To Win Clinton County

Clinton County was not Clinton country in 2008. The eastern Iowa working-class county situated on the Mississippi River broke for neighbor-state Senator Barack Obama in his 2008 Iowa Caucus win, besting Hillary Clinton here by a 37% to 34% margin. That defeat in the county that shares a name with the former Secretary of State has weighed heavily on the minds of Hillary supporters here. “I kind of feel like I disappointed myself by not doing more for her,” says Dave Dawson, a local precinct captain for Hillary. “When [the campaign] called me this time it was not a question […]

Finkenauer Friday: The First One!

The 2016 Iowa Legislative Session began on January 11th and with that, Iowa Starting Line has teamed up with State Representative Abby Finkenauer (D- Dubuque) to offer a weekly column. Finkenauer will share her take on the happenings at the State House, highlight topics that are not being discussed in the Republican-controlled Iowa House, and general commentary on news and issues, particularly those related to being a young elected and encouraging millennial participation in the Iowa Democrat Party. Last week began Finkenauer’s second session in her first legislative term as a State Representative. Starting Line profiled Finkenauer as a new […]

Labor Deploys Ground Forces To Iowa For Hillary

About 100 Ironworkers from central Iowa gathered at the Local 67 headquarters on the northeast side of Des Moines a few cold weekends ago to hear from their international president on the importance of caucusing for Hillary Clinton. Their mission that day was to send their members out to knock on doors of fellow labor members from unions that have endorsed Clinton. The Ironworkers in particular looked to make an impact for Clinton, and to improve considerably over their turnout in 2008, when they saw only 77 of their members caucus. Ironworkers count about 1,400 members in Iowa, so there’s […]

Cruz Gets Caught In The Branstad-Vander Plaats GOP Civil War

Ted Cruz has made a lot of enemies in Iowa. Chief among them is the ethanol industry. Now several of Cruz’s important Iowa allies may be exacerbating his problems and opposition by unwittingly dragging him into a long-running internal Iowa Republican civil war. The conflict is a fight over the future of the Iowa Republican Party, but it may prove decisive in the future of the national party. It may even make Donald Trump the nominee. Cruz’s newest critic in Iowa is none other than Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, who told reporters after a renewable fuels summit in Altoona on […]